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Greenpeace: We Can Stop Whaling (NZ)

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    Become an Ocean Defender We re looking for a million Ocean Defenders to sail with us and you James can be one of the first aboard! Sign up here
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      Become an Ocean Defender
      We're looking for a million Ocean Defenders to sail with us and you
      can be one of the first aboard!
      Sign up here


      Hi James,

      This year Greenpeace is mounting the most ambitious ship expedition
      we have
      ever undertaken and we'd like you to come with us! We can set sail
      some of us on the web and some of us on the ships.

      Together we will witness and be part of a year in the life of our
      oceans. We
      will take action to stop the destruction, witness the beauty and
      value of
      those areas still untouched, and show where and how ocean parks will
      And first on the agenda is stopping whaling in the Southern Ocean!

      Two of our ships, the Esperanza and the Arctic Sunrise, are right now
      steaming towards the Southern Ocean whaling grounds to confront the
      Government's "scientific whaling" program.

      We want a million Ocean Defenders sailing with us and we'd like you
      to be
      one of the first aboard. Pacific Islanders say the ocean is not what
      us; it is what joins us. So, join us on this incredible journey.
      Every day
      there will be a story to tell.

      And, as befits such an ambitious expedition we have of course
      launched an
      equally ambitious website! As an Ocean Defender, you will:

      get expedition updates and alerts delivered straight to your inbox
      once per month)
      be the first to see video blogs straight from the ship (and host
      them on
      your own website if you have one)
      be notified of actions you can take
      participate in discussions and live chats with people in the heart
      of the
      create your own personal Ocean Defender homepage (coming soon!)
      sign up friends
      explore the Virtual Esperanza, our online ship
      Be one in a million - sign up now to become an Ocean Defender!

      The law of 6 degrees of separation means that you, James, may know
      who knows someone who knows someone who knows precisely where the
      fleet will be in the next few months. We have our own methods of
      them, but this is always a very difficult task. If you know someone
      works in maritime tracking, satellite imagery, the Japanese fishing
      industry, cetacean research, who's doing an ocean crossing in the
      Pacific or
      working in some other field that might have first hand knowledge of
      the fleet will be, pass this message along. The ship we are seeking
      is named
      the Nisshin Maru, gross tonnage 8,030, length 130 metres, radio call
      JJCJ. She is the factory ship and will be accompanied by three
      catchers, Kyo
      Maru No. 1 with radio call sign JKNG, the Yushin Maru call sign JLZS
      Yushin Maru No. 2, call sign JPPV.

      Send confidential information to hunt-the-hunters@...

      Thank you for your support,

      Nick Young
      Web manager
      Greenpeace Aotearoa NZ

      " Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean" Ryunosuke
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