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Women's Edge: As a Kansan, your action is needed!

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  • james m nordlund
    Dear james m, As you know, Women s Edge Coalition has asked Congress to create a special fund to provide economic opportunity to women affected by the tsunami.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
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      Dear james m,

      As you know, Women's Edge Coalition has asked Congress to create a
      special fund to provide economic opportunity to women affected by the

      You can help make it happen - especially since you live in Kansas.

      Hundreds of thousands of women throughout south Asia and east Africa
      lost their family members, homes, and possessions in the tsunami. But
      with even a small amount of help, they can begin to rebuild their
      shattered lives and support their families.

      Your U.S. senator, Sam Brownback, serves on the Senate Appropriations
      Committee. Next week, Senator Brownback will help decide whether the
      U.S. will include, in a larger "emergency appropriation," a small-
      grants fund specifically targeted to women.

      The fund would channel $10 million to women's organizations in
      affected countries. These women's groups will help local women get
      back on their feet and reestablish the tiny businesses they lost in
      the tsunami. By offering skills training, materials, or microcredit
      loans, the women's NGOs will allow women to set themselves back up in
      business or start new ventures - things like drying fish, mending
      fishing nets, farming, selling food or crafts in the market, or
      restoring the environment.

      Since you live in Kansas, your voice matters to Senator Brownback.
      Would you write him a brief letter, asking him to extend economic
      opportunity to women by supporting the special tsunami small-grants

      It's easy. Email your letter to Women's Edge Coalition and we'll hand-
      deliver it on Capitol Hill. Here's how:

      * Keep it simple. All you basically need to say is that you hope
      Senator Brownback will provide economic opportunity for women, by
      supporting the small-grants fund for local women's NGOs in tsunami-
      affected countries. It's part of the Emergency Supplemental
      Appropriations bill that is coming up for a vote next week.

      * Explain in a sentence or two why you care: because it's a drop in
      the bucket of international assistance, yet will concretely help
      women become self-sufficient... because it's only fair for America's
      international assistance aid should reach women as well as men...
      because it will strengthen women-led organizations that know the
      culture and understand the community... because investing in women is
      an investment in the future. Whatever moves you the most.

      * Please sign with your name, full address and zip code.

      * Write it now! We need to receive your email by Thursday evening.
      Send it to me at bgottlieb@...

      Thank you for supporting economic opportunity and self-sufficiency
      for women around the world!

      Barb Gottlieb

      Director of Outreach & Membership
      Women's Edge Coalition

      P.S. You may have written a letter to women affected by the tsunami.
      If so, thanks! Be assured that we will use that letter as promised.
      But our Legislative Director tells us that Senator Brownback also
      needs to hear from you directly. So please write!

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