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WWF: Save the Arctic Refuge

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  • james m nordlund
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
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      ACTION DEADLINE: March 8, 2005

      Dear James M,

      THE ISSUE: Pressure continues to build to open the pristine Arctic
      National Wildlife Refuge to the onslaught of energy development. In
      the next two weeks, some members of Congress plan to push to include
      revenues from drilling in the refuge in the fiscal year 2006 budget
      bill, which would make it almost certain that Congress would
      authorize development. At the same time, some in Congress are
      working to include drilling in the refuge in national energy
      legislation. Now is the time to oppose these attempts to open the
      refuge and to urge instead that Congress make the refuge off limits
      to drilling by designating part of it as wilderness.

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      Your voice can make a big difference in protecting the Arctic
      Refuge. Thank you for your help.


      Randy Snodgrass
      World Wildlife Fund
      Washington, DC

      [Randy Snodgrass is WWF's director of Government Relations and a long-
      time advocate of wilderness protection for the Arctic Refuge's
      threatened coastal plain.]


      For years, oil companies have been heavily lobbying to open the
      coastal plain -- the biological heart of the wildlife refuge -- to
      oil drilling. Such development would transform this sanctuary into a
      spider web of roads, pipelines, sewage plants, drilling pads, and
      housing for thousands of workers that would destroy the wilderness
      character of the land and limit the free movement of wildlife.

      Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.)
      recently introduced legislation to designate a portion of the Arctic
      Refuge as wilderness, which would make it off limits to oil drilling.

      Already 23 senators and 115 representatives have signed on as
      cosponsors (see the list of House cosponsors and Senate cosponsors).
      But many more endorsements are needed in order to fend off the very
      serious threat facing the refuge.

      Conservation Action Network activists like you have spoken out
      repeatedly for the caribou, polar bears, wolves, grizzly bears, and
      many other creatures that depend on the refuge. We are counting on
      you to do so again.

      -- Call your members of Congress -- toll free -- at 1-888-WILDAK (1-
      888-894-5325) and make the main points from the letter below

      -- Participate in the Arctic Refuge Action Day on March 12

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      WWF activists like you sent 900,000 letters to decision makers in
      2004, achieving a wide range of landmark victories. Congratulations!

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      for help.

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      Dear (your representative's and senators' names will be inserted

      As your constituent and someone concerned about safeguarding our
      country's irreplaceable natural heritage, I urge you to cosponsor
      legislation to designate the coastal plain of the Arctic National
      Wildlife Refuge as wilderness (S. 261 and H.R. 567). If you have
      already cosponsored the wilderness bill, thank you for joining 23
      senators and 115 representatives in recognizing the value of
      protecting this magnificent place.

      I also urge you to oppose any effort to open the refuge to oil and
      gas development. Specifically, I ask you to contact the chairman of
      the Budget Committee to state your opposition to adding Arctic
      drilling language to the fiscal year 2006 budget bill.

      Along with a majority of Americans, I strongly support protecting the
      refuge, particularly its biological heart -- the coastal plain. The
      coastal plain is one of the most important regions on the planet for
      conserving biological diversity. Unfortunately, oil drilling would
      subject this world-class resource to a spider web of roads,
      pipelines, drill pads, housing, and other infrastructure that would
      destroy the wilderness character of the land and limit the free
      movement of wildlife.

      Contrary to the claims of drilling proponents, drilling in the refuge
      is not the answer to America's energy problems. It would not
      appreciably reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and could not
      insulate the United States from short-term volatility in the world
      oil market. The government estimates that only six months of
      economically recoverable oil exists in the coastal plain and it would
      not be available for 10 years.

      A much better approach to managing our natural resources and securing
      our energy future would be to require our growing fleet of sport
      utility vehicles to meet the fuel economy standards now in force for
      passenger cars. Such a step would save us more oil over the next
      decade than drilling in the Arctic Refuge would produce.

      Please do all you can to protect this crown jewel of our natural


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