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Greenpeace :) Save the Roadless Rule

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    Dear friend, As the election race heats up, it s amazing that President Bush still finds the time to dismantle environmental protections. Read on to see what
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2004
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      Dear friend,

      As the election race heats up, it's amazing that President Bush still
      finds the time to dismantle environmental protections. Read on to see
      what he's been up to and what you can do to stop him.

      Save the Roadless Rule

      President Bush has been fighting tooth and nail to eliminate the
      Roadless Rule, which protects almost 60 million acres of our national
      forests from road building and logging. In December, he exempted the
      Tongass and Chugach National Forests in Alaska from the Rule, and
      this month he has proposed even more drastic measures.

      The latest plan puts the burden on governors - many of whom oppose
      the Roadless Rule - to protect our wilderness areas. In order to
      maintain logging and road building restrictions within their state,
      governors must petition the U.S. Forest Service for permission. And,
      in true Bush administration-style, the Forest Service reserves the
      right to refuse those permissions.

      Greenpeace is in the Alaskan Tongass at this very moment, working
      with local communities to save the crown jewel of our national forest
      system, despite the rainforest's recent exemption from the Roadless

      - Find out more about the Tongass tour.
      - Take Action!: Protect Our National Forests.

      Taking Our Message to Coal Country

      Following last month's dramatic smokestack protest in Pennsylvania
      denouncing the Bush Energy Plan, we're continuing our work in the
      Ohio Valley area throughout the summer. We're taking our solar
      demonstration truck, the Rolling Sunlight, to spread the word about
      the dangers of coal power - both to the environment and to our

      We will also be hosting free hair sampling events to test for mercury
      contamination in Pittsburgh, PA on August 6th. Mercury is just one of
      the toxic pollutants emitted from coal-fired power plants. We're
      conducting the largest mercury hair sampling in the country to prove
      to the Bush administration why we should be choosing clean energy.

      If you're not in the Pittsburgh area, sign up online to purchase a do-
      it-yourself kit.
      - Find out more about our mercury testing project.

      Your Actions Make a Difference!

      We asked you to take action. You did and it worked!

      - Apparently, Senator Kerry got tired of you flooding his office with
      e-mails and faxes, asking him to make clean energy part of his
      campaign platform. The Kerry campaign called us, and we are now
      discussing what the federal government can do to promote solar energy
      and avert a global warming crisis (we're still waiting for President
      Bush to ask for a meeting...).

      - Thousands of you asked ExxonMobil to spend its money taking action
      to stop global warming, not fighting Greenpeace. This prompted
      ExxonMobil to send our cyberactivists a response letter, which was,
      not surprisingly, full of distortions. To find out what we think of
      ExxonMobil's lies, read a message from our Executive Director.

      - We told you how the police confiscated our Forest Rescue Station in
      Oregon, worth almost $50,000. Many of you have given generously to
      help us purchase a new one to continue our forest protection work,
      and we're close to reaching our goal! If you haven't donated yet,
      please do so today.

      3 Ways to Help
      1: Donate Now
      Help Greenpeace Take a Stand. Become a Member Today.

      2: Take Action: Protect Our National Forests
      Visit our Action Center and take action today.

      3: Tell a Friend
      Forward this message to a friend. Help spread the word.

      Our supporters speak up

      It is inspiring to see the images of GREENPEACE activists at work.
      Each one of us CAN make a difference and you are showing us that it
      is happening. Please convey my thanks to everyone working with you.
      -Carrie Anderson, Spokane, WA

      Greenpeace, Inc. 702 H Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20001

      This is a mercury-free mailing.
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