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9157Greening the vote, what do you all think, GOTV, re: storm?

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  • jamesmnordlund
    Nov 5, 2012
      Fellow Greens,

      Hi. Can't wait to watch Jill in the 3rd party debate tonight, although, everyone is needed this election cycle due to republican and Uber-Storm Sandy voter suppression, please. Although, we can't allow a rem in the whitehouse, it would mean 3 million male (even though they're only heterosexuals), and 1 million women and kids murdered in the Middle East, more than otherwise; through rem unending, unnecessary global war! W. Allen said, "70 % of success is showing up", we must keep this in mind, giving special attention to the East Coast, hit hardest by the Franken-Storm, Sandy- it will be hard for them to vote, even harder to vote early, so, please do what you can for anyone you know there! I agree that we shouldn't pay no mind to the "internal polling" of the mitt/paul uber-paign, and I keep telling them if they just would extricate their heads from their asses they could hear other people and do external polling, which would be far more reliable than their polling their kidneys, liver, bladder, etc., BUT, they can't listen, yet, even though Barack is probably not down, the dems always get egoed by the rems, and that's how they loose 20 % of the time, so, the dems thinking they've defeated the rems isn't probable; and, therefore, we still need every vote! Protect the vote NOW, "…be the change you want to see in the world…", Mahatma Gandhi, if you want democratic processes, vote for the vote by GOTV, voting early, and each one reach one, each one beseech one, give someone a ride to vote early, accompany someone to vote on election day, etc, please! These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Adds, Updates + Storm Relief: PTV by Voting Early, GOTV, Act, each 1 reach 1:


      This petition on change . org: Vote Early + Storm: Act:


      Thanx for all you do. Copy, share as you will. reality

      james m nordlund

      Au revoir.