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1Healers, heal thyself, first :)

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  • james m nordlund
    Mar 16, 2004
      For All,

      Bonjorno! While, the basis of all relations, including with self,
      and all
      studies, including activism and advocacy, are also environmental,
      etc., yet, the delusional constructs of 'materialism' have all but
      done away
      with most of those discernments. As has the marginalizing of issues of
      community, environment, sociology in the realms of the supposed
      medical and
      other professions, professional ethics, politics, et al. I feel the
      of the why "we" don't necessarily have spiritual human relationships
      is as
      interesting a question as the question of why it's not even possible
      for our
      health care systems to work; as they ignore the reality of the
      necessity for
      somatic, organic, and sociological solutions- readily available
      alternative, preventative, and social medicines. Even though the
      is the basis for the communal, global, et al, what becomes societal
      and thereby market directed sociological programming of people, is of
      far reaching causes and, sadly, effects; and thereby, the business of
      medicine in this country has become the business of not wellness.
      One of
      the problems is that the market forces don't adjust evolutionarily, or
      positively, in terms of growth that doesn't follow it's age old
      of ever-increasingly, cyclical and centralizing supposed garnering of
      delusional profits and delusional pleasures, in the shortest amount
      of time;
      usually along the lines of divide and conquer. For e.g., uplifting
      rights has always been the direction of the evolution, which empowers
      community, neighborliness, family, relations with self and others,
      which all
      empower personal responsibility for health and one's, as well as
      health itself. Also health related realisms, personal, communal,
      multi-media, national, global, environmental concerns, actions, time,
      from all attempts by the spectrum of activists and advocates, et al,
      to do
      what they all could to prevent the destruction of global, local, eco-
      to the point where the ecological destruction was such that it would
      irreversible, and catastrophic, altering the earth's rotation on its
      etc., in the future, and thereby at least causing the extinction of
      and large mammals, has to be considered seriously in the medical and
      healthcare professions; to mitigate the devolutionary part they play,
      especially through their disempowerment of humanity. Lest "we"
      forget, the
      current turning of the medical profession into a business has also
      facilitated the corporate structure and its puppets, like gov'ts,
      supposed religions, supposed politics, other supposed sciences, and
      arts, to stop those humanitarian individual to global evolutionary
      and trends, and/or at least subvert, co-opt, convert them into
      becoming as
      devolutionary as they can, mitigating the strength of the
      humanitarian, and evolutionary efforts of all kinds by all those who
      stopping the evolution in its tracks, making it and all life
      uplifting it
      easier targets, etc., for their worship as a denomination of the real
      religion of them all, greed! You see, the corporate structure
      figured out
      that a possible potential of democratic processes, for e.g., one man,
      vote (what's needed in Iraq), would be those very evolutionary trends
      saving humanity from itself, like switching to renewable and non-
      sources of energy, non-fossil fuels, non-'bustible engines, etc.,
      which were
      totally opposite of all their ends and most of their means; in two
      uber-greed and avarice. So, now, people protecting for environmental
      are conveniently being labeled 'terrorist', etc., because of the
      Patriot Act, etc., paving the yellow brick road of the delusional
      of materialism and destruction and murder as delusional profit and
      delusional pleasure (the 'ends' of the 'means' of divide and
      conquer), as
      societies' perfection of sociological organizing principles,
      determining all
      evolutionary growth will be at least mitigated; as far as the
      structure's concerned. Yet, those delusional constructs, like
      and destruction and murder as delusional profit and delusional
      which all life are only more organized on as societal building
      aren't, wherein lies the epitome of individual and global problems of
      and all kinds; and the basis for the extreme relevance of this topic
      to any
      and all. For e.g., in one of our main fields discussion here,
      therapy, et al, materialism and patriarchal determination of
      behaviorism, the medical business' choice to replace the evolutionary
      movements of psychology, have made most psychiatrists runners for the
      drug pushers, pharmacies, who are materially married to there drug
      their hospital, who are all part of the larger drug cartels, all part
      of the
      pharmaceutical industries; determining the devolution of the people
      almost forced drug use. In my field of mental health, while this
      theme has
      certainly been sounded before (T.R. Luhrmann's Of Two Minds is an
      discussion of the pitfalls of drug-based psychiatry), the detailed
      of the development of psychiatric drugs and the 'culture' surrounding
      makes this book unique. For academic libraries. Mary Ann Hughes,
      P.L., Pullman, WA. Another, Jonathan Cole's leadership of the
      Psychopharmacology Research Center within the National Institute of
      Health, that multiple seminal meetings during the 1950's were held in
      France, the United States, Italy and elsewhere to grapple with the
      clinical and scientific impact of chlorpromazine, that clinical rating
      scales become of validating importance, that there were vigorous
      about lithium utility and the concept of panic disorder, that there
      was an
      unfortunate shift away from clinical significance to statistical
      significance, that the pharmaceutical industry dominates clinical
      that this is facilitated by the abdication by N.I.M.H. and academia of
      clinical psychopharmacological science in pursuit of the sub-
      synaptic, that
      industry's narrow, profit maximization focus on patent time limits
      and rapid
      approval by national regulatory agencies (for e.g., F.D.A. dominates
      marketing strategies, dissemination of positive information,
      downplays side
      effects, limits research to acute efficacy studies, limits post-
      surveillance, and promotes debatable, simplistic, theories of drug
      action to
      provide a persuasive veneer of scientific solidity to therapeutic
      claims, as
      well as having notable doctors certification placed on studies by
      pharmaceutical corporations when the doctors had nothing to do with
      etc.. This devolutionary global malignancy is irrefutable, with tons
      evidence, in every field of human endeavor, though! Thereby, mammon,
      supposed god of greed has become the actual religion and science that
      of supposed Muslims and supposed Christians and their denominations,
      supposed scientists, supposed artists, etc., as well as most others,
      practice under as denominations of it, this the actual unifying we're
      going on now; determining real studies of any and all kinds will be
      mitigated at least. Humanity must stand and be counted before the
      devolution determines it never was, as it will determine it never
      will be,
      and thereby determining the extinction of humanity and large mammals
      force! All :) What do you think? Lest "we" forget, if you don't
      responsibility, its
      Siamese sister, freedom, will wither, as well. Sadly, now, it first
      needs to
      be exorcized before its exercised. As always, feel free to copy and
      as well. Viva la evolution! God bless.... For those
      interested :) "of or
      pertaining to the morning, day: relating to or happening in the
      morning or
      in the early part of the day (formal), (Mid-16th century, from late
      matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the dawn.)". Enjoy a festive
      eve' as
      you can. i look forward.... Au revoir.

      Matutinally Yours, james m nordlund reality (aja) :)
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