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Re: Read/Write? Jerry wrote: "I have put a toggle switch coming from the DB150 and it changes the current flow from the DB150 to the Mainline in one position and when throw it

Dave B.
8:35 PM

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Re: DCC Loco? Hi Jerry, I don't want to waste time looking up values for all the different CVs you can set. Instead I just made a label and stuck to my system that shows the

Phil Agur
8:18 PM

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Re: DCC Loco? Thank you Steve, I got the decoder reprogrammed properly and it works fine. I am very poor when it comes to programming. Thanks again, Jerry

7:47 PM

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Re: DCC Loco? Jerry, Is this a new loco w/factory installed decoder? If so, try address 55. A factory installed decoder may be shipped with either 03 OR the last 2

Ross Kudlick
7:46 PM

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Re: DCC Loco? To Jerry? Most decoders these days are dual mode....meaning they will run on either DC or DCC. Did you try running it as engine # 3? You may have to do a

Steve Markos
7:25 PM

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DCC Loco? I just purchased a N scale locomotive made by Walthers. It was listed as an SD60 with DCC decoder installed. When I received it, the loco would not respond

7:12 PM

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Re: loss of control Ron, When our group has intermittent issues as you describe we always find a loose track bus connection of some kind that seems to cause the DCC signal to have

6:33 PM

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Re: Read/Write? I have put a toggle switch coming from the DB150 and it changes the current flow from the DB150 to the Mainline in one position and when throw it sends current

5:52 PM

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Re: Read/Write? I have added a programming track isolated from the main line to do programming but it has never worked. You have answered my question so I cannot use it to

5:52 PM

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Re: What do I need to operate this layout ? Example where it will not work. 1) Helper engines on the rear end of the train pushing. 2) Lighted cars with all wheel pickup on both trucks. 3) Lighted

Mark Gurries
4:42 PM

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Re: Read/Write? ... The topic is decoder programming. If the class of programming being done is on the ôProgramming trackö that is NMRA compliant, then you have the ability

Mark Gurries
4:40 PM

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Re: Read/Write? To: Jerry The term “read/write” means having the ability to know (read) the value in a CV and being able to change (write) the value in a CV. The

Bob Young
4:33 PM

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Re: Read/Write? The DB 150 can write CVs but not read them back. The Zephyr does read/wrire as does the Super Chief. I makes programing go a little faster because you can

Phil Agur
4:30 PM

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Read/Write? I have a DB150 in my system. What does the term read/write mean. Does it read the loco numbers and what would I need to get that on my layout?

4:05 PM

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Re: What do I need to operate this layout ? Mark G., What am I missing here? If you gap the portal ends of the reversing section as I mentioned earlier, (dead zone), I can't see a way of a short

Larry Reynolds
3:01 PM
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