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Re: Buying UT2 for Epson 1290 - what else to add to the order?

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  • colingruk
    ... low ... Could ... then ... Hi, Tomek I import products from MIS into Greece. In the past I have emailed them with my requirements and afterwards
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2005
      --- In DigitalBlackandWhiteThePrint@yahoogroups.com, "toniko74"
      <t.zakrzewski@k...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I got a used Epson 1290 printer (working, very clean inside, very
      > milage).
      > Now I want to order UT2 CIS with Ebony black for this printer.
      > you advice me if I need anything else to be added to the same order?
      > I'm from Europe and it would be a problem for me if after having
      > received the system I happened to need any other accessory.
      > I read somewhere that MIS cartidges often have faulty chips and are
      > not recognized by the printer. It this a common problem?
      > The printer has only been used with one set of original ink and
      > a set of cheap third party inks. Do I need to clean it before
      > installing CIS?

      Hi, Tomek

      I import products from MIS into Greece. In the past I have emailed
      them with my requirements and afterwards telephoned to give them
      credit card details. I then have someone to contact, by name, by
      email if I need to.

      I ask them to package my order so that each parcel weighs no more
      than 1kg and has a declared customs value of $100 or less and post
      USPS. I pay more for postage but the post office here has never
      charged me VAT or customs duty. I have found that the post office
      here can use its discretion but couriers do not appear to have that

      I use a 1290 running with the 1280 driver and the UT2 inks, bulk
      fed. The Epson Status Monitor doesn't work and I always get a
      communication error on screen, which I ignore. I am very pleased
      with the results printing on matt papers EAM/EEM. If you use the
      1290 profile this problem should not arise. My system has been
      remarkably clog free, even if the printer has not been used for
      several weeks, and I have never regretted abandoning Cone products
      that were a nightmare and very expensive for me (ink down the drain!).

      I am about to order a replacement set of 7600 series colour inks for
      my 2100, again bulk fed, and have recently read about the new easy
      fill cartridges. I was planning to research the MIS site on this
      today if get the time. I am tempted to try these inks instead of the
      bulk feed system and maybe try QTR. You may wish to consider these
      cartridges before finalizing on a bulk feed system for your UT2 and
      1290, but you may need to use the 1290 profile and not the 1280.


      > Also do you have any recomendations on how the parcel should be
      > and described to avoid unnecessary customs/taxes (I'm in Poland -
      > European Union).
      > Regards
      > Tomek
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