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Re: Join us at MEDIAPHOTO Yahoo Group - Tim

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  • Christer Rosewelll
    Tim, You certainly have the right to your own opinion but I strongly disagree with you. EP is full of folks who have given years of attention and of their time
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004

      You certainly have the right to your own opinion but I strongly
      disagree with you.

      EP is full of folks who have given years of attention and of their time
      without any compensation whatsoever - actually some have taken funds
      out of their own pockets to ensure that EP flourished and those
      guys/girls are well - highly - respected members of the photographic
      society - and they have given and given over and over again with the
      only goal to help our profession survive - and they have seen the
      education of beginners as a necessity for this to happen. And thousands
      have been getting lots of information and knowledge for nothing thanks
      to these guys/girls.

      As for the statement that a few simple FAQ's is enough to educate
      anyone is simply silly - every day there are posts from members asking
      for feed back on companies, publishers or someone letting the rest of
      us know about a specific onerous contract. These are facts and
      information that you will never find on a forum run by beginners.

      I guess I will not "see" you in the EP forums in the future but I wish
      you well.

      I posted my original posting in the hope it would be beneficial to
      someone. But, perhaps YOU will give of your time and knowledge and help
      the newbies on the new list - and make sure it does not become what
      you think EP was/is if you feel so strongly about it.

      That's it from me on this subject.


      Christer, AKA Christer Rosewell
      3.4+ million visitors to date..

      On Nov 30, 2004, at 10:44 PM,
      DigitalBlackandWhiteThePrint@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      > Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 19:38:56 -0700
      > From: Tim Atherton <timatherton@...>
      > Subject: Re: Join us at MEDIAPHOTO Yahoo Group - Peter Nelson
      >> Thanks for the appreciation!..=*^)
      >> But, YOU are not the issue here - and neither am I - the issue here
      >> are
      >> aspiring, newly started photogs who don't have a clue about what's out
      >> there - and where to get that info - sure you can join ASMP or any
      >> other pro organization and pay $300/year - and basically learn the
      >> same
      >> stuff - for 12 times the price.
      >> Perhaps you are such a successful photog and been in the business so
      >> long that you cannot remember what it was like starting out - me - I
      >> remember very well - and I know what I learned from EP and that has
      >> served me well. And I think that if it served me well it'll probably
      >> do
      >> the same for others as well
      > Yes, all very well, but the way EP is now, newbies asking newbie
      > questions
      > are generally either put down, or going by the off-list questions I
      > get sent
      > to me, their posts are rejected by the moderators (and at most told to
      > search the archives, which, of course, on Yahoo is/was always pretty
      > pointless). - and the list/moderators were usually controlled with
      > something
      > of an iron grip
      > Which is what I meant by the fact that most of what's really useful for
      > aspiring, newly started photographers could be put together in a
      > series of
      > simple FAQ's.
      > Also, from what I can now tell (and from talking to a couple of people
      > who
      > have tried to sign up), the new, improved version of EP requires a
      > higher
      > standard of achievement for membership and seems to cut out a number of
      > potential aspiring, newly starting photogs type members. They seem to
      > take
      > students/assistants, but just starting out photographers who may not be
      > supporting themselves from their photography full-time yet, or those
      > with
      > very limited track records seem not quite so welcome apparently -
      > which as I
      > understand was part of the impetus behind MEDIAPHOTO
      > tim

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