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    We are printing with the 7600 here and getting some very beautiful work out= of it. This is just the preliminaries, straight prints insofar. The tonalities
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2002
      We are printing with the 7600 here and getting some very beautiful work out=
      of it.
      This is just the preliminaries, straight prints insofar. The tonalities ar=
      e very
      smooth. Come over to The Inkjet Summit this weekend in Hackensack, NJ and =
      can get your hands on the prints and see for yourself. The Epson reps will=
      there and ask all the questions you wish with abandon! The following is th=
      e info.
      to the event, hope to see you folks there!


      From:  shashinka@a...
      Date:  Mon Jul 29, 2002  7:16 pm
      Subject:  Inkjet Event 8/3&4 in NYC area

      I hope that this message is of interest to some of the Digital Black and
      White the print group.
      members. I've been a member of this group and really value the energy and
      knowledge that comes from the posts. I am running a two-day event in the Ne=
      York City area on August 3rd and 4th, 2002; the first day is a private
      workshop for up to 14 participants and the second day is an
      open event called "The Inkjet Summit & Technology Showcase".

      Two Epson 7600's will be running throughout the day(one with Matte Black in=
      on Sunday and a Fuji S2 will also be available for participants to test dri=
      in a studio setting with at least one model. Photographers are encouraged t=
      bring a blank CompactFlash card to use in the camera so that images can be =

      evaluated later at your home or studio.

      The Imacon Photo scanner will be used throughout the day on Sunday to scan =

      the negatives and transparencies of Saturday's workshop participants. Files=

      will then be output on either semigloss or matte paper using an Epson 7600.=

      Four exhibitions, including three inkjet print shows and a group of platinu=
      prints from digital negatives by Dan Burkholder will also be shown on the
      same day. Sponsors include Epson America, Fuji Photo, Bestcolor USA,
      Advertising Photographers of America/New York Chapter, Professional
      Photographers of America/NJ Chapter, The Puffin Foundation and Professional=

      Graphics Sales & Services.

      For more information or to register for either day, please visit
      http://www.theinkjetsummit.com . The location is less than 45minutes by bus=

      from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC and a very
      specific PDF with times and fares is available at the website under the
      location section.

      Although not on the web site, since there is considerable interest in the
      Epson 7600/9600's, individuals are encouraged to bring a hi-resolution imag=
      to have it output on Sunday at up to 20x24 inches on one of the 7600's at a=

      cost of $85 per print. I believe that Epson Smooth or Textured Fine Art wil=
      be the paper options though I'm willing to print something on another paper=

      if you want to bring a sheet and if it is similar to those two. Please
      indicate your intent to have a print made when registering on the web site =
      that I can contact you with some additional information.

      I hope to meet some of you soon and I apologize if you see this multiple
      times on other forums-I belong to a long list of newsgroups!

      All the best!

      Andrew Darlow

      Photography, Digital Print Consulting and Custom Editions
      Andrew Darlow Images International - www.andrewdarlow.com
      Toll free- 1-877-A-Darlow (1-877-232-7569)

      Author: Inkjet Tip of the Month Club (newsletter)
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