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Re: [Digital BW] Monochrome POD Book Publishers

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  • jimbo
    Good post Ernst.. Something s I find hard to understand. The acceptance of lesser quality in prints being one of them.. New ways of production in so many
    Message 1 of 23 , Sep 23, 2013
      Good post Ernst.. Something's I find hard to understand. The acceptance of lesser quality in prints being one of them..  New ways of production in so many products that are in our lives have increased quality and consistency and in many ways the consumer has pushed for this.Yet in what I perceive as the fine art industry it seems so confused. I know artists / photographers that have Costco or similar do print runs for them. So price is turning into a trump card over quality and it seems to be being accepted. It's odd everyone wants fine art hanging in their home or office but apparently don't want to pay the price so a part of the industry has gone after that segment but at a cost...quality.
      As yet another question ... what do you think of Light Jet or Chromura prints.. The later is at least looking at two sided printing technology but that is a ways off and much to overcome if they end up really going there.
      Your last line says a lot.. and I guess that's where it's headed or seems to be. Over a year ago I traded a tango for a Roland 6 color eco sol printer.. It's not used for art just signage and labels.. I guess I can get that a sign outfit wants to run art to increase their volume but they typically don't have what it take to even approach the quality necessary plus they can't hit the densities.
      Times are changing I guess..
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      On 09/22/2013 05:06 PM, jimbo wrote:
      We wouldn't be at the average color quality of today if customers
      favored the color quality of the 1950's. We are way beyond that already.
      The real competition on quality for us is the tablet display, customers
      will get used to that image quality. The fixed sRGB "calibration" of the
      tablet displays is consistent and good if compared to the desktop
      monitor color anarchy. Wonder what people think with the tablet in their
      lap, a Blurb photobook on the table and an ecosolvent canvas print on
      the wall. That is happening in the living room.

      Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst Dinkla

      December 2012: 500+ inkjet media paper white spectral plots.

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