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  • mwesley250@earthlink.net
    Welcome to Digital B&W, The Print. This forum was started after much thought and discussion. There is a strong desire by many people to make high quality
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2001
      Welcome to Digital B&W, The Print.

      This forum was started after much thought and discussion. There is a
      strong desire by many people to make high quality digital B&W prints
      and a need for a central place to post and find information. To
      facilitate the free flow of this information we established a forum
      that has no association with any commercial enterprise.

      Photographers moving from traditional methods into the new world of
      digital photography are well served by the giants of the industry
      when it comes to color printing. There is a wealth of materials,
      technology and information available. For those working in
      traditional B&W media such as silver gelatin, platinum and the
      numerous other monochrome alternatives, there are fewer resources and
      a harder task. While in traditional photography, B&W is considered to
      be technically simpler and easier to manufacture than color, the
      reverse tends to be true for digital B&W, which has been sadly
      neglected by the large corporations.

      The hope is that this forum will become a place where all of the
      current and future techniques for making digital B&W prints will be
      discussed, evaluated, disseminated, compared, critiqued, reviewed,
      debated and refined in a dynamic exchange of ideas and information.
      As time goes by the forum will become an archive of invaluable
      information on what has been tried, what works, what does not work,
      what problems were faced, and, most importantly, how those problems
      were overcome and how success was achieved.

      There is a wealth of knowledge out there. There are many people
      making stunningly beautiful B&W prints using their computers. You are
      invited to participate and share your knowledge. There are many out
      there who want to know how to make digital B&W prints. Please ask.
      That's a primary reason the forum is here.

      Some guidelines on using this forum:
      This is an unmoderated forum and no one is checking messages before
      they are posted. It is expected that the members of the forum
      moderate the forum and themselves. The topic is outlined above. It
      does not have rigid borders but it is requested that the members
      monitor themselves for the appropriateness of their posts to the

      If you have not done so already, please read the Yahoo! Groups Terms
      of Service These cover key issues regarding posting on this forum and
      other Yahoo locations.

      Moderation of the forum by the users includes an expectation of basic
      manners and good taste. While digital B&W printing would seem like a
      very mild topic to most, those of us with experience know that people
      can become very impassioned over their art, ideas, and choice of
      materials. If they were not passionate about their art, they would
      not be engaged in this often-difficult enterprise. Open and candid
      discussion is encouraged. However, courtesy must prevail and it is
      expected that exchanges should not deteriorate into personal insults,
      harassment, etc. If they should, intervention will be taken as

      No SPAM please. Spamming will be grounds for being barred from the

      Postings by commercial ventures or their representatives to promote
      their products for digital B&W printing are welcome and encouraged
      provided they follow the guidelines below.

      1. Only post announcements of products relating to making B&W prints
      using a digital device.

      2. If you want to use this forum as a place to announce or
      promote your product, it is expected that you reciprocate and promote
      the forum by placing a link to this forum on your website. This
      should be an obvious win-win situation.

      3. If you promote your products here, you are expected to be a
      regular participant on the forum and respond to questions regarding
      the products and/or services by other forum users.

      4. Please limit purely promotional posts to roughly once a
      month. The forum should not become a string of advertisements.
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