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Land Settlers Wanted in South Devon

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  • Judith Whateley by way of Tony Gosling
    ... From: Christian Taylor To: Sent: Friday, August 30, 2002 8:24 PM Subject: Land Ho! ... low ... sloped
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      Sent: Friday, August 30, 2002 8:24 PM
      Subject: Land Ho!

      > Hello,
      > Would you be interested in contributing to buy some land in the South Hams
      > in South Devon to run as a group project to sustain wildlife and devise
      > impact environmental local food and low impact dwelling and art projects?
      > The Allaleigh ecological-artspace would be a place where people could
      > always stay to have a break from stress and get involved in tending crops
      > of vegetables, apples, other fruit, feed their chickens, goats, pigs and
      > devising inspiring educational ecological and artistic projects.
      > The land in question is situated just South of Bow creek of the river Dart
      > about 4 miles downstream of Totnes in Devon. The 42.33 acres of land
      > consist of 27.98 acres of permanent pasture which is level or gently
      > on the top of a hill, and 14.35 acres of broadleaved woodland consisting
      > mainly of oak, ash, holly, hawthawn, hazel ect. The woodland is steeply
      > sloped on the side of the valley whose stream flows from a nearby spring
      > just off the Northern boundary of the land towards Bow creek. At the
      > of the land are two hidden water meadows bordering the stream. A local
      > farmer currently rents the land for grazing his cattle - and if this were
      > to continue in the short-term it would maintain the pasture whilst
      > generating some income. Gradually as the project develops it would be
      > possible to take land out of it's current management, chunk by chunk into
      > the various interdependent project areas we devise as members of the land
      > trust. There are 13 field enclosures in the land; 9 being meadows for hay
      > and grazing (with mature hedgerows) and 4 being large plots of woodland
      > demarkated with small stone or earth walls. Each area of the land could
      > have a particular theme that we designate and probably gradually rotate eg
      > forest garden, charcoal production, permaculture plot, organic vegetable
      > area, mixed fruit and apple orchard, pig roaming patch, goat grazing area,
      > medicinal herb zone, wildlife conservation area, watercress patch, honey
      > bee hives, rural artspace for educational and thought provoking
      > installations (including the many types of low impact / semi permanent or
      > temporary structures which can be used for sleeping in, generating
      > wind-power, solar heating, irrigation, cooking, etc) and a stage for
      > theatre and other types of performance.
      > Potential products from the land (subject to further investigation,
      > experimentation and a few years of development): apples, cidre, eau de
      > medicinal herbs, herb teas, natural cosmetics and medicines, goats' milk
      > and cheeze, eggs, a diverse range of berries, organic vegetables (in
      > whatever abundance and diversity we can grow on this land), pears, plums,
      > other fruit, chickens, ducks, pigs, wool and wool products, charcoal,
      > wood-craft products, bottled water (filtered from stream), watercress
      > watermeadows) and whatever else we have the skill and the ability to
      > collectively produce. There are 4 local farmers' markets within reach; a
      > different one each Saturday.
      > If you are interested in joining this exciting new project, please reply
      > soon as possible to register interest. If enough people are interested, so
      > that it would be possible to collectively pay off a mutual mortgage in the
      > name of a land trust, then we can go ahead and formalise the land trust,
      > which we would pay what money we could afford each month. This is
      > quite a commitment and I fully expect that you would want to have more
      > details. What I have provided here is just a preliminary vision to
      > some interest. Nothing at all is set in stone. All decisions about the use
      > of the land would be made democratically by consensus. Please get in touch
      > if you would like to arrange to visit the land and see whether you might
      > like to choose this place to dig your dream.
      > Best wishes,
      > Christian Taylor
      > PS you could ring me at home on (01803) 865341 at evenings or weekends or
      > at work on the number below.
      > Dr. Christian Taylor
      > Programme Co-ordinator
      > ISEC (International Society for Ecology and Culture)
      > Foxhole,
      > Dartington,
      > Devon
      > TQ9 6EB
      > UK
      > tel (01803) 868650
      > fax (01803) 868651
      > http://www.isec.org.uk

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