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'Even if it takes me the rest of my life, that man will go. ’

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  • Tony Gosling
    THE ARISTOCRATS WHO LED THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE Old Etonian David Brudenell-Bruce is descendant of the 7th Earl who famously led the disastrous British
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2013
      Old Etonian David Brudenell-Bruce is descendant of the 7th Earl who famously led the disastrous British cavalry charge of the 600 in 1854 against the Russians in the Crimean War.
      Their title goes back to 1611 when James I created the Baronetage of England and offered titles to 200 men to help with the settlement of Ireland.
      They have lived on the same estate in Wiltshire for 1,000 years.
      They rode 'into the jaws of Death, into the mouth of Hell', wrote Tennyson in his poem commemorating the suicidal attack.
      An appalling series of misunderstandings led to the Brigade advancing down a different valley from the one commander-in-chief, Lord Raglan, had intended when he dictated ambiguous orders for Lord Lucan, the cavalry commander.
      Despite the fact that the order seemed to demand the cavalry to attack the Russian artillery without infantry support - in contravention of all accepted laws of military practice - an incredulous Lucan passed the instructions on to the Earl of Cardigan, who commanded the Light Brigade, and the troops advanced.
      664 men took part and 110 were left dead.

      Earl of Cardigan who lives in a stately home and has a 4,500 acre estate wants to be a lorry driver to get off the dole, his mother claims
      Aristocrat is claiming benefits and and has 'tried to become a lorry driver'
      His mother Edwina Bonn said son has been victim of a 'witch-hunt'
      Aristocrat in court yesterday accused of theft and criminal damage
      His legal team says he is on benefits and suffering 'financial difficulties'
      Earl is in long-running row with trustees of his 1,000-year-old Savernake estate in Wiltshire
      They fell out in 2007 and have been at loggerheads ever since
      By Luke Salkeld and Becky Evans - PUBLISHED: 13:16, 30 January 2013 | UPDATED: 13:55, 30 January 2013
      The Earl of Cardigan, whose privileged background provides him with a title, stately home and a 4,000-acre country estate, has tried to become a lorry driver, according to his mother.
      The 60-year-old earl, full name David Michael James Brudenell-Bruce, is currently looking for work and his search has included driving lorries.
      The aristocrat was recently revealed to be receiving around £71 per week in Jobseeker's Allowance.
      His mother, Edwina Bonn, 79, said yesterday she had been in tears over the 'witch-hunt' against her son.
      Although she said she did not know her son was claiming benefits, she said she was pleased he was looking for work.
      Mrs Bonn said: 'It is rather a good thing he is trying to get a job.
      'I know a bit about him trying to become a lorry driver.'
      It emerged he was claiming benefits at his latest court appearance over a long-running feud with estate trustees.
      The earl had been due to stand trial after denying damaging six pheasant feeders worth £66 and the theft of a battery and electrical power unit worth £80 at his Savernake Estate, near Marlborough, Wiltshire.
      The troubled aristocrat claims to live there with rain coming in through the roof, no hot water, unsafe electrics and with heating confined to a single room after falling out with trustees in 2007 resulting in a reduced income.
      The Old Etonian claims he must visit the public baths in Marlborough to take a hot shower and goes to bed fully clothed wearing a hat to keep warm.
      The descendant of the man who led the Charge of the Light Brigade, the earl is at loggerheads with the trustees of his country pile.
      He took one of them, his former friend John Moore, to the High Court accusing him of selling family portraits without his permission, but lost the case.
      Their continued dispute, said to date back to 2007, has left him broke, he says.
      Yesterday at Swindon Crown Court he was bound over in the sum of £200 to keep the peace ­ meaning the prosecution will probably drop all charges if he causes no trouble for a year.
      Mrs Bonn, who divorced the earl's father the Marquis of Ailsbury in 1961, said: 'I hope he succeeds in getting rid of John Moore.
      'There has been a witch-hunt against David by the Trustees.
      'What a waste of court time over all such petty stuff.'
      Lord Cardigan, pictured with wife Joanne outside Tottenham House, part of his huge Savernake Estate, near Marlborough, receives about £71 a week in Job Seekers' Allowance
      Edwina Bonn, pictured left in 1960 when she was Lady Savernake, said her son David, the Earl of Cardigan, centre aged nine, has been the victim of a 'witch-hunt'
      She added: 'In recent months he has taken such a battering.'
      She said she was left in tears after her son was cleared of assaulting Mr Moore and criminal damage in a separate case last week.
      Speaking from her home in Scotland, Mrs Bonn said: 'I am so absolutely thrilled. I think it is rather wonderful. I was in tears. I have had a message good news David has got off.
      'I keep in contact with him like any mother would - I have been in contract with him all his life. I feel about his situation as any mother would.'
      At court yesterday, Claire Marlow, prosecuting, said: ‘These offences are generally of a nuisance and aimed at disrupting the workings of the trustees and the estate.’
      Mike Pulsford, defending, said the earl was maintaining his innocence but agreed to be bound over, adding: ‘There is a Chancery Court application by my client to remove the two trustees from the Savernake Estate.’
      Mr Pulsford told the court that the earl is unemployed and has been receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance.
      ‘He is not working. One of his claims against the trustees is that they have withheld certain monies from him,’ he said.
      Last week, the earl, whose daughter Catherine is pop singer Bo Bruce, was acquitted by magistrates of assaulting Mr Moore and criminal damage.
      Outside court yesterday, the earl, who was accompanied by his second wife, Joanne, and her mother, said this case was the 14th set of allegations made against him during his long-running dispute.
      ‘Most of them have been dismissed by the police as being too absurd.
      ‘The battery I am accused of stealing is still sitting at the bottom of my garden, exactly where it was when this case started.
      ‘This is the most stupid of many stupid charges the police and Crown Prosecution Service have brought against me.
      'What would I want with a used car battery that doesn’t even fit in my car?
      'The gamekeeper had removed all the good pheasant feeders and left only the broken ones.
      'Those are the ones I was accused of breaking further.’
      The earl said the proceedings in the Chancery Court were about removing Mr Moore, a barrister’s clerk, as a trustee.
      ‘I will not rest until I have removed him from his position. Even if it takes me the rest of my life, that man will go.’
      Yesterday Mr Moore said: 'I am not prepared to talk about as it is sub judicee.
      'The court case will be many many months away probably in the autumn or next year.'
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