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export subsidies on food

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  • james armstrong
    Fool that I am , I thought I had plumbed the depths of CAP chicanery when I discovered secret cheques to millionaires, destruction of wildlife, expenditure
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2012
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      Fool that I am , I thought I had plumbed  the depths of CAP chicanery  when I discovered secret cheques to millionaires, destruction of wildlife, expenditure unaccounted in the Budget and   obscure tariffs making food prices dearer here and penalising  3 world suppliersl Now there are export subsidies ....and? .... james  


      "CONCORD considers it fundamental that all CAP payments should strictly match European market demand and that production is managed in such a way which prevents dumping exports to compete with local agricultural production of farmers in developing countries.


      The EC communication on the CAP argues that export subsidies should be kept as a ‘safety net’ and used in cases of ‘significant price declines’. The European Commission even highlights the re-introduction of export subsidies for dairy products in 2009 as a successful market intervention (p. 9). But previous experience from EU export subsidies has often shown a devastating impact on food security in developing countries, which earlier this year led the European Parliament to conclude that export subsidies for European diary products constitute “a blatant violation of the core principles of policy coherence for development.”[1]

      CONCORD therefore strongly emphasises the need to internationally eliminate all export subsidies in their various forms as part of the completion of WTO Doha Round.



      CONCORD is the European confederation of relief and development NGOs, representing 25 national NGO platforms and 18 international networks across Europe. CONCORD leads reflection and political actions and regularly engages in dialogue with the European institutions and other civil society organisations.  

      The European Food Security Group offers a forum for European NGOs involved in food and agriculture issues, and acts as a reference group in CONCORD on these issues for structured and regular dialogue between NGOs and with European institutions and Members States. In line with the overarching goals of CONCORD, the EFSG aims at building on the expertise of its members and their strategic partnerships with other concerned sectors of European civil society and with Southern organizations and networks, especially the organisations of smallholder farmers, pastoralists, small-scale fishers and other food providers, and promoting their interests in designing, implementing, evaluating or consulting about relevant European Policies."



      [1] EP report, The EU Policy Coherence for Development and the 'Official Development Assistance plus concept’, paragraph 44, adopted on 18 May 2010, http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?type=TA&language=EN&reference=P7-TA-2010-0174

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