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Brazilian Landless Movement in UK

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  • Lilia Patterson by way of Tony Gosling
    ... From: Mark Lynas Subject: Leader of Brazilian landless movement visits Oxford Date: 30 May 2000 10:47 LEADER OF BRAZILIAN LANDLESS
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2000
      From: Mark Lynas <mark@...>
      Subject: Leader of Brazilian landless movement visits Oxford
      Date: 30 May 2000 10:47


      A leader of the Brazilian Landless Movement (MST), Mr. Jorge Neri, will be
      visiting England from 12th to 15th of June/2000. He is seeking
      international support for a fair trial of those responsible for the
      massacre in April 1996 at Eldorado dos Carajás, in the Brazilian State of

      The MST is a national organisation, operating in 24 out of 27 Brazilian
      States. It fights for land reform in a country where 1% of the population
      own 46% of the land. MST local groups organise occupations of unproductive
      land, thereby pushing the Brazilian Government to accelerate the land
      reform. Once they have occupied the land, local groups organise their own
      organic food production, and health and education services.

      19 people were murdered and 69 were mutilated at the massacre of Eldorado
      dos Carajás. 1,500 landless had been blocking a road in protest at the
      in settling landless people. They were trapped on both sides of the road by
      the state military police of Para, who started shooting and beating them.
      Among the landless, a 17 year old leader (Oziel Alves Pereira) was

      Last year, three police commandants were initially found innocent in a
      of law. But, after international and national outrage, the trial was
      suspended. The next session of the trial will commence in July of this
      However, the newly nominated judge, who specifically asked to take on the
      case, is well known for his strong opposition to MST, having ruled against
      the Movement in many other cases. It is vital, therefore, that the eyes of
      the world are on this trial so that justice is done

      Mr. Jorge Neri, aged 35, is one the survivors of the roadblock in Eldorado
      dos Carajás, and was part of the Negotiation Committee. He is now a member
      of the Para State Committee of the MST. He was born in the state of Para to
      peasant parents. He has completed the elementary school, and is married
      6 children.

      Mr Neri is also visiting nine other countries in Europe, making contact
      government authorities, unions, political parties and the media, and
      to highlight the risk of bias at the impending trial. Over the last 12
      years in Brazil at least 1,167 rural workers have been murdered, but only
      suspects have come to trial and just seven have been convicted.

      Please for more information contact:

      Name- Nadia Goodman

      Email- goodman@...

      Tel 01865 773411
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