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Afghan war demo

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  • Simon Fairlie
    ... End the invasion of Afghanistan. Download your poster for the 24 October anti-war demo here: http://bit.ly/1UxUut or here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2009

      End the invasion of Afghanistan.

       Download your poster for the 24 October anti-war demo here:

      or here: 

       Stick it up in your window

      Pass on this email




      General Sir Richard Dannatt, outgoing head of the British   
      army, has called for the British government to be put on a   
      "war-like footing" over Afghanistan. Despite all the evidence   
      of failure (see http://bit.ly/pCjzK), despite British soldiers   
      suffering the highest level of deaths and injuries since the   
      invasion in 2001, despite the majority of British people   
      wanting the troops out now (see http://bit.ly/2QXiDj), the   
      Government and the generals remain committed to this pointless   
      and bloody war.

      Stop the War, in conjunction with the Campaign for Nuclear   
      Disarmament and the British Muslim Initiative, has called a   
      demonstration in central London on Saturday 24 October to mark   
      the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.

      We are asking all our supporters to start publicising the   
      demonstration as widely as possible. Initial publicity is   
      available to download here: http://bit.ly/1UxUut

      200 DEAD PROTESTS   
      Stop the War's local groups are preparing protests to take   
      place the weekend after the 200th British soldier is killed in   
      Afghanistan. At the current rate of fatalities, with 191   
      having died so far, it is likely this figure will be reached   
      in the near future. It will be yet another testament to   
      tragically wasted lives of soldiers -- some as young as   
      eighteen -- sent to kill and be killed in a futile war.

      Local Stop the Groups campaigning to bring the troops home   
      from Afghanistan are experiencing unprecedented levels of   
      support, not least in the thousands who have signed our   
      petition to Gordon Brown in recent weeks.

      For your information
      Vivian Yeovil & Sherborne STWC.

      From: "Stop the War Coalition" <office@...>
      Date: 31 July 2009 21:53:49 BDT
      Subject: Stop the War calls national Afghanistan demonstration

      If you would like to get involved in a local Stop the War   
      group, contact the national office for details of a group in   
      your area: Tel: 020 7801 2768;  Email office@...

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