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[diggers350] Manchester runway

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  • hogweed
    Hello everyone, here is the latest on what s happening at Arthurs and Cedars Woods :Still LOTS of time to get down there and bodies urgently needed. PLEASE
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 1999
      Hello everyone,
      here is the latest on what's happening at Arthurs and Cedars Woods :Still
      LOTS of time to get down there and bodies urgently needed.


      (sorry this is only in note form - I think it's understandable)

      A bailiff (called Pikey) fell out of a tree on Fri night (i think)
      he shouldn't have been up a tree
      he was near the river trying to stop people putting put up a walkway
      2 people got in on Fri night
      walkways got chopped on sat by climbers
      incl walkway to get in over river and the next ones incl
      all walkways chopped round witches hat (nearest treehouse to river)
      they have taken down 1/2 treehouses on AW
      1 person evicted on Sat
      1 left on Sat
      the 2 that came in have left and want to get in again

      bailiffs will send up bacon butties (YUK)but won't let proper food be passed
      a local has been getting water sent in but no food
      she is going to hassle undersherrif

      started cutting down Cedars(we think)
      will be chopping tomorrow probably
      Moss wood too ?

      lots of noisy generators are around

      tunnel crew built steps down to tunnel
      done nothing else to tunnel

      it is fluffy but slow

      Craig leach used to work for airport now works for undersherriff - nasty
      piece of work

      National Trust Estate office 01625 523012
      FEEL FREE TO phone these guys and ask why they are not protecting our
      heritage and why they are letting the climbers use spikes to climb the trees

      Paul Rutter is the contact in the National Trust (travesty)
      climbers using spikes on treehouseless trees
      that aren't coming down
      "airport and bailiffs are showing obvious contempt for nature and a wanton
      desire for profit"
      apparently NT are cross and chasing this up

      There is going to be some sort of action tomorrow, don't know what yet,
      it may relate to them not letting food and and to the trees getting spiked.
      More actions likely - end of this week maybe
      Please call the number below to find out more or to get involved
      (if you want to be removed from this contact list please email me, otherwise
      I'll keep emailling you)

      0161 227 9014 / 0797 4803732
      Seize the Day !
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