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Major social justice conference and Masters launch at University of Leeds

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  • Stuart Hodkinson
    Two major events for your political diary at the University of Leeds Friday 29th June - MA in Activism and Social Change launch event Saturday 30th June -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2007

      Two major events for your political diary at theUniversity of Leeds


      Friday 29th June – MA in Activism and Social Change launch event


      Saturday 30th June – World Development Movement annual conference



      Dear friend


      I am writing to invite you to two exciting events being co-organised by the World Development Movement and the School of Geography at the University of Leeds .


      Friday 29th June – launch event for the new MA in Activism and Social Change


      In September 2007, a brand new Masters programme in global social justice is being launched at the University of Leeds . This innovative course brings together the worlds of academia and radical social campaigning and is being supported by the World Development Movement.


      Key features include: an introduction to key thinkers and ideas in achieving social justice; an overview of social movement struggles across the world; a grounding in methods relevant to campaigning and researching for social change; action research placements; and guest lectures and workshops by journalists, campaigners, and activists.


      To publicly launch the new programme, we have organised two free events on Friday 29th June:


      4pm                 Seminar: 'Enclosures and Indigenous Resistance’: Speakers from the Six Nations of the Grand River Haudenosaunee reserve in Ontario , Canada '


      VENUE            Geography Lecture Theatre, West Building , School of Geography , University of Leeds


      6pm                 Public lecture: 'Activism and the Academy: Challenging neoliberalism inside, outside and against the university'


      Speakers include: George Monbiot, journalist / campaigner;

      Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, educator, novelist, former Kenyan political prisoner


      VENUE            Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, Michael Sadler Building , University of Leeds

                              (followed by wine reception)



      We have had a huge number of applications but we are still recruiting – see the leaflet enclosed for more information or visit www.activismsocialchange.org.uk





      Saturday 30th June – Whose Rules Rule? World Development Movement Conference


      The World Development Movement’s conference this year is at the University of Leeds in association with the School of Geography .


      The conference will use the 2007 bicentenary of the parliamentary abolition of the transatlantic slave trade as an opportunity to explore the lessons to be learned from the struggle to end the slave trade and share our vision of how today’s inequality is built on past abuses of power. And we will celebrate the unsung heroes of the fight against historical and contemporary injustice.


      The day will involve keynote speakers addressing attendees in a plenary session as well as a wide variety of smaller sessions focussing on issues ranging from apartheid to climate justice, and women’s rights to anti-water privatisation campaigns. 


      We have an excellent line-up of keynote speakers, including journalist George Monbiot, Kenyan writer and educator, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, political economist, and Mohau Pheko (coordinator of the African Gender and Trade Network). 


      The conference opens from 12.30pm with registration, stalls and a striking exhibition by photographer Katharina Mouratidi on the theme ‘The Other Globalisation’ in the Parkinson Court . The smaller sessions will be led by experienced campaigners and activists, to explore topics including:


      • Reparations and the legacy of enslavement
      • Apartheid
      • Climate justice
      • Struggles against privatisation
      • Music and protest
      • Women’s rights
      • Migration


      After a tea break and further opportunity to browse the campaign stalls, the plenary will take place in the Conference Auditorium, ending at 6pm.


      For full details and to book your free place, go to:


      www.wdm.org.uk/wrr or call 0800 328 2153


      With best wishes



      Katharine Talbot                                                                      Stuart Hodkinson

      World Development Movement                                              Paul Chatterton

      katharine@...                                                           School ofGeography


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