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5410Fwd: Land & debt jubilee, a lost tradition

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  • Tony Gosling
    Jun 25, 2014

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      Debt jubilee, lost tradition

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      Hi Tony,

      Debt slavery, usury and deprivation of access to the means to life are driving our civilisation towards collapse, while the perversion of political economy continues without question in establishment circles (even the Church of England).

      We've forgotten a vital lesson learned by many civilisations past and recorded in the original Old Testament of the Bible: the essential, periodic reset of the system via debt jubilees and returning land to productive use by the dispossessed.


      Hat tip to Peter for this

      David Graeber's Debt, the first 5,000 years, describes the origins of debt and money and how past civilisations dealt with the inevitable distortions and inequality arising from accumulated debt.

      That the current economic system isn't working for the majority is not in doubt no matter how hard the ruling oligarchy try to pretend we're on the road to recovery. The illusory recovery is only enjoyed by those who are near the top of the pyramid of wealth and power as the rich get considerably richer. But growing anger cannot remain hidden for ever, sooner or later it will result in uprising by which time it will be too late to implement a viable alternative economy.


      March Against Austerity (6 minute video)

      Hat tip to Colin for this

      A debt jubilee would be a good start to redressing the balance in the economic system but a durable, sustainable, equitable economy would look very different.


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