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5409'Common Law' eviction attempt at Yorkley Court, Forest of Dean

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  • Tony Gosling
    Jun 25, 2014
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      I spoke to the bailiff who said he was on £65/hr and from Stoke On Trent.
      He specialises in 'Common Law evictions', mostly gypsy caravans.
      I asked him how you can evict with neither a court order nor any deeds. Shruged and said don't need them....
      He actually said the guy who's claiming ownership, Brian Bennett, has the deepest of pockets and is mates with the Gloucestershire Chief Constable.
      He said he never bothers with domestic evictions because there's not enough money in it

      Have pics of all the private security and bailiff if anyone wants them


      more info

      The Peasants' Revolt Community Farm under siege
       Update: 25/06/14
       Yorkley Farm has won!! - for the time being at least, saying  "The court has ordered an injunction against those that hired the bailiffs and security, in force upon key areas of the farm, for 12 months. This is a historic victory. The decision is being appealed but another emergency situation is unlikely, at least for the near future. Thanks so much to everyone who gave their support.

      ...Using the excuse of austerity cuts (despite the centre covering almost all of its costs) Gloucestershire County Council put a vital public resource up for sale, the Wilderness Centre, a residential centre which for decades had taught groups of city children about the environment. A softly-softly “trust” was formed by concerned people formerly associated with the centre, Friends of the Wilderness Centre. They succeeded in raising pledges of over one million pounds to buy the centre, courtesy of a local entrepreneur (and developer) multi-millionaire, Brian Bennett… despite jumping through all the hoops of the Tory-run  council, they have yet to secure the Wilderness Centre for future use as an environmental centre. For six months, a direct action group, Protect The Wilderness managed to keep the plight of the centre in the public eye, until they were forcibly evicted in a massive police operation. The taxpayer continues to pay thousands of pounds each week for security preventing the public having access to what is lawfully theirs…  Rumours persist that the council is intent, despite the Friends doing all they can to buy what is already ours, on selling to a housing or hotel developer…
      Protect The Wilderness recently revisited to do some gardening work. Here’s what happened…
      That fight isn’t over yet, and nor is the fight to save the Forest’s last intact deep mine, Northern United, and a large area of woodland, lake and open ground between the old pit (including a monument to miners who died there), and the hamlet of Steam Mills. The so-called Cinderford Regeneration Board – a partnership fronted by a Labour councillor (who, ironically, played a prominent role in the HOOF campaign) of Forest of Dean District Council and the governmental Homes And Communities Agency… while more than enough land is available on the edge of the town on derelict industrial (brownfield) land, the ‘regeneration’ team insists it has to demolish all traces of a mine recognised by English Heritage as an important site to build a ‘spine road’ cutting through woodland and grassland; destroying habitats for rare bats, newts and other wildlife, a key biodiversity site as recognised by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust....

      At 18:16 23/06/2014, Alison Banville alisonbanville@... [TheLandIsOurs] wrote:

      What happened with this?
      I'd suggest having a camera there as a priority rather than hoping someone will turn up with one. 

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      Subject: Dodgy eviction at Yorkley Court

      Yorkley, Lydney, GL15 4TZ.

      Bailiffs turned up with 15 security guards at 5:30 this morning and are
      threatening to remove all property from the farm and to fence it off.

      They cut through the gates and broke into the house.

      Police have attended and say they can not act.

      Support needed - people on the ground preferably with cameras would be
      very good.

      Legal situation looks very dodgy - we are currently discussing with a
      supporting barrister.

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