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Aaron's Angst . . .

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  • syd2918@yahoo.com
    This past July doesn t appear to have been the best of months - for people named Aaron, just ask Journalist Aaron Brown - in the news again, complaining, after
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    This past July doesn't appear to have been the best of months - for people named Aaron, just ask Journalist Aaron Brown - in the news again, complaining, after being 'fired' as a CNN anchor, or . . .  Footballer, now accused "hit man" -  Aaron Hernandez ! 
    Even, on our less contentious Dick Tracy Yahoo Comment Board - we had a 'problem' at another level.
    For it did seem more than just a 'well wishers' cautionary 'tap' on Mike Curtis' 'shoulders', in fact - one might have wondered why, our friend Aaron, usually stoic and balanced - felt so letdown, disillusioned, and clearly "irritated" - over the prospect of the real Moon Maid being ALIVE (?) following that car explosion of 1978 ?  It was excoriating hard ball  Don't mind that neither body (or parts) were ever reported - as being found    Which might have lent a greater degree of 'finality' to the outcome ! (?)  As casting the mind back, it was an 'outcome' not too dissimilar to that of Chet Gould's - Shoulders !
    In the Tracy strip's  current story-line the real Moon Maid hadn't actually materialized. Yes - a 'look-alike' character was there - in the strip, but no certainty on her real 'identity', (imposter? clone?) or who/what will eventually emerge ?  Yet, just the "thought" of it 'fired' him up, and as he verbally shook Mike Curtis -  he 'savaged' and 'beat-up' on the 'restoration' of a number of earlier characters (Flyface, the 5th, B-B Eyes and Mumbles - bodies never recovered) and he even tried to include the 'half-alive' shell of Purdy Faller when the latter was just re-appearing in the same fossil-like state Chet Gould had left him ? 
    In going to the "Promised Land" people in the strip who were dead should remain dead !  So we were told ! But who decides ?  Vexatious readers ?  Or the Owners through their chosen Writer ?
    But speaking of Shoulders (1946), what if - Gould had not 'restored' that character (and recall, he did, without benefit of 'back story') and then, (fast forward ) > "imagine", current day writer Mike Curtis appearing to be in the process of doing so - today ?  .What would Aaron's reaction have been ?  Shoulders (coincidentally) had died after he 'turned a key' followed by a  'take off' in a small aircraft - his out of control plane whould 'exploded' in a "Ball of Fire" when it hit a Huge Gas Storage Tower.. So many similarities. For likewise, after the 'explosion' - no evidence of a body, or recovery of any remains !   Pat Patton was given to "quip" - that there might not be enough of Shoulders left - to fill a "thimble" !.
    Yet somehow Gould, without any 'explanation', had him back - just as dangerouus for 1947/48 story run ! ?   In another time -  a latter-day place, some might have considered it a Curtis disservice to the strip, or even a disgrace  (?)  A level playing field here ?
    So, 'How now Brown cow' ? What would be Mike's position ? 
    I'll guess !  There's a Jamaican colloquial expression that seems to cover it. - - "Any whe yu tun (Mike) - Macca Juk yu" (Whatever direction you turn, a thorn will 'stick' you)
    There are even Biblical lines of connection for those wishing to go there. In the old Testament Aaron was chosen as a 'messenger' (to help Moses) because he could "speak well", a skill that seemed to fit well with our modern day counterpart, and you're given to wonder if they both 'stumbled' on the way to the "Promised Land", in taking readers out from under the short arms and restrictive, 'stubby' hand - of Pharaoh - D'Locha (?)  A shortage of water then, a shortage of old villains to return now. And the new Aaron's directive seemed (inspired from above) - No 'miracles' will be performed, no one must rise from the grave (not even on the 4th day). Any foe taken from the past, can only be from Gould's surviving slumgullion.  And you have to wonder if this is where Aaron (and Moses?) "sinned" like the 'name-sake' in the bible ?
    There's been a 'pronounced' HUSH on the board - these past 2 weeks. Members have even commented on it !   Like 'quiet' come - and 'quiet' go !   Anyone hear a pin drop ?  Perhaps,  it's a shade of "Silence of the Lambs" (?)  But you refuse to accept the corollary of a name - Haaron  Lecter !  
    The Silence of the Lambs  Yes !  A most unkind stretch,  yet - - the Plot 'summary' of the film - begins in this (encouragingly ?) 'familiar' way . . .
    " Young FBI agent 'Clarice Starling' (read - Writer 'Mike Curtis') is assigned to help find a missing woman to save her from a psychopathic serial killer who skins his victims. Clarice attempts to gain a better insight into the twisted mind of the killer by talking to another psychopath Hannibal Lecter, who used to be a respected psychiatrist . . . "
    Wild fantasy And you dismiss the thought !  One unrepentant post doesn't deserve a later - regretted one.
    Better to reflect again on the similarities of the Shoulders and Moon Maid deaths, the scope for a return, and what Gould might have done.after 'contemplation' (?)  MM was not a Villain but rather  a "Well Loved" Character !  A force for good, and conceivably, one - that a majority of current readers would welcome back ! ?
    The pain, and sense of loss of one "Model Jones" seems enough !
    To find a way ?  Ponder on the 'attachments' here - they might help !
    SYD in Trinidad


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