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  • syd2918@yahoo.com
    There are likely many more meetings to take place in the current story-line ! ? Perhaps Zy Ghote gets around to calling on Diet Smith after all these years ?
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2013
    There are likely many more meetings to take place in the current story-line ! ?  Perhaps Zy Ghote gets around to calling on Diet Smith after all these years ?  Honeymoon embraces Moon Maid . A 'fluttering heart' Junior ('shakes the hand'?) of  former wife Moon Maid ?    How they going to do that ?   (Meeting cancelled ?) 
    And of course Sparkle (current wife) with (ex-wife) Moon Maid. The latter is the really "BIG ONE" New-Wife meets Ex-Wife !   Just under currents or will "sparks" really fly ?
    Can you recall them 'meeting' and 'talking' ever before  - when the positions were reversed ?
    Well here they are, polite and cuddly as can be - the year 1968. Tongue-in-cheek . . . I've labeled the encounter  - "Shockingly Farsighted"  ;- )
    SYD in Trinidad
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