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    Not wishing to distract away from the flush of real excitement on this Sunday page . . . But as Dr. Zy Ghote returned today, it reminded of a humorous Limerick
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    Not wishing to distract away from the flush of real excitement on this Sunday page . . .
    But as Dr. Zy Ghote returned today, it reminded of a humorous Limerick on "Clones", even a picture of Zy (with supporting art paste up). All done several years ago for a Tracy magazine. Readers of the early Kilian / Locher work may recall that Kilian 'thought'  it was more important to Editorialize the pages of the comics with "extremely serious themes", and 3 of his first 4 stories were in that style. Here is how he explained it later . . .
    "We have deliberly inserted some extremely serious themes into the 
    program. Some old time fans objected to the racist serial killer
    sniper in my first piece, which was all about hate crimes, and to
    Hard Luck Harry, the ex-con who on a Christmas night came after
    Tracy seeking revenge, because they wern't cute colorful villians as
    in years of yore.
    The hate crime story was suggested by the largest circulation daily
    because hate crimes had become a serious preoblem for his city" . .
    . . . . "thought that would be relevant to his readers" We agreed,
    but didn't think the we should approach the story with as something
    cute and colorful.
    So the old style villains had to take a 'back seat' on that one".  (Mike Kilian - in DT Magazine #18 - excerpt)
    One suspects (and the above seems to confirm) that new writer Kilian 'forgot' he was doing a 'comic strip' simply for the "entertainment" of readers young and old (?)  His approach seemed more appropriate for an Editorial, not for the 'funnies' And quite likely, there was heavy adverse feedback !
    There was an abrupt change of direction thereafter - and first out the box was No Face, although some what different this reader was reminded to the Blank, who also had a prominent role in the recent Tracy film.a  No Face henchmen were named Fish Face and Rat face names and characterizations that also rang a familiar Gouldian 'bell' The just after 6 months readers heard another familiar knock on the door. For a minute there we thought it was Piggy Butcher, but the same shape (true more sophistication) but the name was Pig E. Bank (aks Piiggy Bank). Alarm bell 'memories' went off again. 
    Like we were in, an alternate universe of Chester Gould.
     It inspired this attachment . . .
    SYD in Trinidad
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