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  • Beau M. Kaelin
    Aug 17, 1999
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      I just found out that Dick Tracy Magazine #37 is being mailed this week
      so that means it will be out by next. Unfortunately, my article
      concerning my trip to Woodstock during Dick Tracy Days didn't arrive on
      time so that means it will be in #38, which hopefully won't be too far
      behind. As always, it just depends on the conditions of the prints of
      the Breathless/Itchy cases on how quickly the magazine will get out. To
      any new members who may have signed up, tell me about yourselves. Some
      of your favorite characters, how long you've been collecting D.T.
      memorabelia (if you have that is), whether you're more of a movie or
      strip fan, if you're in the D.T. Fan Club (if you are, what's your badge
      number?), you know, the works. If you get D.T. Magazine you've no doubt
      seen my name in print from time to time. If issue reaches you before the
      next time I write, happy hunting for the M.S.T.T. I know I'll be

      Beau Kaelin
      Badge #90550

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