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  • Mr Sydney Phillips
    Aug 4, 2014

      Last night closed with 98 posts on GoComics . . . just shy of the 100 !
      There had been Eighty Eight posts as I prepared what I thought was the last, and those 88, together with the 'surprise' arrival of Influence, and a lore of the past, my mind ran on 88 Keyes, and I was given to say so in the 'eighty ninth' !

      Our writer Mike has frequently told us that 'music' - serves often, to inspire him in writing Tracy, and while we have been entertained in early 2012 with that Son of Spike backdrop - to that great Cueball and Puttypuss tale, one can be forgiven for 'suspecting'  that there's possibly, another music theme story - in the formative stage ? 

      The current story seems to dip into the past (1944 and all that) . . . so I guess it's somewhere up there, in the future ?

      In the meantime, I thought that this LINK below might prove of some interest. even a slight nudge in that direction  ;-)
      Not exactly Country and Western, or even Jerry Lee Lewis, but yet another dimension for our 'Music Man' - Curtis . . .

      SYD in Trinidad

      Great Boogie Woogie
      This presentation only lasts for three plus minutes.
      Near the end you'll be wishing for more.
      If you need a real fix check out the others at the end.