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18280A QUESTION of H's ?

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  • syd2918@yahoo.com
    Aug 3 4:53 AM
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     Well, it seems our old friend Influence hasn't aged in any way since his original 1946/47 clash with - Tracy ?
    As some know, he served his term, and on release reformed, continuing then as a 'legitimate' Hypnotist in Houston Texas, Tracy did see him back in 1982 (during the Collins/Fletcher era).
    At that time, his Hair appeared grey - or rather, 'shockinglywhite !   (See attachment)
    Hence, the above caption.
    Seems the new Team wisely decided to de-age him, (lessening the pool of pre-historic characters in the strip) as back then (1982) he looked like a - 'FRIGHTENED DEER' caught in the Headlights of a passing Time Machine ! 
    And so have therefore provided a fitting - Black, 'Just For Men' - Auto Shop - appearance ?   ;- ) 
    No chains needed !
    SYD in Trinidad