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18268Re: [DickTracy] More 'Mysteries' in Dick Tracy than Hamburgers in - Wimpy's Heaven

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  • brineb2000
    Aug 1 4:10 AM

    And you'd think he'd remember all these 'destinations' from yesterday?
    Will there be a rational explanation ?
    My take on it is that since Annie kept him from the brain-washing radio show, he has his 2014 clear head back and the 1944 fantasy stuff is gone!!!


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    No need to twist my arm, It certainly seems so !
    Since Vitamin F's presentation - some 33 days have slipped by . . . And it's been close to a mystery a DAY since then. New mysteries appearing before you can properly digest the last one.
    You're given to think that Mike 'Stretch-em-out' Curtis just piles them on with a Wimpy like intensity ! (?) A month has passed, and still no certainty how Tracy got from a boat to a Hospital ? For perspective, the time's about the full length of the first Doubleup story from back in 2011
    To a degree that makes you suspect they are often more than Mysteries. Some seem at best to be amazing 'stretches' - and possibly 'contradictions' !
    Let's look at some from today's strip (7-31-14) below . . .
    ·Wimpy is buried in "Hamburger Heaven" as Popeye and Olive look on . . .
    Take panel as Annie assures Tracy that what he thought was a dream is all ' REAL' - he IS, and apparently has been, the Town's Constable / Officer for some time. But then, in panel 2 to the specific question of how long he had been there, she puts in a reverse gear. "Not sure" - "You had a short stay - in the Hospital" And the Tracy's memory doesn't seem to support that dialogue, His recall is of a message he left for Tess in 'real time' 2014 This of course, all contradicts Tracy's movements after being 'discharged' from the Hospital. No indication that he had 'doubts' about where to sleep that night Was Junior home ?Recall, this is said to be 1944 Tracy is several years away from marriage. And then, surprise ! The next morning he appears in a constable's uniform ?  You gotta wonder where he got if from ?  And you'd think he'd remember all these 'destinations' from yesterday?
    Will there be a rational explanation ?
    And then you roll your mind back to July 3rd (see below) - and we hear Annie's 'confession' to herself, about "involving" Tracy in the affair. How does this 'square up' with what she said above ? 
                                                                                                                                       July  31, 2014
                                                                                                                                          July  3, 2014
    Joe Staton's highly visible Town Clock remains 'ticking' - day after day, as readers up to now, well 'entertained' - begin to feel a bit 'restless' waiting on 'some' answers and clarifications
    As the man seemed to indicate here - "kick it". No one really want's a 'Dizzy' Gilllespie (or a mystery) - - - that's been stretched out to-ooo long . . .    ;- )
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nxthSkRT6g       - - (like in Tracy - it's a Dream Band}
    SYD in Trinidad

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