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17374RE: Mysta's true identity?

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  • willycarlson007
    Oct 2, 2013

      Just a quick followup:  it seems we have two more visual clues today (10/3) that Mysta is Mindy Ermine.

      Two additional scenes showing Mysta in virtually the same position, seated on the floor crying, her head bent forward, with her arms wrapped around her legs.  Just as we saw in the original Mindy the Moon Maid Wannabe story, we've now seen repeated panels showing Mysta in an identical pose, wearing the same costume, and with Sparkle even comforting her in one of them.


      Can this be mere coincidence?  I seriously doubt it.

      You know what I think about all this, but how about you?! - Willy 

      ---In DickTracy@yahoogroups.com, <dicktracy@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I have been hoping for more than a year that Mysta is the original Moon Maid, but unfortunately the evidence now seems to be pointing in a different direction.  In fact, after seeing today's strip (9/30/2013), I have a strong suspicion that Mysta is actually a genetically and surgically-altered Mindy Ermine (daughter of Posey Ermine, from the 1968 story).  It's an hypothesis I've been kicking around for awhile, and the evidence for it is circumstantial but growing.

      Going into today's (Monday's) strip, here were the arguments in favor of Mysta being Mindy:

      1. Diet became very upset, even despondent, after hearing Dr. Ghote's explanation about Mysta's identity (9/12 strip).  Not the type of reaction we would expect if Mysta was either the original Moon Maid or some sort of clone-like duplicate, as Diet had previously been led to believe.

      2. Mike C. has dropped hints in this group about Mysta being some sort of freak, even a monster.  He confirmed she wasn't a clone (group message #17069), and when asked if she was a replicant, he said, "It's worse than that."

      3. Witness also the various Frankenstein references -- Bardoll's physical appearance, the Frankenstein-like stage introduction by Vitamin (9/1 Sunday), Mike's references to "The Bride of Frankenstein" and to Dr. Sail as Dr. Frankenstein (#17090).  This is all strongly suggestive that Mysta has been assembled.

      4. In a message posted June 6 (#17088), Mike explained how he was in the midst of preparing the September 22 Sunday, and that at that point in the story (as of last Sunday), "the truth is still not revealed to anyone but one person in the cast."  This means one and only one cast regular already knows exactly who/what Mysta is, and that has to be Diet.  Who else could it be?

      5. Mysta "earliest memories" are of waking up at the Apollo, and she has admitted that her knowledge of her previous life is dependent on what Dr. Sail told her (8/23 strip).  Having no natural memories of her alleged life as Moon Maid suggests she has been brainwashed/hypnotized into thinking she is someone else.

      6. Implanted memories would account for the detached, almost mechanical behavior Mysta exhibited toward Honeymoon when the two of them met for the first time (5/30 through 6/4).

      7. Dr. Sail and Dr. Ghote are proven liars and frauds, and it would be entirely consistent with their character to discover that Mysta is not who they had been claiming she was (at least until Dr. Ghote revealed the truth to Diet).

      8. Mindy Ermine is a young woman who has a history of being a Moon Maid wannabe (she was runner up in the 1968 Sunny Wheat Moon Maid lookalike contest and frequently dresses like Moon Maid).

      9. Mindy has a previous relationship/rivalry with Sparkle (who beat Mindy in the lookalike contest).  The rivalry may account for some of Mysta's underlying hostility toward Sparkle when she attacked her.

      10. Mindy has the same hair color and vavoom body type as Mysta, and is a dead ringer for Mysta (from the neck down) when wearing a Moon Maid costume.

      11. Mindy's homely face would require plastic surgery to pull off the hoax -- which would explain the bandages.

      12. Mindy (assuming she was in prison?) is the kind of person who would be willing to do something desperate (participate in a criminal fraud) to escape incarceration, especially if it was to assume the identity of her idol, Moon Maid.  If so, perhaps she wasn't told that her mind would be "blanked" and reprogrammed by Dr. Sail.

      13. Mindy has a violent temper, as evidenced when she attacked and tried to kill Lizz (10/06/68).  Having this underlying, unstable temperament would account for Mysta's anger issues (attacking criminals, destroying "her" tombstone, the Sparkle Zap, continuing the attack on Hy Pressure after he was clearly subdued).

      14. When Mysta went incognito at the Wheaton farm, the name she chose as an alias was Mindy!  (A thought bubble from her previous life that burst through her brainwashed haze?)

      Nothing totally conclusive in all the above, but now in today's strip, we find Mysta is heartbroken.  Six things to notice about her:  1) she is silent; 2) she is wearing a moon costume; 3) she is seated on the ground with her knees bent; 4) her head is bent forward toward her knees; 5) her arms are wrapped around her legs; 6) Sparkle is there to comfort her.

      Now check out the collection of panels below.  The first two rows are from Mindy's 1968 story, the last row is today's strip.  Compare especially the 2nd row and the 3rd panel in the 3rd row:


      Bells are definitely going off!

      The basic costume, body posture, and positioning (seated on the floor) are identical.  And if that wasn't enough, Sparkle is also alongside, reprising her role as empathetic comforter.  This seems like a loud and clear signal from Mike and Joe that Mysta is Mindy Ermine, especially when considered with the other evidence presented above. 

      What do you think? - Willy

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