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[DPL] Pujas in March Cancelled. Restarts in April 06

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  • [DPD Web] Shen Shi'an
    From: Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling [mailto:contact@drophenling.com] If you are unable to view this page properly, please click on this link - DPL Homepage
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2006
      From: Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling [mailto:contact@...]
      If you are unable to view this page properly, please click on this link -> DPL Homepage 

      甘 丹 东 顶 渡 悲 林 共 修 法 会
      Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,
      Sincere apologies for not making ourselves clear enough in the previous email; as we have received a few enquiries on whether the March pujas are still on-going or not..
      The pujas in March 2006 have been cancelled.
      Weekly Saturday pujas will only commence from the month of April 2006 onwards.
      The puja schedule to start only in April is as shown below:
      Once again, sorry for the confusion. But we still hope to see you in April!
      On another note:
      If there is anything you feel we can do to improve, feel free to drop us a line :) Many thanks for all the constant feedback and encouragement some of you have been giving! We are happy to hear from you, and will certainly continue to strive for improvement.
      Yours in the Dharma,
      Management Committee
      Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling

       Date (日期)

       Time (时间)

       Event (节目)

       1st April 2006
       Saturday (六)


       7.30pm �C 9.30pm


       Leng Chag Torma Puja
       (Clearing Debts of One's Past Lifetime)

      还 债 食 子 法 会


       8th April 2006
       Saturday (六)


       7.30pm �C 9.30pm


       Dorje Namjom Cleansing Puja

       摧 破 金 刚 沐 浴 法 会

       15th April 2006
       Saturday (六)


       7.30pm �C 9.30pm


       Heart-Sutra Obstacles-Clearing Puja

       心 经 除 障 法 会

       22nd April 2006
       Saturday (六)


       7.30pm �C 9.30pm


       Three-Deities-in-One Obstacles-Destroying Puja
       (White Umbrella Goddess, Lion-Faced Dakini & Heart Sutra)

      三 佛 除 障 大 法

       29th April 2006
       Saturday (六)


       7.30pm �C 9.30pm


       Green Tara Obstacles-Clearing Puja

       绿 度 母 除 障 法 会
      (Puja explanations will be uploaded shortly...)

      Venue: Dro-Phen Ling - 12 Guillemard Lane, Singapore 399878
      For More Information, Contact Us:

      DPL Homepage: www.drophenling.com
      Telephone: 6344 - 9521 / 6342 - 0806
      Fax: 6345 - 2607
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