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[Ruwan Buddhist Society] HIS Life & HIS Stories ~ Basic Buddhism (Module I)

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  • [DPD Web] Shen Shi'an
    HIS Life & HIS Stories First thing first, last thing last! Before understanding the Buddha s teachings, we need to learn about His Life first! We heard about
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      HIS Life & HIS Stories First thing first, last thing last! Before understanding the Buddha’s teachings, we need to learn about His Life first!


      We heard about HIM from different people. We read about HIS teachings from here and there. Information flows but in bits and pieces; we still don’t get a full picture of who is HE and HIS Life.


      You want to know? …..but our busy lifestyles always hold us back to take up new or longer commitments.

      So?... This is a course designed for you to know more about the Buddha and His basic teachings. The course consists of 2 modules (taken separately or preferably one after the other); each module will last 12 sessions.


      Course Title                :  HIS Life & HIS Stories ~ Basic Buddhism (Module I)

      Course Lecturer          :  Ven K Somananda

      Venue                         :  87 Aida Street (10 mins walk from Bedok MRT)

      Commence Date        :  6th April 06 (12 sessions)

      Day/Time                   :  Every Thursday 7.30 – 9.15 pm

      Please send application via e-mail to amita@... or contact Daniel/Lay Pheng @ 64559510/97288876 or Raymond @ 96819431 for enrollment.                                                                                                                                                                                                          



      In Module I you will be introduced to the various backgrounds prevailed in India during 7th – 6th century BC. Followed by discussion on the life of the Buddha from birth to enlightenment till the Maha Parinibbana (The Great Passing away of the Buddha) with interesting narrations. Module II will focus on the Basic Teachings of the Buddha and the basic practices. At the end of the course (if conditions allow us) we may plan for a trip to India to visit the holy places.



      Module I

      -    Social, political and religious background prevailed inIndia before Buddha.

      -    Buddha lives in what sort of environment?

      -    Life of the Buddha- birth, childhood, renunciation, Enlightenment

      -    Highlights of Buddha’s 45 years of successful ministry after His enlightenment

      -    About King Bimbisara, Ven Ananda, Devadatta, Anathapindika...etc.

      -    the last days of the Buddha, Maha Parinibanna


      Module II

      -    Four Noble Truths

      -    Noble Eight-Fold path

      -    Kamma and Rebirth

      -    Dependent Origination

      -    The 3 Universal Characteristic

      -    Cultivation of Generosity, Morality & Mind Development

      -    establishment of the Monks’ and Nuns’ Order

      -    4 Great Councils.



      About the Lecturer

      Ven Somananda has been in Singapore for more than 15 years. He was a lecturer in a Sri Lankan University and taught Pali language in the Pali Buddhist College Singapore. Venerable specializes in Pali Language and is a scholar in this field. Venerable teaches Pali language of various levels and conducts classes on Dhammapada, Basic Buddhism.





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