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[SYCC] Workshop on "After the Ceremony, Preserving a Lasting Love"

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    From: Sandy Ang [mailto:sandy@shanyou.org.sg] Warmest Greetings from Shan You Counselling Centre! is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. Love can
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      From: Sandy Ang [mailto:sandy@...]
      Warmest Greetings from Shan You Counselling Centre!


      The Enrich inventory is a 165-item questionnaire developed by Dr David Olson for
      married couples seeking couple enrichment. Not only will the inventory keep things going
      in your marriage, it will also give your marriage new lift and growth. 


      Below are the details :


      Session 1 :  3  March 2006 (Fri), 7pm – 10pm at Shan You Counselling Centre

      (*Refreshment provided)

      §               Introduction
      §               Overview of format of 2nd and 3rd sessions

      §               Completing the inventory

      §               Group sharing


      Session 2 :  18 March 2006 (Sat), 2pm– 6pm at Shan You Counselling Centre

      (*Refreshment provided)


      §               Sharing the relationship strengths and growth areas with your spouse

      §               Practising assertiveness and active listening

      §               Providing new ways of working through problems

      §               Improving your skills in resolving conflicts


      Session 3 :  25 March 2006 (Sat), 1 pm – 6pm at Shan You Counselling Centre

      (*Refreshment provided)

      §               Understanding the impact of your partner’s family-of-origin

      §               Effective handling of finances together

      §               Developing and maintaining intimacy and sexuality

      §               Sharing your personal, couple and family goals


      Fees for whole programme (3 sessions): $100 per couple

      Early bird rate if registered by 2 1 February 2006 : $80 per couple

      Mode of Delivery: In group of eight married couples. The group work is conducted by an accredited
      Prepare/Enrich trainer and counsellor.


      All fees are inclusive of the $40 scoring fees for Enrich inventory and a ‘Building a Strong Marriage Workbook’.


      About the Presenters


      Mr Robin Pngis a Trainer and Psychotherapist for Pastoral Counselling Network.

      He holds a Masters Degree in Counselling (EAST) and a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy (NUS).

      He is also a Registered Counsellor with Singapore Association for Counselling and a Certified Trainer

      for marriage assessment tools like PREPARE/ENRICH and FOCCUS. He is a Training Consultant with

      Shan You Counselling Centre and presently provides counselling and training services to various

      educational institutes and voluntary welfare organisations.


      Please make cheque payable to Shan You Counselling Centre and send it to Shan You Counselling Centre
      (Block 9 Upper Boon Keng Road #01 - 960 Singapore 380009) with the registration slip before

      27 February 2006 .


      For enquiries, please contact Sandy or Jane at Shan You Counselling Centre at
      Tel: 6741 9293, Fax: 6741 9352.


      Please kindly help us to disseminate the information to your friends and associates.

      Attached is the brochure in English.


      Thank you very much for your kind attention.


      Warmest Regards,

      Sandy Ang


      Shan You Counselling Centre

      Tel : 67419293  Fax : 67419352




      is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. 

      Love can come alive even for married couples! 

      • Is your relationship with your partner less than ideal?
      • Do you find differences of opinion escalating into conflicts?
      • Would you like to delve into a deeper understanding of the art of intimacy?
      • Do you feel that your relationship can be further enriched,
        by understanding some time-tested & well-researched methods?

      Come and join us for this series of marital workshop entitled :
      After the Ceremony, Preserving a Lasting Love
      "  to :

      • Strengthen your marital health
      • Enhance communication skills
      • Foster bonding between couples
      • Promote family harmony
      • Experience healthy and fulfilling marital lives
      • Gain insights into challenges faced by couples
         and enjoy a lifetime of happiness!!!!!   




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