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[DDM] Many Volunteers Needed

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  • [DPD Web] Shen Shi'an
    From: ddrum [mailto:ddrum@singnet.com.sg] Hi, All Dharma Friends Happy New Year! Dharma Drum Singapore is currently looking for various volunteer to join us in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2006

      From: ddrum [mailto:ddrum@...]

      Hi, All Dharma Friends
      Happy New Year!
      Dharma Drum Singapore is currently looking for various volunteer to join us in our upcoming events and centre operation.
      If you are keen or know anybody wish to work as a volunteer (free-willed duration), please let us know or forward this notice to your friends.
      Wishing You A Year of Peace and Felicity!
      with metta
      alan lim    


      In the verge of our celebration of the Lunar New Year, we are encouraging you to join our volunteer team whilst accumulating merit for yourselves.


                  Let us share with you the words of wisdom by the well-known


      Chan Master Sheng-yen (founder of Dharma Drum Mountain) as below:


                  “The busy make the most of time; the diligent enjoy the best of health.”


                “Those who give selflessly are blessed; those who do good deeds are happy.”


                  We are looking for new volunteer in the following voluntary areas to join us. However, the duration will be on free-willed basis.




      Project Volunteers  特务义工

      1.          Event Planners 活动策划人  

      2.          Project Managers (Special Event) 活动持行员

      3.          Writers (either Chinese or English) 中英文作者

      4.          Translators (Chinese & English /either vocal or writing) 中英文翻译员



      Regular Volunteers 万行义工

      1.          Centre Operation Executives 图书馆义工

      2.       Sales Executives 义卖处义工

      3.       Data Entry 文件档案输入员

      4.          Administrators 行政员

      5.          Teachers 教员(中学与特别培训)


      If you are equipped with the above capabilities or you are keen to help us in any other form of voluntaries works, please give us a call or drop us a mail as below.



      Dharma Drum Singapore  法鼓山新加坡护法会

      30 Mohamed Sultan Lam Ann Building #04-00 Singapore 238974

      Tel: 6735 5900   Fax: 6735 8900 email: ddrum@...

      Or call our Vice-President & Centre Manager, Alan Lim 9008 6297


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