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Re: [DevilStickForum] Introducing Member9

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  • Seth Golub
    Hi, Noomi! Welcome to our little devil stick haven. I was pretty awful too when I started, but as long as you re having fun, it doesn t matter (and you ll get
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2000
      Hi, Noomi! Welcome to our little devil stick haven.

      I was pretty awful too when I started, but as long as you're having
      fun, it doesn't matter (and you'll get better).

      > i've seen many people carrying just like stick in the city.

      Wow. I almost never see other people with devil sticks. What city?
      Maybe I should go there!

      > wrapped in smooth 'tape' (don't know the word in english), that is a
      > bit slippery. could i do something about it?

      You could wrap it with cloth tape. I haven't done it myself, but I'm
      told that the tape used on tennis rackets and hockey sticks works
      pretty well. You also want your handsticks to have good traction, so
      if those are also slippery, wrap those too. Another option is to get
      silicone covered handsticks from a juggling shop. The grip with those
      is great as long as they're dry and clean.

      > and now to my ignorance: can someone explain me the differences
      > between devil stick and a flower stick?

      The biggest difference is that a flower stick has big things stuck on
      the ends. They're usually thinner too. The thin stick and the stuff
      on the ends help keep it from rolling, which makes many things much
      easier. The things on the ends also usually make it slower to change
      spin direction, which makes some things easier and other things
      harder. Flower sticks are generally better for smooth, continuous
      kinds of moves, and devil sticks are generally better for quick
      direction-changing kinds of things, but you can do anything with
      either one if you're good enough.

      > haven't tried flower stick yet. is it possible to make your own?

      You can make your own. I haven't seen any good instructions for it
      though, so it helps if you've tried a couple and know what you want to
      make. You could do it with a stick, two screws, and a tennis ball cut
      in half. But it wouldn't be the best flower stick.

      What you put on the ends makes a huge difference in the amount of
      rolling resistance of the stick. A ball is easy, but it's probably
      the worst thing. The ball shape will help prevent rolling a little
      because of how its weight is distributed. Better would be lots of 8cm
      strips of square-cut leather. The square cut is important too; if
      they're round like some boot laces are, they won't work well. The
      idea is that you want the strips to hang down and that in order to
      hang in a different direction (if you rolled the stick) some of them
      would have to flop over and couldn't just slide. It's hard to
      explain in email..

    • Seth Golub
      Oops. I m an idiot. Noomi Helsinki, Finland. Seth What city? I thought Oh, cool, Finland and Wow, other people who devil stick and immediately forgot
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 1, 2000
        Oops. I'm an idiot.

        Noomi> Helsinki, Finland.

        Seth> What city?

        I thought "Oh, cool, Finland" and "Wow, other people who devil stick"
        and immediately forgot that you told us you were in Helsinki.

        Sorry. :-)

        So I'll complicate matters by telling you where I'm from. I grew up
        just outside New York. When I started devil sticking, I lived in
        St. Louis (midwest US) where I was at university, but I actually
        started when I was in Stockholm on vacation. Now I'm a student in
        Edinburgh, but in a few months I'll probably go back home to
        California, where I've lived the past four years (except since
        October, when I've been here in Scotland).

        When people ask me where I'm from, I never know what to say.
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