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Re: [DevilStickForum] Best Pro Devilstick

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  • Seth Golub
    ... Pretty much all devil sticks are kind of slippery, but it doesn t matter, because the handsticks are really grippy as long as they re clean. What will give
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 21, 2002
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      "canfamdoc" <canfamdoc@...> writes:

      > Is the mylar
      > (http://www.toddsmith.com/mylardevilsticks.htm) really slippery
      > compared to rubber surface.

      Pretty much all devil sticks are kind of slippery, but it doesn't
      matter, because the handsticks are really grippy as long as they're

      What will give you the most trouble is the rolling. You're probably
      used to a stick that's reluctant to roll down your handsticks. That
      won't be true anymore, and it'll drive you crazy until you figure out
      how to deal with it (by pointing your handsticks more carefully).

      When choosing a devil stick, the things to consider are, in order of
      importance (in my opinion):

      Moment of Inertia (hugely important)
      There are lots of technical definitions online:

      You won't care about the MoI itself, but you'll care about its
      effect, which is how much force it takes to make the stick spin
      faster or slower (or start or stop). This is what people mean
      when they talk about a "fast" or "slow" stick.

      Another way to think about it is as a combination of weight and
      where the center of mass would be in each half of a stick that you
      broke in two.

      Weight/Mass (pretty important)
      A heavier stick will tire out your hands faster and will be less
      agile (have a greater MoI). It'll also be more stable and easier to
      control (again, due to the MoI), because you can make bigger
      mistakes in force and they'll have less impact. A heavier stick
      will also be less affected by wind.

      Length (less important)
      Affects the weight and MoI, but also affects how often you'll
      hit yourself, which isn't really that important.

      Diameter (even less important)
      Generally, the thinner the better, unless it's so thin it breaks.
      Thicker sticks give your handsticks greater leverage around the long
      axis, so the stick will roll a little bit more easily, which you
      don't want.

      Looks (whatever)
      Some people care.

      If you're just starting out, or switching from a flower stick, I
      recommend getting a stick of at least medium weight (at least 7oz),
      because extra weight will make it easier to control. Heavier would be
      fine unless your hands or wrists aren't up to it.

      > Has anyone used the
      > radical fishsticks
      > infinite illusions
      > Are the "devil stick stunt sticks" any good?

      The Infinite Illusions are good, but probably too light for you right
      now. I haven't tried the others.
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