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Re: [DevilStickForum] Dube Trigon devil stick

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  • J B
    THANKS everyone for the suggestions.   Its probably just me and I need more practice with this stick.  I m seeing improvement so I ll keep at it.  Hope
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 30 6:37 AM
      THANKS everyone for the suggestions.   Its probably just me and I need more practice with this stick.  I'm seeing improvement so I'll keep at it. 
      Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!

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      From: Gerard Kemmy <gerardckemmy@...>
      Subject: Re: [DevilStickForum] Dube Trigon devil stick
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      Date: Monday, June 29, 2009, 7:58 PM

      its difficult to describe but if you try to keep your wrists just a fraction looser, so that when you are catching and throwing it with the hand stick (not hitting, you cant control it if you hit it) you just give an extra little bit of give when you catch it you should get better results.
      Flowersticks (especially the silcone covered ones like lunasticks) are very forgiving with hitting but you wont get away with it using slicker, harder sticks. Once you get the whole difference in control thing down though its fairly easy to transfer what you can do with a flowerstick into almost anything. I was messing about in the back garden the other day and was able to use a (small) yardbrush as the devilstick. I thought it was fairly impressive, but when i showed people all i got was the usual "throw it higher, throw it higher" I wonder why I bother sometimes... Although they were impressed by the aluminium baseball bat.
      If you try to separate out the catching and throwing movement into 3 parts - catch / control - draw back - propel forward - to learn it first it helps, it doesnt look pretty but it can be helpful to learn.
      just go easy, let them roll. you'll get it.


      From: Daryl Hrdlicka <darylhrdlicka@ yahoo.com>
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      Subject: Re: [DevilStickForum] Dube Trigon devil stick

      --- On Mon, 6/29/09, johnjlb56 <johnjlb56@yahoo. com> wrote:
      > I have a question about the Dube trigon devil stick. 
      > I purchased one several years ago. Found it hard to work
      > with and basically gave up. Some time later I purchased a
      > home made flower stick, it was much easier. As time went on,
      > I purchased a Luna stix and found it very easy. So, now I
      > have several flower sticks, a Dube trigon and a homemade
      > devil stick. I'm getting pretty good at new tricks with the
      > flower sticks and try to transfer the tricks over to the
      > devil sticks. I'm much better but I really want to get good
      > at the trigon stick.
      > Has anyone had difficulties with the slickness of the
      > Trigon stick?  I have silicone handsticks that came
      > with the devil stick. 
      > Maybe I just need more practice?   I'll keep
      > trying, I just think the Trigon stick is very cool.

      That's about where I'm at, John. I'm getting to be very good at flower sticks, but can't do one of the devil sticks to save my life. Probably just a matter of practicing, like you thought.

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