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1571Re: [DevilStickForum] Body Tricks

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  • Gunther
    Jun 27, 2012
      Hi Darren and Jasper

      Another two to try are the following : Not really body but footwork )

      Spinning stick anti clockwise :

      drop the stick on the floor at so its lying horizontal in front of you.

      Put right leg forward just a little bit in front of the left,  ( you must use your left  leg to bounce the stick into the air from behind your back., hence reason for placing right leg in front of left.)bend down , pick up stick in circular anti clockwise direction, leading out to the right hand side, flick behind back onto heel of left foot and Whala -- boumnce it back over your head onto the stick. Sounds difficult, looks great but its not easy to explain, easier to demonstrate. Darren we must hook up again, I started playing again a few weeks ago and getting back into it.

      2nd one is : Difficulty is 8 out of 10.

      Start with the downward saw action until stick hits the ground. ( playing anti clockwise again ) place left handle under the stick whilst on the ground, step over it and like when you hop over a football and flick up into the air - this is exactly the same but with sticks. do it a couple of times and you will get it right. When I see you Darren I will show you.

      Good sticking


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      Hi Jasper - I do some knee bounces and foot catch and throws, but I
      can't bring myself to practice too many around the head as it hurts too
      much. Another trick i do is to balance the stick (on one end) on the
      hand stick, then let it drop to the foot, still balanced on end, then
      back up to the hand stick. Takes some practice. I don't do many under
      the leg spins or similar cos I reckon they look a bit clumsy and obvious.
      let us know if you have worked out any new ones

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