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brand new newb!

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      Hi!  So, I have to be honest, I'm more of a yo-yoer, but the site where I buy my yo-yo gear has a really cool facebook page (haha, seriously) and they posted a review someone did of one of their juggling sticks, which is what got me interested in this...I'm a little anxious about it all, because I'm a pretty major klutz and would probably end up with black and blue marks all over my face...

      anyway, I know from reading stuff on the interwebz that lunastix are a pretty popular choice, and the guy on the video review says that z-sticks or z-stix (one of the two) are a new company...do any of you know anything about them or have you tried them?  because the case he makes for the king's spear (that's what the stick is called) is that since it's so much bigger it's slower and therefore easier to manipulate.  which is a plus for me.

      here is the video, if you're interested:

      do you have any other suggestions?  any other sites where you've purchased awesome sticks? recommendations for the best sticks for a beginner like me?  thanks in advance!
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