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1555Re: [DevilStickForum] International BravoTriStick Contest 2010

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  • bóta borbála
    Oct 30 7:07 AM
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      I have seen your triangle before, looks great! That would be cool to try it once! :)
      Maybe next year in Munich! :)

      Don't forget, one more day!

      --- On Mon, 25/10/10, Seth Golub <seth@...> wrote:


      The three-point flowerstick is certainly interesting.  Much easier to
      use than my triangle*, but I imagine many of the tricks would
      translate from one to the other.  People told me I should try to sell
      the triangle, but I think this has a much better shot as people could
      actually use it.  :)

      You should bring some to EJC in Munich next year.

      * http://sethoscope.net/devil-stick/triangle/

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