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  • docmurphy7@yahoo.com
    Jul 5, 2000
      Hey there! The name's Dan and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
      I'm 21/M. I picked up my flower sticks about a month ago at a garage
      sale. Never seen anybody use them, but I knew of them.. and hey, for
      $1 you just can't go wrong! They're in perfect condition, and I am
      now addicted. I'd say I'm doing good for how much I've used them. I
      can do a pretty good helicopter (by my standards anyway) and I'm
      getting pretty good at one stick manipulation. Still don't have the
      propeller down, but hey.. it takes time right? So anyway, I started
      this forum to get some great conversation going about techniques,
      tips, no matter how small... and experiences. I've got a few choice
      questions and topics.. eg. Which is better.. Devil Sticks or Flower
      Sticks? I know they both have their advantages and disadvantages.
      But yeah, anyway.. hope to hear from ya all soon! (: