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Sales for juice factory

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  • IT REC
    IT Rec Egypt www.itrecegypt.com Our client is a juice factory seeking the following   Send your Cv with the expected salary to  info@itrecegypt.com    
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2012
      IT Rec Egypt
      Our client is a juice factory seeking the following
        Send your Cv with the expected salary to  info@...
      1-Sales managers
      Job Description       
      Organizing and leading a team of sales Account Managers & Merchandisers.
      Responsible for managing all the Company items across all the handled stores
      Setting sales targets for the Account managers and the sales team as a whole according to company guidelines. 
      Recruiting and training sales staff. 
      Allocating areas to the team leaders and the merchandisers. 
      Developing sales strategies and setting targets across stores. 
      Monitoring the sales team's performance and motivating them to reach targets. 
      compile and analyzing sales figures. 
      Dealing with some major customer accounts yourself. 
      Collecting customer feedback and market research. 
      Reporting back to senior managers. 
      Keeping up to date with products and competitors.
      2-Sales supervisor 
      Job Description       
      Assisted the Sales Manager in leading, directing and motivating the sales team in order to achieve the overall sales objectives.
      Assisted the Sales Manager in revising and implementing the sales strategies plans.
      Assisted the Sales Manager in generating sales opportunities by identifying appropriate business targets.
      Assisted the Sales Manager in providing a professional and excellent level of customer service with existing and new customers. 
      Assisted Sales Manager by completing all assigned duties.
      Handled customer issues, resolution and communicate escalated issues to the Sales Manager
      Supervised Sales Representatives
      Created reports showing Sales.
      Made sure all employees adhere to company policies and procedures. 
      Monitored calls and provide feedback to reps and assist reps on sales.
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