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How iPhone applications benefit from Apple and Facebook integration?

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  • aegisisclinks
    Facebook can now be integrated with iPhone applications and this is viewed as one of the user-friendliest alliances between two major technology giants. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2012
      Facebook can now be integrated with iPhone applications and this is viewed as one of the user-friendliest alliances between two major technology giants. This integration in iOS 6 has definitely helped users to effectively use the various applications. The address book and calendar were the two features that needed communication and this where Facebook stepped in to help smartphones. Before the integration, the user had to manage contacts and everything had to be updated manually.

      In the contact lists there could be mail ids, addresses, contact no, job titles etc. that could be completely out of date and the only way to modify would be for the user to figure out somehow. But this changed with integration of Facebook with iPhone applications. It is now possible for offshore iPhone development to harness the Facebook's integration and create user-friendly iphone applications. Even though iOS is not the first platform to possess Facebook integration, it is definitely the most dominant platform because this type of integration has for the first time had such a huge adoption.

      Another feature of Facebook that has helped immensely in its integration with iphone applications is its events feature. Facebook events have definitely been one of the best ways to plan any kind of event through Facebook contacts. Since Facebook also makes it possible to remember birthdays therefore the integration has made it possible to seamlessly blend it with iphone applications such as calendars. This means that all the scheduling can be executed from one place only. Offshore iPhone development teams are aware that birthdays and events can be made to appear in the Calendars app on iOS as new calendars. Facebook does push any kind of changes in the event or a new event to the background and push notifications are received by the user.

      Even though Facebook is seamlessly integrated with iPhone applications in iOS6, one aspect that every offshore iPhone development company will agree about is that Apple is quite focused on providing completely protection to its users. Even though Facebook may want all the data, iPhone applications do ensure that it doesn't get access to every detail. Facebook only gets access to sharing of any text, location and photos and it can link any apps that user uses through the Facebook login. There is one big red button available on iPhone applications that need to be pushed to prevent Facebook from any kind of access to calendars, contacts as well as sharing menus that appear in notification center and apps. It is also possible to have complete control of access from contacts, calendars and Facebook apps separately.

      Offshore iPhone development concentrates quite a bit on building iPhone applications that may include Facebook integration and therefore on most points Facebook and Apple integration does offer plenty of benefits. Undoubtedly, in many ways Facebook is the perfect partner for iphone applications because it definitely offers two major benefits of calendars and contacts and at the same time it doesn't seem to force the user from not using any other email client. Facebook integrated iPhone applications definitely work fantastically and most users seem to be happy with this integration.
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