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The power of Java 7 NIO.2 [EGJUG Monthly Session]

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  • Ahmed Ali
    Dear All, EGJUG in association with Cairo FCI are happy to announce about EGJUG s 22nd gathering on the 1st of December 2012, so get ready and don’t miss it.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2012

      Dear All,

      EGJUG in association with Cairo FCI are happy to announce about EGJUG's  22nd gathering on the 1st of December 2012, so get ready and don’t miss it.


      Session Date: The 1st of December 2012
      Session Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
      Session Title: "The power of Java 7 NIO.2" (This is a free session).

      Session Abstract: Most of applications nowadays depend intensively on asynchronous or non blocking IO and file manipulation operations and some other requirements that the standard IO won’t be able to fulfill and that’s the case for most applications today, that’s why people decided to move to NIO. In this session, hear how a leading financial services company uses Java 7 NIO.2. This session will covers all the important aspects involved in developing NIO.2-based applications. It provides clear instructions for getting the most out of NIO.2 and offers many case studies to spice up your Java 7 applications with the new I/O capabilities this session will cover the below topics :

      • The class path operation.
      • Get/set file metadata through the new java.nio.file.attribute API;
      • Manage symbolic and hard links
      • Manipulating files and directories through the new java.nio.file.Files API
      • Use the FileVisitor API
      • Explore the Watch Service API and file changed notification
      • Develop blocking/non-blocking socket-based applications
      • The Asynchronous Channel API

      SpeakerMohamed Taman.

      Speaker's Bio: Mohamed is a highly proficient Systems Architect with around 11+ years’ of experience in architecting projects, enhance and develop customers business process, manages department teams, projects deadlines, delivery times, capacity plans and resource planning in case of concurrent projects / change requests development. architecting, developing and deploying high-volume multi-tiered applications, developing standards and specifications for integration of desktop/ web applications / SOA for variety of systems, transactions based systems, ecommerce, core banking, tourism, financial, Accounting, customized software and reporting systems), using java (JSE 5+, JEE5+, EJB 3+), ORM, OOP, SOA, Sun, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, UML. 

      Mohamed graduated from the Higher Technical institution 10’Th of Ramadan in 2000 (With Technical Diploma in Computer and Automatic Control) and University of Zagazig, Shoubra Faculty of Engineering in 2005 (With B.Sc. in Computer Systems engineering), besides being a Java SCJP1.2 & 5, SCWCD 4,5 and OCMEA 5, and Oracle Enterprise Architect certificates.

      His career has taken him to different companies (Silicon Expert, intercom Enterprise, Oracle) where he works now as a Java EE consultant / Systems Architect & Design supervisor and Business Solutions Java Team Leader in e-finance, besides being one of board members in Oracle Egypt Architects Club.

      He speaks in international conferences like JavaOne 2012, Mohamed’s expertise lies mainly in Architecting, designing, development, and support with databases, the Web, GUI (template and design) and systems integration. In the last few years, he has worked with open source systems, gaining experience with Linux and Mac technologies. In his spare time,

      Mohamed enjoys photographing, reading, teaching, drawing and travel in the countryside. Besides his work he also is a blogger (http://tamanmohamed.blogspot.com/).

      Place: Cairo Uni (FCI-CU) Student Building Seminar Room

      So what are you waiting for? Move your mouse and click here to register and book a place for you and follow us on FB event page for updates.

      Looking forward to seeing you.

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