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MAA NEWS: MARCH 26, 2013

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    Motown: The Musical Is A Broadway Hit     The show earns $1 million in first week of previews.   By Evelyn Diaz (BET)   Motown: The Musical, a Broadway
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      Motown: The Musical Is A Broadway Hit



      The show earns $1 million in first week of previews.


      By Evelyn Diaz (BET)


      Motown: The Musical, a Broadway extravaganza chronicling the rise of Motown founder Berry Gordy and his relationship with Diana Ross, is a certified smash hit. The musical earned $1 million from seven shows in its first week of previews.


      The production stars Tony nominee Brandon Victor Dixon (The Color Purple) and Valisia Lekae (The Book of Mormon) as Gordy and Ross. Raymond Luke Jr., Jibreel Mawry, Bryan Terrell Clark and Charl Brown round out the cast.


      The musical faces stiff competition on Broadway from such long-running hits as Wicked, The Book of Mormon and The Lion King, but audiences have spoken loudly and it's clear they're ready to go back to Detroit. (Read the entire article...)


      Motown songwriter-producer Deke Richards dies





      Miami Harold site:http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/deke-richards-motown-jackson-5-diana-ross-430875


      reported by: The Associated Press


      BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Motown songwriter-producer Deke Richards has died at a hospice at age 68.


      Richards, whose real name was Dennis Lussier, died Sunday at the Whatcom Hospice House, Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center spokeswoman Amy Cloud confirmed Monday.


      Richards had been battling esophageal cancer, according to a statement from Universal Music.


      Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/03/25/3306516/motown-songwriter-producer-deke.html#storylink=cpy

      We are bringing back

      "Motown Did You Know?"




      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that in the early years of Motown, the girl groups and artists most of the time had to share small dressing rooms? There were times when 12 or more people had to share the same dressing rooms that were made for 2 or even three individuals.


      For example the Marvelettes, Supremes, and Martha & The Vandellas, and Mary Wells, and Claudette Rogers (Robinson) of the Miracles, all shared dinky dressing room facilities during the Motown Revues.

      Motown Did You Know...

      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that the comedy team of Willie Tyler and Lester were Motown artist also? The renowned ventriloquist Willie Tyler and his puppet Lester, traveled the Motown Revue circuit with the Motown singers. Tyler recorded an album for Motown that was released in 1965 called "Hey Dummy".

      Motown Did You Know...

      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that the first pair of brothers to have solo recordings under the Motown reign were David Ruffin and Jimmy Ruffin. The second pair of brothers were Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson. David and Jimmy did record an album together during their solo days called "Naturally Together".




      You can also go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/143130075861365/

      Motown Did You Know...




      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that after the first "Motortown Revue" tour, the next event for the company

      stars was the Motown Christmas party. During that first party everyone got

      presents from the company.


      The Marvelettes were on top of the charts during that period with their smash hit "Please Mr. Postman". Their present for being on top was a 1/3-carat diamond ring! Those that weren't as fortunate to have a hit, got a tiny transistor radio and a tape recorder.


      Motown Did You Know...

      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that during the early years of Motown, competition was intense between the groups, and artists --even more with the girl groups. Though the Marvelettes were already on top of the girl groups "hits list" at Motown, the most interesting

      rivalry was with the Supremes and Martha & the Vandellas. Though competition was part of what made the Motown machine work, the lead singers of both groups Martha Reeves and Diana Ross were true go getting type. During the early years the Vandellas were first to jump on the charts between the two groups with the hit "Come And Get These Memories." It took a while for the Supremes to get solid hits on the charts, but when they did grow up, they carried the company being one of the greatest groups of all time. To this day, Martha says that "Diana was like a sister to me."

      Smokey Robinson's Official Website

      Motown Did You Know...


      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that during the Motown tours, Stevie Wonder was restricted in what he could do? Stevie was the youngest person on the tours, and under age; legal had to enforce upon him. But, of all the people to have a great sense of humor, Stevie was a true prankster, and was well loved by the Motown crew.

      restrictions and curfews were all a part of the tight accommodations Motown





      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that during the Motown tours, Berry would surprise the groups by popping up

      in select cities. Berry would get on the bus, and hardly say 'hi' to the

      artist, and head to the back of the bus to play poker with the rest of the

      fellas (musicians, artist, singers etc . . .). Choker Campbell, the band

      conductor at the time, would rub his hands like a greedy man that saw "free

      money." Berry didn't play as well as the rest of us at that time,and they

      knew they could beat Berry out of his money Campbell said ...about

      it could cost Gordy $6,000 sometimes.





      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that Cornelius Grant, the Temptation's longtime ex-band conductor had to buy

      a new guitar because of Melvin Franklin (Bass singer of the Temptations?

      Grant's first guitar was run over by Franklin's car. The group bought him a new one, a Gibson Birdland; which he sold in 1976.






      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that Brian Holland has over 307 registered, and licensed songs to his credit? Though many of those songs are CO-written with other partners, 37 of those

      songs are award winning hit tunes.


      DID YOU KNOW . . .that friends of Marvin Gaye use to call him Dad? Marvin Gaye had bad feet. He had corns, calluses, and other problems with his feet, and walked like an old man!

      Get your child into the "Motown In The School Program": 3 Phases 2a Lady Etiquette School. Call Shanithia Shahid at: (313) 412-2697





      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      that Gladys Knight and the Pips worked night and day on their first huge hit

      at Motown? GK&P were not on the top of Motown's "Get'em what they want" list

      when they joined the company. But, they were the first to get the opportunity

      to work on one of the companies biggest hits during it's time period. Norman

      Whitfield brought a tape to the group for them to work up vocals on; they

      took it home, and worked until they came up with the right vocal arrangement

      of their version of "Heard It Through The Grapevine". GK&P were the first to

      sing the song, and the first to have a hit with it.





      DID YOU KNOW . . .

      there was a pre-Funk Brothers lineup of musicians and Norman Whitfield was amongst them? On the Distant's (renamed the Temptation) 1959 recording "Come On" Popcorn Wylie's band (Popcorn and the Mohawks) were the musicians on that recording. The lineup was Richard "Popcorn" Wylie (piano), Eddie Willis (guitar), James Jamerson (upright bass), Robert Finch (drums), Andrew "Mike" Terry (saxophone), and Norman Whitfield on (Tambourines).


      Did You Know... that Motown's first A&R Director Mickey Stevenson was a singer before coming to Motown? He actually was in a group called The Love-Tones aka The Melodeers (Detroit).




      Personnel :

      Carl Jones (lead)Mickey Stevenson (tenor)Joe Miles (baritone)
      Stan Bracely (bass)




      Did you know... that the Darnells were known in the Motown family? Motown's premier background singing group the Andantes and the lead singer of the Marvelettes Gladys Horton made up the group the Motown singing group The Darnells.  


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