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This Week on NOW: Block the Vote

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    This Week: Block the Vote Your right to vote -- is it under assault? Across the nation, states have enacted new laws supposedly designed to prevent voter fraud
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2006
      This Week: Block the Vote

      Your right to vote -- is it under assault? Across the nation, states have enacted new laws supposedly designed to prevent voter fraud and avoid election day debacles, but qualified voters may also be left out in the cold, especially minorities, the poor, the elderly and the disabled. On September 1 at 8:30 p.m. (check local listings), NOW looks at several states where these new rules may keep voters away from the polls in November. Many of these laws have been approved by the Department of Justice, which is charged with protecting the rights of all voters.

      "This is a concerted effort to make sure that certain people don't have the opportunity to vote, that they don't have the opportunity to participate in their own democracy," Georgia state representative Alisha Thomas Morgan told NOW.

      About the Show


      NOW Interview: Eric Boehlert

      Also on the show, David Brancaccio talks to Eric Boehlert, a long time observer of the ways of Washington and the press, about some things he's desperate to get off his chest, including the White House's latest public relations offensive to gain support for the war in Iraq. Boehlert, the author of "Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush," is a regular blogger on the Huffington Post and a reporter for Salon.com.

      Read Boehlert's take on President Bush's cozy relationship with the press


      NOW Online

      The NOW Web site follows up this week's show with exclusive features and up-to-date information, including:

      Perspectives: Voter's Views

      State-by-State: Voting Rules and Restrictions

      >From Mother Jones:
      11 of America's Worst Places to Vote

      Book Excerpt: "Stealing Democracy"

      Primer: The Voting Rights Act

      All this, plus an incredible archive of in-depth information and deep insight on the issues most important to you, at www.pbs.org/now


      Your Turn

      Are you concerned about the reliability of electronic voting systems?
      Vote NOW at www.pbs.org/now

      Is the FAA doing an adequate job of training and supporting air traffic controllers?
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      Personal Essay: Democracy in the Deep South
      By NOW Production Associate & Researcher Khadijah White


      "Talking to these various community members shook me to the core. Here they were, people who had faced down violence and oppression during the civil rights movement to vote. They had been voting for years, though still haunted by those memories. Trained by years of habit to avoid conflict with the town's white citizens, some of these people were still reluctant to assert their right to the ballot. In fact, one elderly black man told me that if he was told he couldn't vote, after many years of exercising that particular civic duty, then there 'must be a good reason for it."...

      Read the full essay


      NOW Special: Waging a Living

      Listen to NOW's David Brancaccio interview author Barbara Ehrenreich about why our wages are falling.



      Next Week on NOW

      NOW explores the debate surrounding electronic voting machines. Billions of dollars have been spent on a system that has created more questions than answers. Will your vote be counted?

      **Part of a series of special "NOW" broadcasts that look at issues important to the 2006 midterm Congressional elections**


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      This Week on NOW: Block the VoteNOW
      Friday, September 1, 2006 on PBS
      (Check local listings at http://www.pbs.org/now/sched.html)


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