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Gov. Granholm appoints Detroit Public Schools transition team

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  • Charles C. Primas
    Gov. Granholm appoints Detroit Public Schools transition team FREE PRESS STAFF REPORT January 29, 2005 http://www.freep.com/news/locway/pmx2564_20050128.htm
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2005
      Gov. Granholm appoints Detroit Public Schools transition team


      January 29, 2005


      Gov. Jennifer Granholm appointed a Detroit Public Schools transition
      team to give community input and help ease the switch from the state
      takeover and appointed school board to an elected school board. The 148
      team members will seek an independent audit and will serve on one of
      nine committees: Finance, Governance, Human Resources,
      Curriculum/Education Quality, Community/Parental Partnering, Futuring
      (looking ahead), Legal, Information Technology and a steering committee.

      Led by Rev. Wendell Anthony, president of the Detroit Branch NAACP, the
      team is comprised of parents, educators, business and church officials,
      politicians, former elected school board members, activists who have
      protested the state takeover and people who were on opposite sides of
      the controversial Proposal E issue. To reach the transition team or give
      input, call (313) 870-3622, or exts. 3623, 3624, 3625 or email,

      The transition team members are:

      1. Ruben Acosta, Williams Acosta PLC

      2. Derek Albert, Administrator

      3. Karen Batchelor, Detroit Regional Chamber

      4. Lloyd Banks, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

      5. Dave Bing, Bing Steel

      6. Sam Danou, Danou Enterprises

      7. Jeff Evans, PMA Consultants

      8. Rod Gillium, General Motors

      9. Carol Goss, Skillman Foundation

      10. Doug Halladay, Henry Ford Health System

      11. Paul Hillegonds, Detroit Renaissance

      12. Robert Jones, SBC Michigan

      13. Sam Logan, Michigan Chronicle

      14. Sharon McWhorter, American Resource Training Systems Inc.

      15. Grady Merritt, Businessman

      16. Francine Parker, HAP

      17. Bill Ross, Booker T. Washington Business Association

      18. Gerald W. Smith, Comcast Cable

      19. Larry Williams, Career Works Inc.

      20. Mark Woods, Financial Manager

      21. Charles M. Anderson, Communities in School

      22. N. Charles Anderson, Detroit Urban League

      23. Rev. Wendell Anthony, NAACP

      24. Edna Bell, 14th District Democrats

      25. Heshell Bell, Barney & Bell Buildings

      26. Wanda Bostic, Bostic & Associates

      27. Rachel Burnside, Parent

      28. Ozella Carter, Parent Advocate

      29. John Clark, Retired police officer

      30. Jackie Collins-Bolden, New Beginnings Delray UAC

      31. Pam Criss, Keep the Vote/No Takeover Coalition

      32. David Esparaza, Community Member

      33. Mike Fisher, Detroit Community Initiative

      34. Eva Garza-Dewaelsch, Ser Metro

      35. John Hale, Salvation Army Eastern Michigan Division

      36. Jeremiah Hollis, Detroit/Wayne Joint Board Authority

      37. Joe Howard, Coleman A. Young Democratic Organization

      38. Dr. Mary Jean-Marie, Parent/Advocate

      39. Dion Johnson

      40. Ernest Johnson, Community Coalition

      41. John Johnson, Legal Aid and Defender Association

      42. Ray Johnson

      43. Gloria J. Killebrew, Parent/Advoate

      44. Mary Kovari, Western International High School

      45. Rev. Dan Krichbaum, National Conference for Community & Justice -
      Michigan Chapter

      46. Sara Lawson, Parent

      47. Mildred Madison, League of Women Voters

      48. Tonie McIlwain, Ravendale Community

      49. Helen Moore, Keep the Vote/No Take Over

      50. Nora Murray, Parent Advocate

      51. Sanra Pace-Campbell, City of Detroit

      52. Minnie Pierce, Detroit Public Schools Parent & Liaison

      53. Dr. Maurice Pope, Educator

      54. Kenneth Reed, People Reinventing in Detroit's Enterprise

      55. Vickie Rodriquez, Parent/Advocate

      56. Anitra Smith, Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute

      57. Gerald K. Smith, Detroit Youth Foundation

      58. Linda Smith, U-Snap Back

      59. Delores Smith-Jackson, Parent/Advocate

      60. Ted Spencer, Parent/Advocate

      61. Shirley Stancato, New Detroit, Inc.

      62. Blanca Suarez, Covenant House Michigan

      63. Carol Summer, Parent Teacher Association

      64. Paul Taylor, Inner City Sub Center

      65. Alice Thompson, Black Family Development Inc.

      66. Khary Turner, Metro Times

      67. Charles Tyrone, Parent/Advocate

      68. George Washington, By Any Means Necessary

      69. Heaster Wheeler, NAACP

      70. Chris White, Institute for Public Policy and Educational Affairs

      71. Bernice Williams, Parent/Advocate

      72. Terry Williams, Southwestern High School,

      73. Alvin Wood, Columbus Middle School

      74. Dr. Mike Addonizio, Wayne State University

      75. Michael W. Alberts, Former Administrator, Detroit Public Schools

      76. Mary Blackmon, Wayne RESA

      77. Julie Buchanan, Finney High School

      78. Henry Cade, Wayne RESA

      79. Ozella E. Carter, Detroit Public Schools

      80. Dr. Hattie Cason, Hally Middle School

      81. Dr. Marlene E. Davis, PhD, Wayne County RESA

      82. Pam Goddchaus, U-M Dearborn

      83. Sylvia Green, Heilmann Middle School

      84. Deborah Harvill, McMichael Middle School

      85. William Holley, City Wide Student Council, Detroit Public Schools

      86. Harvey Hollins, Wayne State University

      87. Jennifer Jobert, Detroit Public Schools

      88. Derrick Lopez, Berkley High School

      89. Bertha Marsh, Detroit Public Schools

      90. Aretha Marshall, Educational Consultant

      91. Dr. Theresa Mattison, Carstens Elementary School

      92. Dr. Rhonda Paul, Wayne State University

      93. Dr. Granada Peterson, Detroit Public Schools

      94. Abby Phelps, Carstens Elementary School

      95. Ronnie Phillips, Frank Cody High School

      96. Ella Randolph-Cooke, Former Director of Office of Student Assistance
      and Intervention - DPS

      97. Dr. Vivian H. Ross, Former Educator

      98. Dr. Jumanne R. Sledge, Educator

      99. John Spotts, Detroit Public Schools, Administration

      100. Dr. John Telford, Detroit Public Schools

      101. Steve Wasko, Wayne County Community College

      102. Geneva J. Williams, Detroit Public School Board

      103. Dr. Rosa Williams, Parent/Advocate

      104. Hon. Lonnie Bates, City of Detroit

      105. Bill Brooks, Detroit Public School Board

      106. Tonja Carey, Senator Bob Emerson

      107. Hon. Irma Clark-Coleman, Michigan State Senate

      108. Hon. Hansen Clarke, Michigan State Senate

      109. Robert Davis, Governor's Office

      110. Hon. Morris W. Hood III, Michigan House of Representatives

      111. Hon. Tupac Hunter, Michigan House of Representatives

      112. Hon. Kwame Kenyatta, Wayne County Commission

      113. Ricardo Kisner, City of Detroit, Finance Department

      114. Hon. Bill McConico, Michigan House of Representatives

      115. Hon. Martha Scott, Michigan State Senate

      116. Hon. Virgil Smith, Michigan House of Representatives

      117. Hon. Alberta Tinsley-Talabi, City of Detroit

      118. Hon. Steve Tobocman, Michigan House of Representatives

      119. Sandra Turner-Handy, Senator Hansen Clark

      120. Ben Washburn, Wayne County Board of Commission

      121. Hon. Mary Waters, Michigan House of Representatives

      122. Hon. Joann Watson, City of Detroit

      123. Gloria C. Williams, City of Detroit

      124. Hon. Keith D. Williams, Wayne County Commission

      125. Russ Bellant, Local 547

      126. Don Boggs, Metro Detroit AFL-CIO

      127. Virginia Cantrell, Detroit Federation of Teachers

      128. Jimmy Cooper, Laborers Local 1191

      129. Patrick Falcuson, Detroit Federation of Teachers

      130. Al Garrett, AFSCME

      131. Janna K. Garrison, Detroit Federation of Teachers

      132. Paul Gray, Detroit Area Principals and Administrators

      133. Dave Hecker, Michigan Federation of Teachers

      134. Keith R. Johnson, Detroit Federation of Teachers

      135. Brenda Jones, Communications Workers of America Local 4004

      136. Ruby Newbold, Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees,
      AFT Local 4168

      137. Phil Schloop, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 547

      138. Dianne Woodard, Organization of School Administrators and
      Supervisors Local 28

      139. Rev. Samuel Bullock, Bethany Baptist Church

      140. Rev. Charles Ellis, Greater Grace Temple

      141. Rev. Ken Harris

      142. Rev. Joseph R. Jordan, Corinthian Baptist Church

      143. Rev. Oscar King III, Northwest Unity Baptist Church

      144. Rev. Solomon Kinloch, Triumph Church

      145. Cheryl Myhand, John Wesley AME Church

      146. Rev. J. Drew Sheard, Greater Emmanuel COGIC

      147. Rev. Andre Spivey, Saunders Memorial AME Church

      148. Rev. Edgar Vann, Second Ebeneezer Baptist Church

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