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Four More Years, Or 40 More Years?

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  • Charles C. Primas
    Four More Years, Or 40 More Years? Election 2004 32 Days Away Dear Friends: Imagine an America where abortion is illegal, where government employees could be
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2004
      Four More Years, Or 40 More Years?

      Election 2004 32 Days Away

      Dear Friends:

      Imagine an America where abortion is illegal, where government employees
      could be fired for belonging to the wrong political party, where
      affirmative action in higher education has been abolished, and where the
      government could prosecute adults for consensual sexual activity.

      Or how about an America where citizens can be held indefinitely, and the
      Environmental Protection Agency is stripped of its power and unable to
      safeguard our environment?

      This America could become a reality. As many as three or four justices
      are expected to retire in the next four years. If they were replaced
      with right-wing justices who share the radical views of Antonin Scalia
      and Clarence Thomas, justices whom President Bush has cited as his
      models, the orientation of the Supreme Court would shift dramatically.
      Instead of serving as a "court of last resort" for those denied justice
      - as it has at critical points in history - such a court would subvert
      our most valued rights and liberties to the social agenda of the
      religious right and to corporate interests.

      Voters may have different views on these specific issues, but it's clear
      that the next President will help determine the rights and freedoms of
      Americans for decades to come by his appointments to the Supreme Court.
      Urge your friends and neighbors to think carefully about the Supreme
      Court when they vote in November.

      At People For the American Way we are working hard to spread this
      message, but we need your help.


      Sign up to be a
      <http://www.kintera.org/TR.asp?ID=M6557044489428999053355> justice
      action advocate. Whoever wins the presidency this fall, we'll continue
      to work hard to support fair-minded judges who respect the basic
      constitutional principles of equality and justice under the law.


      Spread the word. Each week between now and the election, we'll
      send you an email describing how the future of the Court could impact
      different issues, as well as links to issue fact sheets. Forward these
      emails and hand out printed copies of the issue sheets to your friends,
      coworkers, or groups where you are a member.


      Hold a party or distribute information. We here at PFAW have a
      <http://www.kintera.org/TR.asp?ID=M6557072489428999053355> wealth of
      resources we can offer you - fact sheets, copies of the PFAW Foundation
      report Courting Disaster 2004: How a Scalia-Thomas Court Would Endanger
      Our Rights and Freedoms, buttons, and even some fun rubber gavels.
      Contact us at <mailto:courts@...> courts@..., AOL screen name
      FutureOfTheCourt, or call 800/326-PFAW ext. 2577 to request materials or
      get involved! To see our online resources, click here:


      Vote this November. If you haven't registered to vote, there
      might be still time - call your local elections officials to find out!
      If you need to register, <http://electionimpact.votenet.com/pfaw=> do
      it online by clicking here. Come November 2, bring your friends, family
      and colleagues to the polls. Vote as if your freedoms depended on it . .
      . they do!

      Look for our next update on the Supreme Court on Thursday, October 7,
      and please pass this message on to your friends, family and colleagues.

      PFAW C 2004
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