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  • James
    If you remove all your borders, and you have global free trade, what you get then is a global governance gradually growing, and you get world government. And
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2004
      " If you remove all your borders, and you have global free trade, what
      you get then is a global governance gradually growing, and you get
      world government. And the truth is, both parties are leading us to
      world government."
      former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan 08/31/04

      Full interview with Lou Dobbs:

      DOBBS: Former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan has written a
      new book that blasts President Bush and his administration. It is
      called "Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the
      Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency."

      Given that criticism, I asked Buchanan whether he wants the president
      to win reelection.

      if you come down to a choice who you would like to appoint the next
      four Supreme Court justices, which we could get in the next term, I
      definitely would prefer George Bush to John Kerry. I think Bush is
      better on taxes. One judges on sovereignty and on values.

      But the president is wrong on trade, he's wrong on deficits, he will
      not control and defend America's borders, and he's wrong on this
      Wilsonian foreign policy. On those four issues, unfortunately, he
      agrees with Kerry, and I take the conservative line.

      DOBBS: Pat, as you lay out those broad, profound issues, I mean, that
      is the bulk of what governance is about, foreign policy, controlling
      borders, our trade. And he wins on what particular issue, in your

      BUCHANAN: Judges, taxes, values, and sovereignty. And (UNINTELLIGIBLE)

      DOBBS: Sovereignty without borders?

      BUCHANAN: Well, no, this is -- you get to a very good point there. If
      you remove all your borders, and you have global free trade, what you
      get then is a global governance gradually growing, and you get world
      government. And the truth is, both parties are leading us to world

      Lou, when I was back there fighting against NAFTA and GATT and the WTO
      in those days, you found Clinton and Gingrich and Dole all together,
      Brookings Institution and the Heritage Foundation all together, Cato
      and "The Washington Post" together.

      So what we got is, I think, is, is, we are moving toward world
      government. We are losing our sovereignty. We are losing our national
      economic independence. And both parties are moving in that direction.
      And the question is -- and Kerry's wrong on everything.

      DOBBS: What happened to the Republican Party? Because when you talk
      about budget deficits, you talk about free trade, the issues of,
      fundamentally, national security, these were Republican issues and
      important tenets of the Republican philosophy even 10 years ago,
      perhaps 15.

      BUCHANAN: Right.

      DOBBS: What happened?

      BUCHANAN: The Beltway right has entered into a civil union with big
      government. The Beltway right and the conservative scholars in
      Washington, these conservative writers and thinkers and policy
      analysts, I think, have basically sold their souls for power. I think
      they believe that big government is here to stay, that the country
      wants it, and that therefore, if they want power, they're going to
      have to go along with that.

      I don't understand, Lou, on open borders, because it is quite clear
      that the president of the United States, in his Thursday night speech,
      got up and said, I believe in immigration, that we're a nation of
      immigrants, but I also believe we are a nation of laws, and I am going
      to defend that border. And people who break in are going to have to go
      back. If you break in line and break the law and break into our
      country, you cannot stay. And I'm constitutionally obligated to uphold
      the laws, and I'm going to do it, and I will defend the border with
      troops if necessary.

      I think he would wrap up the Southwestern states, which are now
      imperiled for him. I don't know, for the life of me, I don't know why
      he doesn't do that, because that is an issue, and I know you've dealt
      with it, it is an issue on which overwhelming majorities want that

      DOBBS: Do you find it striking, Pat, that in this country, on critical
      issues, border security, immigration, education, there is no national
      referendum, if you will? There is so little representation of
      middle-class working men and women and their families in Washington
      right now. These issues that are so important, upon which survey after
      survey shows the American people feel a certain way, legislators in
      Washington, the executive branch, all but ignore their views.

      BUCHANAN: It, it, well, I think what is going on is nothing less than
      economic treason against the middle class of this country. Their jobs
      are being exported, technology, industry, factories, and the future of
      their children is being (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

      And I'll tell you why I believe it is, and both parties are doing it.
      Of the 100 most powerful economic institutions in the world, by the
      GDP, 51 of them are corporations. All of these corporations, many of
      which used to be America first, let's protect America's market, this
      is our market, all of them have become globalists.

      And so this huge economic force is for breaking down barriers, opening
      borders, being allowed to move their factories wherever they want,
      jobs wherever they want. They've put the bottom line first, and for
      them it is profits and corporate salaries and all the rest. And that
      is why you need a strong, traditional, conservative government to
      structure the taxes and trade policies so that the economic incentives
      force these corporations to come back into the United States and
      create jobs here.

      And nobody in either party is really talking about that, except, I
      will say, my old friend Ralph Nader, who understands it.

      DOBBS: Well, Pat Buchanan, my old friend, thanks for being here. And
      good luck with your new book.

      BUCHANAN: Thank you very much, Lou. It's good to be back.
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