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Detritus #354 - Week of March 6, 2006

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      Issue #354
      Week of March 6, 2006

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      *** CAST OF CHARACTERS ***
      Patrick Brower, Editor

      Sean P. Gahgan, Editor

      Tim Wadzinski, Owner

      Steve Shumake, Co-owner

      *** LET IT BE KNOWN ***
      -We're a little light on news this week, as Sean is off gallivanting
      around the Far East at the moment instead of monitoring the wires. I
      tell ya... Some guys. :) - Tim

      *** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
      -Heaven & Earth Members Lend Hand To Andy Madadian

      Stuart Smith and Richie Onori from Heaven & Earth, along with Paul
      Mirkovich (Keyboards / "Rock Star: INXS" -
      http://www.paulmirkovich.com/ ) and Mark Meadows (Bass player / Lisa
      Loeb / Edgar Winter - http://www.thebasscowboy/ ), have recorded a
      track for Persian music star Andy Madadian ( http://www.andymusic.com/
      ) for his new album due out on March 1st.

      Andy is the biggest star on the Persian music scene with over
      60,000,000 in album sales and the track called "Mardeh Tanha,"
      translated into "The Lonely Man," will be a featured single on the

      A video of "Mardeh Tanha" has been produced featuring Stuart, Richie,
      Mark and Scott Warren (Keyboards/Dio) can be seen here:


      Heaven & Earth

      *** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
      -Judas Priest To Release Vintage Concert DVD LIVE VENGEANCE '82 On
      April 4, 2006 Through Columbia/Legacy

      Previously Only Available On DVD As Limited-Edition Bonus With
      METALOGY Box Set

      Judas Priest had steadily been building a worldwide audience for eight
      long years when the 1982 album SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE exploded and
      became a smash commercial and critical hit. The mainstream had finally
      caught on and realized what die-hard fans had known all along: Nobody
      rocked harder or better than the British heavy metal quintet. The
      single "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" was embraced by radio and the
      music video earned heavy rotation on MTV.

      Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings will release the DVD LIVE
      VENGEANCE '82 on April 4, 2006. It was previously only available on
      DVD as a limited-edition bonus disc with the first pressings of Judas
      Priest's career-spanning box set METALOGY in 2004. This performance,
      filmed during the arena-packing SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE world tour on
      December 12, 1982, at Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee, was
      first released on home video in 1983 as Judas Priest - LIVE. It had
      been out of print for many years before its brief inclusion as part of

      Vocalist Rob Halford, lead guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing
      and bass guitarist Ian Hill lead Judas Priest through a fiery set
      comprised of classics from previous albums such as SAD WINGS OF
      OF ENTRY as well as the cream of SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE.

      The 17 tracks on LIVE VENGEANCE '82 include: "The Hellion/Electric
      Eye," "Riding On The Wind," "Heading Out To The Highway," "Metal
      Gods," "Bloodstone," "Breaking The Law," "Sinner," "Desert Plains,"
      "The Ripper," "Diamonds And Rust," "Devil's Child," "Screaming For
      Vengeance," "You've Got Another Thing Comin'," "Victim Of Changes,"
      "Living After Midnight," "The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged
      Crown)" and "Hell Bent For Leather."

      The LIVE VENGEANCE '82 audio is mastered in both stereo and 5.1
      Surround Sound mixes.


      *** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
      -Luca Turilli Releases New Solo Album In April!

      CIRCLE SONG MUSIC/SPV => New Release

      Street Date: April 26th 2006
      Artist: Luca Turilli

      1. Secrets Of Forgotten Ages
      2. Mother Nature
      3. Angels Of The Winter Dawn
      4. Altitudes
      5. The Miracle Of Life
      6. Silver Moon
      7. Cosmic Revelation
      8. Pyramids And Stargates
      9. Mystic And Divine
      10. The Infinite Wonders Of Creation

      Bonus 5" Single:
      Including 3 brand new tracks from the upcoming album Luca Turilli's
      Dreamquest - LOST HORIZONS.


      Best known as lead guitarist, co-composer and co-founder of symphonic
      film-score metal flag bearers Rhapsody, Luca Turilli is an experienced
      and accomplished musician. With his third solo album entitled THE
      INFINITE WONDERS OF CREATION, Turilli ends his epic trilogy. The
      trilogy began in the 1999 with KING OF THE NORDIC TWILIGHT, followed
      by PROPHET OF THE LAST ECLIPSE, both of which commanded impressive
      chart positions in Germany, as well as other countries around the

      While the first album was lyrically and musically inspired by a
      fantasy tale created by Luca, the second album represented an
      evolution for Luca's "typical" sound. Lyrically, the album was
      influenced by one of his favorite science-fiction movies: "Event
      Horizon," directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

      In order to turn the mystic atmosphere of the cosmic landscapes into
      music, Luca started incorporating some unique and experimental
      elements to his music, with an array of futuristic and electronic

      After exploring and exhausting the topics of the past and the future,
      Luca's vision led him to create a musical representation of the
      present in order to complete the trilogy. With THE INFINITE WONDERS OF
      CREATION, Turilli composed a symphony dedicated to Mother Nature; a
      topic that has inspired and invigorated him musically and
      philosophically. Immediately capturing the imagination of the listener
      with atmospheric sounds and continuing to draw them in with operatic
      female vocals and symphonic instrumentation, it becomes immediately
      clear that THE INFINITE WONDERS OF CREATION is an intimate and
      abstract album covering a wide range of themes: life, death, good,
      evil, the cosmos and philosophy. Songs like "Mother Nature" and
      "Altitudes" display the dual elegance and power of Turilli's

      THE INFINITE WONDERS OF CREATION marks the debut of Luca's dual
      musical talents: as a guitar virtuoso and also as a prodigious
      keyboardist. Turilli is joined by the same band members who performed
      on the two previous albums: vocalist Olaf Hayer, bassist Sascha Paeth
      and drummer Robert Hunecke-Rizzo and guest vocalist Bridget Fogle.

      THE INFINITE WONDERS OF CREATION presents the logical extension of
      Luca's well known musical attributes, both musically and lyrically; a
      voyage into the inner workings of artist, thinking man, and maestro.
      This album both wraps up one chapter in Luca's career and points to
      magnificent possibilities in his future.

      *** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
      -Meldrum Joins Motorhead; Limited Southern California Show Dates

      HOLLYWOOD -- All-girl Metal Band Meldrum is joining Motorhead for
      their Southern California dates starting March 7th at Hollywood's
      House Of Blues. If you have yet to see Meldrum don't miss their live
      brutal assault as they travel with Motorhead.

      Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden -- These four iron-maidens have stirred
      up vast attention around the globe after the release of their debut
      album LOADED MENTAL CANNON on Record Heaven Music. The Origins of
      Meldrum are rooted in hard rock with a cross-section of genres
      strengthened by the band's remarkably powerful, organic songwriting.
      Fronting the band is Moa Holmsten's mammoth vocal style, Michelle
      Meldrum's heavy guitar riffs, Frida Stahl's and Linda McDonald's
      pounding rhythm section with fiercely bombastic grooves. This fresh,
      heavy, alternative, hard rock band is a combination of haunting
      aggressive vocals, "in your face" guitar riffs and heavy grooves.

      Meldrum has been the exclusive opening act for Zakk Wylde's Black
      Label Society on their sold-out world wide tour of 2005. They also
      joined Motorhead in 2005 on their 30th Anniversary Tour in Europe.

      This combination makes up a heavy-in your face, talented, and exciting
      group with songs that will haunt your mind for days. They have toured
      with Motorhead, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Sepultura, Danzig
      and Nashville Pussy. In addition to the upcoming support slot with
      Motorhead they are in the studio in Los Angeles recording songs,
      including some songs that they have co-written with Lemmy of
      Motorhead. For more information http://www.meldrum.nu/ or
      http://www.myspace.com/meldrumrocks .

      Tour Dates Supporting Motorhead:

      March 7 - Los Angeles, CA - House Of Blues
      March 9 - San Diego, CA - House Of Blues
      March 10 - Anaheim, CA - House Of Blues
      March 11 - Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues

      *** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
      -Helmet Signs To Warcon

      New Album Set for Release this Summer and Headline Spot Confirmed For
      This Year's Warped Tour

      As one of the leading post-hardcore/punk labels in the industry today,
      Warcon Enterprises has announced that it has signed the forefathers of
      the genre themselves Helmet. Under the deal, Helmet will release a new
      album which is slated for early summer 2006 and has confirmed that
      they will headline this year's Warped Tour.

      According to Page Hamilton, founder, songwriter and guitarist for
      Helmet, several of the album's songs have already been written and
      Wharton Tiers has been confirmed as the project's co-producer. Tiers
      recorded the band's first two releases STRAP IT ON and MEANTIME, which
      sold over a million copies and defined the brusque element of
      American's underground rock scene.

      "Wharton was my only choice to co-produce this project with me," said
      Hamilton. "I want to get back to my roots with this release and what's
      really cool is that we are actually using the same tape machine that
      we recorded our first two albums with. The whole thing is also going
      to be done in all analog to give it that classic Helmet sound. We're
      very excited about it."

      "I really like what Warcon stands for," he said. "In today's music
      climate, it's more intriguing to be involved in every aspect of the
      project. The structure of this deal makes me more of a partner rather
      than the traditionally signed artist / record deal approach, which for
      me personally has little value anymore."

      Helmet fans should be thrilled to have the band back in full force.
      Taking a six-year hiatus after releasing their fourth album
      AFTERTASTE, the band returned in 2004 to release SIZE MATTERS and a
      "best of" CD but it's not until now that Hamilton has decided to go
      back to the organic sound that they are known for. The sound that
      actually sparked a new brand of metal that crossed all traditional
      music boundaries and paved the way for such bands as Chevelle, The
      Deftones, Silverchair and Norma Jean.

      "The first song I ever learned to play on the guitar was a Helmet
      song. I pretty much just tried to figure the songs out and that's how
      I learned to play basically. Helmet is a band that I have listened to
      for years and will always enjoy them because they have the sweetest
      riffs I have ever heard. I love to air drum to them in the car also! I
      wouldn't be the same without Helmet in my life," said Chris Day,
      guitarist for Norma Jean.

      Chi Cheng, bass player for the Deftones, says that he was also
      influenced by Helmet. "Every band should wish to aspire to the
      originality and genius of Helmet. An inspitation to fans and musicians

      Helmet's first appearance under the Warcon label will be at this
      year's SXSW festival where they will perform with fellow label mates
      Opiate For The Masses, My American Heart, Street Drum Corps and Dir En
      Grey at the PETA documentary party and the Warcon showcase.

      *** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
      -Unisong Entry Deadline Is Approaching! Hurry -- Entries Close March

      Unisong's final March 15th entry deadline is approaching... so avoid
      the last minute rush! Get your songs in now. With over $60,000 in
      total cash and prizes over 17 musical categories, including our first
      ever performance category, a valuable critique option, additional $500
      "People's Choice Award" and a chance to be our next Grand Prize winner
      jetting off all expenses paid on us to an international writing and
      performing retreat (you get to choose from a pool of exotic locales
      like Ireland, Costa Rica, Iceland, Spain, Crete, New Zealand, Sweden,
      Big Sur, or Denmark), there's plenty of incentive to put yourself and
      your songs into the mix!

      The easiest and quickest way is just to enter on-line,
      http://www.Unisong.com/eologin.aspx , or via Sonicbids,
      http://www.Sonicbids.com/Unisong , or you can download an entry form
      off our site and mail your entries in. To enter, go to
      http://www.Unisong.com/EnterContest.aspx . If you prefer, call our
      voicemail at (213) 673-4067 and request a physical brochure be sent
      out to you. However you do it, get those songs in there and we'll see
      you in the winners circle!

      Regular contest deadline March 15th, 2006.

      Visit us at our new and improved web site http://www.Unisong.com/ for
      all the details.

      "Unisong" Created by Songwriters...for Songwriters

      Unisong International Songwriting Contest
      6520 Platt Ave. #729
      West Hills, CA 91307-3218 USA
      (213) 673-4067
      Contact: info@...

      A Songsalive! Sponsored Event

      Supporting and promoting songwriters and composers worldwide

      *** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
      -Band Name: Fire For Effect

      Music Style: Metal

      Sounds Like: Slayer, Pantera, BLS

      Description: Extreme Patriotic and Offensive Heavy metal


      Fire For Effect is a heavy metal band from Lynnfield, Massachusetts.
      The band is composed of four members, Joshua Johnson, (lead guitar)
      Michael Lombardi, (bass) Joe Pelletier, (drums) and Luke Kimball
      (vocals), all Lynnfield residents. The members of the band started
      working on projects that would lead to the establishment of Fire For
      Effect in April of 2005. Initially, the group began work covering '80s
      Power Rock songs, as some of the members had done for a high school
      project. Now, with Mike Lombardi taking over for Greg Mastrangelo on
      the bass, a new project was formed with all members having more
      experience and resources.

      With no intentions to pursue covering '80s songs, Josh, Joe and Mike,
      without informing Luke, agreed to work on the '80s covers, but
      gradually adjust to focusing on the heavy metal, and creating some
      original work. Kimball was convinced that the project would be focused
      on the covers, but gradually realized the intentions of the group,
      knowing their interests and backgrounds.

      Johnson's comprehensive mastery of sound equipment, and ability to
      play fluently and coordinate others, and write song after song was the
      mainstay for the group. Without his determination and dedication to
      the group, Fire For Effect would not have been successful.

      Fire For Effect was chosen as the name for the band. The band members
      are friends and relatives of various Marines. The terminology "fire
      for effect" is used as a call for artillery to overwhelm a target
      area. The band members decided this straightforward name would help
      people identify them with powerful, overwhelming, energetic music, and
      a decisive, outspoken message.

      The first album is dedicated to our servicemen. Some of the songs have
      significant, controversial messages. The album is focused on the need
      to stop terrorism, to garner patriotism, and confront subversive anti-
      American sentiment. Too often, modern artists complain about petty
      self-centered topics, whereas Fire For Effect intends to send a viable

      Josh Johnson began renovation of his garage, the eventual finished
      project, being American Overdrive Studios, Fire For Effect's record
      label in the spring of 2005. Throughout the summer of 2005, Fire For
      Effect evolved as each member, with Johnson's guidance, improved their
      abilities and learned to work together. The members contributed input,
      but it was always Johnson who made decisive choices. Every decision
      was made carefully, including the naming of the band. The members knew
      that the image and message they portray is vital to how they would be

      Even though the band was determined to improve, the members always
      remembered that they were all there because it was enjoyable. The band
      started playing in front of small audiences in the studio and realized
      how much energy their playing evoked in their audiences. By the fall
      of 2005, Fire For Effect began recording their first and self-titled

      The band continued to practice and complete their first album and
      started looking for shows to play in order to gain exposure. On
      December 21, 2005, Fire For Effect made their debut at the Sky Bar in
      Somerville, Massachusetts. The show was headlined by Eye Of The Sun.
      Fire For Effect opened to a full house and was an immediate hit. The
      show was a success selling more CDs than they expected. The band's
      energy was incredible. Fire For Effect is planning on scheduling shows
      for the spring of 2006 and a summer tour will be posted on the Web
      site at http://www.fireforeffect.us/ .

      Review by M.J Hoffman at Hard Rock Haven -


      e-mail: anubisjj20@...
      Josh Johnson
      9 Grey Lane
      Lynnfield, MA 01940

      *** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
      -Karate High School To Release ARCADE ROCK

      Distinctive Video Game-Influenced Sound To Hit Stores March 21st

      Karate High School has painted an unusual musical landscape that stems
      from their love for classic video games. Formed in San Francisco,
      California by vocalist/keyboardist Paul McGuire, Karate High School
      focuses on transporting the listener to a truck stop of a new
      dimension, a place where low-bit arcade systems collide with semi-
      trucks carrying loud orchestra hits and punishing guitar riffs.
      Keyboardist Ray Bautista, bassist Ken Kaiser, drummer Sean Martin and
      guitarist Gabe Ausiello round out the band. Their debut album, ARCADE
      ROCK, is set for release on March 21st, 2006.

      "We are all video game nerds, and that's a big influence on our
      music," says Bautista. Rather than citing bands as influences, Karate
      High School draws more from "old school video games like Contra, Super
      Mario Brothers, Millipede, Tron and Paperboy." ARCADE ROCK is not just
      the name of their debut album, but perhaps the best way to describe
      their musical approach. Combining traditional punk rock and post-
      hardcore sensibilities with the distinctive mark of a band brought up
      on Atari and Nintendo, Karate High School is indeed paving new ground.
      ARCADE ROCK was produced and recorded by Paul McGuire, mastered by
      Alan Douches (Fallout Boy/Brand New/The Chemical Brothers/Dillinger
      Escape Plan) and mixed by Drew Mazurek (Linkin Park/Nothingface/
      Jawbox/HIM) at HighView Studios in Baltimore, Maryland. The crisp
      production work results in an album full of infectious guitar hooks, a
      steady rhythm section and a one-two punch of melodic and abrasive
      vocal styles, all highlighted by a unique keyboard element that truly
      sets the band apart. This is well evidenced by the first single "Good
      News And Bad News," an upbeat power punk anthem that sets the pace for
      the entire album.

      Playing their customized keyboards, live samples, and crushing guitars
      with a manic, dizzying energy, Karate High School is best experienced
      in the live setting. Known for their unpredictable onstage antics, the
      band always involves the crowd and inspires anthemic sing-alongs on
      their tours.

      A track listing for ARCADE ROCK includes:

      1. Good News And Bad News
      2. Twice Upon A Time (110%)
      3. 88 Million Light Years Away
      4. Sweep The Leg
      5. This Is The Soundtrack
      6. Scenes Rushing By
      7. Extra! Extra! (Hear All About It)
      8. Another Day At The Office
      9. Oh No
      10. Smile, You're On T.V.
      11. The Joke Is On Us


      *** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
      -Liquor And Poker Monthly Newsletter

      [Note: This has been edited down a little. - Tim]

      - Hellacopters/Nebula tour kicks off tonight!
      - Crash Kelly to support Alice Cooper
      - New Backyard Babies live album now available
      - The Illuminati return to the U.S.
      - Scott Reeder: Life on the ranch
      - The Thieves: Back on the prowl!
      - Liquor And Poker in your town

      Hellacopters/Nebula tour kicks off tonight!

      After a four-year absence, The Hellacopters return to America tonight
      (March 6), when they play the Double Door in Chicago with labelmates
      Nebula. It's the kickoff to a three-week tour that in certain markets
      will also include The Datsuns, The Illuminati or American Heartbreak.
      Don't miss the rock tour of the spring!

      The Hellacopters are touring behind their new album, ROCK & ROLL IS
      DEAD, which is now available in the US with two bonus tracks and two
      bonus videos not found on any other version. Look for great reviews in
      the new issues of Guitar One, Revolver (4.5 stars out of 5), Kerrang!
      (5 stars out of 5), Bass Guitar, Decibel, BW&BK and more!

      Nebula are also touring behind a brand new album: APOLLO, which was
      released two short weeks ago. In addition to new bassist Tom Davies,
      the record -- produced by Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, L7) -- also
      features a bonus live bootleg video of new song "Future Days" recorded
      during the band's recent tour of Japan.

      Crash Kelly to support Alice Cooper

      Anyone who has seen Crash Kelly or checked out their debut PENNY PILLS
      knows that the Alice Cooper Band was a major influence on primary
      songwriter Sean Kelly. In fact, one of the strongest tracks on Penny
      Pills, "Love Me Electric," was written after Sean read a biography on
      the Alice Cooper Band's "trials and tribulations in the '70s."

      Given this backdrop, it is with great pleasure that Crash Kelly
      announces that it will be sharing the stage with Alice Cooper for
      select dates in May on his upcoming Canadian Tour. Crash Kelly will
      support Alice on the first date of his Canadian tour on May 1, as well
      as the final two shows of the trek. In between those support dates,
      Crash Kelly will be on the road for a Jagermeister-sponsored series of
      "Alice Cooper Afterparty" shows.

      Before the Cooper tour, Sean on March 29 will take part in Long &
      McQuade's Guitar Summit, an annual Toronto benefit show for the
      Coalition for Music Education in Canada, a non-profit organization
      dedicated to ensuring that all Canadian children have access to music
      education. There, he'll perform alongside several internationally
      renowned guitarists (see http://www.crashkelly.ca/ for full details).

      Stay tuned for release date information on the group's new album, the
      Gilby Clarke-produced ELECTRIC SATISFACTION, in the weeks ahead.

      New Backyard Babies live album now available

      While anticipation builds for the release of their new studio album
      later this spring, why not relive the best of the Backyard Babies in
      the setting in which they were meant to be experienced? The Swedish
      glam-punks' first live album, LIVE LIVE IN PARIS, provides a memorable
      snapshot of the booze-fueled gutter rock that's earned the quartet
      worldwide acclaim. Featuring five tracks that have never before been
      released in America, it aptly proves why Kerrang! recently called the
      group the kings of "shit-kicking sleaze."

      The Illuminati return to the US

      Last October, Toronto boogie-rockers The Illuminati made a splash in
      Southern California, when they played two sold-out shows alongside
      fellow Canucks Death From Above 1979. While they've been active north
      of the border in the five months since, the trio will finally return
      to America next week, when they join The Hellacopters and Nebula for a
      week's worth of shows. They'll be performing material from both their
      self-titled EP -- a six-track, 16-minute gem available through
      http://www.cmdistro.com/ for only $3 -- and their forthcoming debut
      full-length ON BORROWED TIME, due out this summer. Look for reviews of
      the EP in upcoming issues of Revolver and Outburn, among others!

      Scott Reeder: Life on the ranch

      The Los Angeles-based weekly newspaper CityBeat recently visited Scott
      Reeder at his ranch in Banning, Calif., to discuss the former Kyuss/
      Obsessed bassist's acclaimed solo debut, TUNNELVISION BRILLIANCE.
      During the interview. Reeder also offered thoughts on Queens Of The
      Stone Age frontman (and former bandmade) Josh Homme, touring with
      Kyuss, and even the killer instincts of his 11 dogs. Check out the
      story here:

      The Thieves: Back on the prowl!

      Liquor And Poker's resident road warriors The Thieves -- who did more
      than 120 shows in the US alone last year -- kicked off their first
      American tour of 2006 this week. The month-long trek sees the trio
      play three showcases at South By Southwest, as well as two weeks of
      eastern-US dates alongside American Minor and The Blue Van. See below
      for the full itinerary.

      Liquor And Poker in your town!

      3/22 - Celebrity Vegas – Las Vegas, NV (w/ The Hellacopters & Nebula)
      3/23 - Casbah – San Diego, CA (w/ The Hellacopters & Nebula)
      3/30 - Annie's Social Club – San Francisco, CA (w/ The Kimberly Trip)
      4/1 - Fox & Goose – Sacramento, CA (w/ The Kimberly Trip)
      4/7 - Alex's Bar - Long Beach, CA (w/ The Generators)
      4/8 - Tiki Room – Pomona, CA – The Tiki Room (w/ The Generators)
      4/28 - The Pound - San Francisco, CA (w/ Jetboy)
      4/29 - Whisky - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Jetboy)
      5/6 - The Blank Club – San Jose, CA (w/ The Bellrays)

      3/3 - Crowbar – Toronto, ON
      5/1 - Mile One Stadium – St. John's, NL (w/ Alice Cooper)
      5/16 - Keystone Centre – Brandon, MB (w/ Alice Cooper)
      5/17 - Concert Hall – Winnipeg, MB (w/ Alice Cooper)

      3/6 - Double Door – Chicago, IL
      3/7 - Vogue – Indianapolis, IN
      3/8 - Khyber – Philadelphia, PA (w/ Bad Wizard & Rye Coalition)
      3/9 - Sonar – Baltimore, MD
      3/10 - Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY (w/ The Datsuns)
      3/11 - Axis – Boston, MA (w/ The Datsuns)
      3/12 - Black Cat – Washington, DC (w/ The Datsuns)
      3/13 - Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
      3/15 - Lizard Lounge – Dallas, TX (w/ The Illuminati)
      3/16 - Meridian – Houston, TX (w/ The Illuminati)
      3/17 - Sanctuary – San Antonio, TX (w/ The Illuminati)
      3/18 - SXSW – Austin, TX (Hellacopters @ Emo's; Nebula @ Red Eyed Fly)
      3/20 - Bluebird – Denver, CO (w/ The Illuminati)
      3/21 - Club Sound – Salt Lake City, UT (w/ The Illuminati)
      3/22 - Celebrity Vegas – Las Vegas, NV (w/ American Heartbreak)
      3/23 - Cashbah – San Diego, CA (w/ American Heartbreak)
      3/24 - Slim's – San Francisco, CA (w/ The Illuminati)
      3/25 - El Rey – Los Angeles, CA (w/ The Illuminati)

      3/4 - Bovine Sex Club – Toronto, ON
      3/8 - Royal Albert – Winnipeg, MB
      3/9 - Amigo's – Saskatoon, SK
      3/10 - New City – Edmonton, AB
      3/11 - Broken City – Calgary, AB
      3/12 - Tongue & Groove – Lethbridge, AB
      3/15 - Lizard Lounge – Dallas, TX (w/ The Hellacopters & Nebula)
      3/16 - Meridian – Houston, TX (w/ The Hellacopters & Nebula)
      3/17 - Sanctuary – San Antonio, TX (w/ The Hellacopters & Nebula)
      3/20 - Bluebird – Denver, CO (w/ The Hellacopters & Nebula)
      3/21 - Club Sound – Salt Lake City, UT (w/ The Hellacopters & Nebula)
      3/24 - Slim's – San Francisco, CA (w/ The Hellacopters & Nebula)
      3/25 - El Rey – Los Angeles, CA (w/ The Hellacopters & Nebula)

      * 3/20 - 4/1 also American Minor & The Blue Van
      3/4 - The Bouquet Club – Boise, ID
      3/7 - Burt's Tiki – Salt Lake City, UT
      3/9 - The Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS
      3/10 - Eastside Tavern – Columbia, MO
      3/11 - The Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK
      3/12 - Double Down – Dallas, TX
      3/15 - Headhunters – Austin, TX (SXSW)
      3/16 - Tambeleo – Austin, TX (SXSW)
      3/17 - The Tap Room – Austin, TX (SXSW)
      3/20 - The Parish Room/House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
      3/21 - Smith's Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA
      3/22 - The Nick – Birmingham, AL
      3/23 - The Exit/In – Nashville, TN
      3/24 - Cowboy Monkey – Champaign, IL
      3/28 - The Elbo Room – Chicago, IL
      3/29 - The Lime Spider – Akron, OH
      3/30 - Fletcher's – Baltimore, MD
      3/31 - Rex's – West Chester, PA
      4/1 - The Peppermint Beach Club – Virginia Beach, VA


      *** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
      -Guitar Great Eric Gales' New Release In Stores Now -- CRYSTAL VISION
      On Blues Bureau Records

      HOLLYWOOD -- 2006 brings a new state of mind for guitar great, Eric
      Gales with his new release CRYSTAL VISION on Blues Bureau Records.
      CRYSTAL VISION takes the next logical step in Gales' career, further
      establishing him as one of the rare musical talents of his generation.
      This left-handed guitarist of extraordinary ability and expressive
      vocals is a natural for people to compare to Hendrix. Gales has
      developed a unique hybrid blues/rock sound that also draws upon
      influences as diverse as Albert King and Eric Johnson. A unique
      amalgam of styles, Eric Gales stands head and shoulders among other
      guitarists in his genre.

      Eric Gales grew up in a musical family with four brothers, two of them
      who learned to play the guitar upside down and left-handed in the same
      fashion that Eric does. Eric's brother Eugene Gales played bass in the
      Eric Gales Band and his brother Jimmy King had a thriving career as a
      blues artist before his untimely death. Eric released his first record
      at Age 16 for Elektra records to an amazing response from the media
      and music fans around the globe. Guitar World Magazine's Reader's Poll
      named Eric as "Best New Talent" in 1991. After recording a second
      record for Elektra, all three brothers teamed up for THE GALES BROS.
      LEFT HAND BAND which was recorded for the House Of Blues label in
      1996. Through the years, it would not be unusual to look out in the
      audience and see artists like Carlos Santana, Mick Jagger, Keith
      Richards, B.B. King, and Eric Clapton, looking on with interest as
      Eric took his God-given talent and worked crowd after crowd into a

      The new Millennium presented new opportunities for Eric and he was
      signed to a deal with Nightbird Records which was affiliated with Jimi
      Hendrix's sister Janie Hendrix and Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and
      distributed through MCA/Universal. Under this deal, Eric recorded the
      critically acclaimed record THAT'S WHAT I AM in 1991 and hit the road,
      mesmerizing fans around the world with his uncanny connection to his
      guitar. In 2004 Eric Gales made headline music news when he was chosen
      to perform with Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, Jerry Cantrell and
      others on the Experience Hendrix tour to honor the late, great, Jimi

      Eric's masterful guitar and vocal performances on CRYSTAL VISION
      portend a great response from these loyal music lovers as guitarists
      of this quality and intensity are few and far between.

      *** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
      -Z Records News


      We are now just four weeks away from Z Rock 06 and advance ticket
      sales have been been better than anticipated. The lineup

      ENEMY OF THOUGHT [feat. Norm and Pete formerly of Contagious]

      Sadly AJ of Snakeryder has had major trouble obtaining his passport so
      their trip has been delayed until October; more news regarding that
      next week.

      The venue is The Limelight Club, Crewe, England, on April 2nd, 2006.
      Doors open 12:30 and advance tickets are £22.50 or £25.00 on the day
      if any are remaining.

      Credit card hotlines are: 01782 522370, 01489 603549, 01270 251929

      Please note the venue is strictly over-18 and operates an ID system
      for those below 21.

      For those travelling from outside of the area the following hotels /
      B&B's are reasonably priced.....

      TEL 01270 584 820
      £14p.p.twin + B&B
      £16 single + B&B

      01270 256 223
      £30 - £49.95 p.p.

      01270 214 959
      £10.00 p.p Room Only

      More info can be found at http://www.zrecords.net/ .

      *** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
      -Six More Bands Confirmed For Sweden Rock Festival 2006

      Sweden Rock Festival
      8-10 June 2006 - Sölvesborg


      We are happy to announce Sweden Rock will be visited by Dr. X and his
      makers. One of America's originators of the majestic, melodic and
      semi-progressive metal, Queenryche, is now confirmed for this years
      festival. They will perform the entire classic OPERATION: MINDCRIME,
      beginning to end. We might also get a few tasters from part 2, to be
      released this spring. The band is often considered a catalyst for the
      now highly dominant wave of power metal, which the aformentioned
      classic prooves. Queensryche released their first demo in 1982, a
      recording that started a big buzz in the underground, leading to the
      signing to 206 Records, who released the band's debut EP. They were
      later picked up by EMI and the rest is history.


      Make a cocktail of the most complex Dream Theater arrangements you can
      find, the neoclassical elements that can be found on most Stratovarius
      albums, the hard, aggressive riffs of Pantera and a few ounces of film
      score music from a multi-billion dollar Hollywood epic of your liking
      and you should get an idea of what Symphony X is all about. Or not --
      these Americans are not very easy to either label or listen to. But
      they are well worth the effort -- most connoisseurs of progressive
      metal will tell you that Symphony X is pure genius, and that goes for
      their writing abilities as well as their instrumental skills. On top
      of that, those of us who saw them at SRF 2001 or saw them open for
      Stratovarius a few years back will remember that despite the high
      level musicianship, this band (unlike some others in the genre?) has
      not forgotten how to put on an entertaining live show. Having one of
      the most chaismatic voices in the business in their ranks in the form
      of Russell Allen doesn't do them any harm either, of course? A new
      album should surface this spring.

      EDGUY (D)

      Edguy is a band that has appeared on many of your wish-lists, and we
      of course do what we can to fulfill your requests. Quite a lot has
      happened since the Germans released the self-financed SAVAGE POETRY in
      1995. 1999's THEATER OF TRAGEDY even found its place in the Swedish
      charts. Edguy has however been no stranger in our country which has
      built a pretty strong fan-base. The latest album ROCKET RIDE, which
      was released in January this year, is an album that definitely
      strengthens the bands status in the German melodic metal scene.


      Florida's Obituary is legendary like few other death metal acts. This
      quintet debuted in 1989 as one of the first, and eventually one of the
      biggest bands within the groundbreaking contemporary scene of extreme
      metal from that state -- THE END COMPLETE, released in 1992, is even
      one of the biggest successes in the history of classic death metal.
      Last year saw the band make an eagerly awaited comeback with their
      first studio album in eight years, FROZEN IN TIME. And perhaps we'll
      finally get an answer to the eternal question whether frontman John
      Tardy actually sings lyrics with proper words, or if he's just -- you
      guessed it! -- growling?

      ARCH ENEMY (S)

      Swedish metal has a really high status even outside of our borders,
      the melodic kind as well as the more brutal metal. Arch Enemy is one
      of our strongest cards in the latter genre. The band was formed in
      1996 by the Amott brothers Mike and Chris. Mike had a past in the band
      Carcass, but also played (and plays) guitar in the heavier outfit
      Spiritual Beggars. The debut BLACK EARTH received killer reviews for
      its mix of brutal death metal and technical guitar playing. In 2001
      singer Johan Liiva was replaced by the better looking, but equally
      vocally brutal Angela Glossow. She made her debut on WAGES OF SIN, an
      album that was found on many a "best of the year" list. The fact that
      Arch Enemy played the classical Ozzfest more than well proves their
      status. The band's latest album DOOMSDAY MACHINE will soon be followed

      VICTORY (D)

      German metallurgists Victory was formed already in 1984 out of the
      ashes of Fargo, with Fargopeter Knorn and Tommy Newton at the helm.
      The band's debut saw the light of day already the year after. A piece
      of classic hard rock with a somewhat provocative cover (picturing a
      woman laying down spreading her legs in the shape of a V). It was
      however enough to create a buzz in the US enough to fuel a tour. This
      tour however is said to have problems enough to stun even Spinal Tap.
      After this the band released a number of albums such as DON'T GET MAD
      - GET EVEN, HUNGRY HEARTS, VOICEPRINT and the wittingly entitled YOU
      BOUGHT IT - YOU NAME IT. Earlier this year Victory released FUEL TO
      THE FIRE, and album with re-recordings of old songs presenting new
      singer Jioti Parcharidis (Human Fortress), plus a new song as a taster
      for what's to come later this year. As usual we find gentlemen Hermann
      Frank, Fargopeter Knorn and Tommy Newton in the lineup.

      More information about the bands, tickets etc. at our eminent

      Confirmed bands so far:

      JOURNEY (US)
      VENOM (UK)
      W.A.S.P. (US)
      EDGUY (D)
      GAMMA RAY (D)
      ASIA (US)
      KROKUS (CH)
      CACTUS (US)
      GEORGE THOROGOOD & The Destroyers (US)
      ANVIL (CAN)
      DORO (D)
      THE SWEET (UK)
      ARCH ENEMY (S)
      EVERGREY (S)
      VICTORY (D)
      BONFIRE (D)
      RAISE HELL (S)

      More information about the bands, tickets etc. at our eminent

      Triple DVD from Sweden Rock Festival 2005. Buy it at:

      Sweden Rock Festival
      Norjebokevägen 2
      294 76 Sölvesborg
      Tel: 0456-317 95
      Fax: 0456-317 94
      E-mail: info@...

      *** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
      -Beautiful Creatures/Stephen Pearcy Europe Tour

      Perris Recording Artist Stephen Pearcy and Beautiful Creatures will be
      on tour in Europe. All dates below subject to change.

      Beautiful Creatures/Stephen Pearcy UK Tour

      April 12 - Newcastle, England - Beautiful Creatures / Red Star Rebels
      / Kid Ego
      April 13 - London, England - The Garage (w/ Stephen Pearcy)
      April 14 - Bradford, UK - Bradford Rio (w/ Stephen Pearcy)
      April 15 - Nottingham, England - Rock City (w/ Stephen Pearcy)
      April 16 - Dudley, England - J.B.'s (w/ Stephen Pearcy)
      April 17 - Glasgow, Scotland - Beautiful Creatures / Red Star Rebels /
      Jack Viper
      April 18 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Beautiful Creatures / Red Star Rebels
      / Jack Viper
      April 19 - Liverpool, England, UK - Beautiful Creatures / Red Star
      Rebels / Jack Viper

      Stephen Pearcy's Italy, Switzerland, Germany & Norway dates below:

      April 21 - Bassano, Italy - La Gabbia (Stephen Pearcy only)
      April 26 - Zurich, Switzerland - Rock City (Stephen Pearcy only)
      April 27 - Munich Germany - Land Unter (Stephen Pearcy only)
      April 29 - Oslo, Norway - Rock The Boat Festival (Stephen Pearcy w/
      Adler's Appetite & Gliby Clarke)


      *** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
      -Leaves' Eyes To Release New EP: LEGEND LAND

      The saga continues! Continuing the successful journey of their
      critically acclaimed VINLAND SAGA CD, Germany's Leaves' Eyes have
      completed recording of a new mini album presenting five brand-new
      exclusive tracks, entitled LEGEND LAND.

      The EP will be released for the price of a single at the end of April/
      beginning of May 2006 in connection with the band's upcoming tours,
      which includes dates througout Europe, USA, Canada, South America,
      Australia and New Zealand.

      The tracks included on the EP are: "Legend Land," "Skraelings,"
      "Viking's Word," "The Crossing," "Lyset." Alex Krull explains: "At
      first we'd planned to release a single from the VINLAND SAGA album,
      however, we decided to record a complete EP with brand new and
      exclusive songs. This is our way of saying thank you to our fans and
      their great support. The past tours were amazing! As we will tour a
      lot this year it will take a while until we have finished our next
      full-length album. These five powerful and atmospheric tracks
      developed out of a couple of new brilliant ideas."

      Vocalist Liv Kristine adds: "The new songs sound fantastic. They are
      very strong. We had a wonderful time continuing our work with the
      Viking concept and making further discoveries." This can only mean one
      thing: the adventurous journey continues!


      *** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
      -Liquor And Poker Music Introduces Crucified Barbara

      Liquor And Poker Music has set a May 30 US release date for IN
      DISTORTION WE TRUST, the debut full-length by Sweden's Crucified
      Barbara. The all-female quartet, who have been called a cross between
      Motorhead and The Runaways, will be touring Europe throughout the
      spring and the summer.

      Although none of its members are older than 25, half of Crucified
      Barbara -- bassist Ida Evileye and guitarist Klara Force -- has been
      playing together for more than a decade. After meeting drummer Nicki
      Wicked, the group was officially founded -- and named -- in 1998, when
      the band attended Denmark's legendary Roskilde Festival and came
      across an unexpected sight in a nearby forest: a blow-up doll attached
      to a crucifix. (In Sweden, such dolls are called "barbaras.") At
      first, the band's sound was punk-based, but over time, it evolved into
      an edgy, heavy metal-influenced brand of fiery rock n' roll.

      In 2001, Mia Coldheart joined the group as lead guitarist, but she
      would soon become the group's lead singer as well. Over the next three
      years, the band gigged around Sweden extensively, eventually signing
      with GMR, an independent label based in their hometown. At the end of
      2004, GMR released the group's first single, "Losing The Game," which
      hit #8 on the Swedish singles charts.

      Upon the European release of IN DISTORTION WE TRUST soon afterwards,
      Crucified Barbara got their first taste of international acclaim as
      they began to tour outside their native country. The summer of 2005
      was highlighted by a performance at the UK's Download Festival
      alongside the likes of Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver and System Of A
      Down. Since then, the band has continued to tour Europe steadily,
      which they'll continue to do throughout 2006. In fact, this summer's
      festival season looks to be even brighter, as the quartet will play
      with the likes of Within Temptation in the Czech Republic, Dio in
      Germany, Doro in Belgium, and even Guns N' Roses in Italy.

      On its overdue North American release, IN DISTORTION WE TRUST features
      one bonus track -- a blistering cover of Motorhead's "Killed By Death"
      -- as well as music videos for each of the group's three singles
      released in their home country. And even though English isn't their
      native tongue, it's clear they've mastered the language on songs like
      "My Heart Is Black," when vocalist Coldheart issues a warning-cum-
      mission statement: Life's a bitch, and so am I, you see / I dedicate
      my love to a Flying V.

      In Crucified Barbara's case, the maxim "don't judge a book by its
      cover" is worth repeating, for though that cover is undeniably
      attractive, there's a serious rock band behind it. In other words,
      while their looks might catch your eye, it's their sound that's the
      true knockout. If there's any justice in the world, Crucified Barbara
      will soon displace bad memories of Sweden's saccharin pop singers and
      their bikini team -- well, at least the saccharin pop singers -- and
      renew our faith in girl power.

      Upcoming Crucified Barbara tour dates:

      April 14 - CCO - Villeurbanne, France
      April 15 - Bolegason - Castres, France
      April 16 - Centre Culturel Lennon - Limoges, France
      April 18 - Sur Mer-Les Pipots - Boulogne, France
      April 19 - La Luciole - Alcenon, Frnace
      April 20 - Le Floride - Nantes, France
      April 21 - Le Normandy - St. Lo, France
      April 22 - 24h - Le Mans, France w/ Killing Joke
      April 23 - Le Forum - Vaureal, France
      April 26 - De Boerderij - Zoetermeer, Holland w/ Jon Oliva's Pain
      April 28 - JUZ Live Club - Andernach, Germany w/ Jon Oliva's Pain
      April 29 - PESTPOP Festival - Wieze, Belgium
      April 30 - Feedback CD Store - Aalst, Belgium w/ Jon Oliva's Pain
      May 11 - De Boerderij - Zoetermeer, Holland w/ Doro, Sonata Arctica
      May 12 - Vachwerk - Vacha, Germany w/ Doro, Sonata Arctica
      May 13 - Noisegate Festival - Langen, Germany
      June 3 - Gods of Metal Festival - Milan, Italy
      June 4 - Rock Hard Festival - Gelsenkirchen, Germany
      July 7 - Motorradfreunde - Nehren, Germany
      July 8 - Rock Harz Festival - Osterade, Germany
      July 16 - Masters Of Rock Festival - Zlin, Czech Republic
      July 29 - Open Air Festival - Herxheim, Germany

      *** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
      -IcebergRadio.com's Metal Radio Adds

      The following albums have been added to IcebergRadio.com's Metal
      Stations: BWBK.com, '80s Hair Bands, BlackDeath, ProgPower, '80s
      Aggression, Roots Of Metal:

      AMORPHIS - Eclipse (Nuclear Blast): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      BLEEDING THROUGH - The Truth (Trustkill): BWBK.com,
      BLIND GUARDIAN - Fly (Nuclear Blast): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      BURST - Origo (Relapse): BWBK.com
      BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - The Poison (Trustkill): BWBK.com,
      DARKTHRONE - Too Old Too Cold (Peaceville): BWBK.com, BlackDeath
      DISMEMBER - The God That Never Was (Regain): BWBK.com, BlackDeath
      HATE - Anaclasis (Listenable): BWBK.com, BlackDeath
      HATE PROFILE - Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile (Cruz Del Sur): BlackDeath
      IN FLAMES - Come Clarity (Ferret): BWBK.com
      KRISIUN - AssassiNation (Century Media): BWBK.com, BlackDeath
      LACUNA COIL - Karamacode (Century Media): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      MACHINEMADEGOD - The Infinity Complex (Metal Blade): BWBK.com
      NIGHTMARE - The Dominion Gate (Regain): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      NON HUMAN LEVEL - Non Human Level (Listenable): BWBK.com
      QUEENSRYCHE - Operation: Mindcrime II (Rhino): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      SEPULTURA - Dante XXI (SPV): BWBK.com,
      SHINING FURY - Another Life (Metal Blade): BWBK.com
      THE SWORD - The SWord (Kemado): BWBK.com
      TORTURE KILLER - Swarm! (Metal Blade): BWBK.com, BlackDeath
      DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND - Synchestra (InsideOut): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      VICTORY - Fuel To The Fire (Armageddon): BWBK.com,
      VILE - The New Age Of Chaos (Unique Leader): BlackDeath
      WITCHERY - Don't Fear The Reaper (Century Media): BWBK.com, BlackDeath

      BWBK.com is BW&BK Magazine's noisy audio brother and can be found at
      http://www.BWBK.com/ and via the Metal News section at
      http://www.HardRadio.com/ !

      For more info about BWBK.com contact metaltim@icebergmedia or

      BWBK.com is the noisy audio brother to BW&BK Magazine!

      www.BWBK.com - 24/7 Audio Assault!

      *** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
      -$upermer¢ado Set To Rock Tower Records

      CHICAGO -- On Friday, March 10, $upermer¢ado will make a hometown
      appearance at Tower Records to perform an intimate set of songs from
      their current release SCARY BABY, which is now available at all Tower
      Records nationwide.

      The band is currently working on new material and a spring tour is in
      the works.

      $upermer¢ado's debut, SCARY BABY, received its national release on
      February 7 through Dark Star Records. Led by the proverbial
      $upermer¢ado mastermind Matt Mercado, the core of the band has played
      together for years through the course of a couple bands -- Pivotman
      and Erotic Universe -- hitting its stride with $upermer¢ado's
      convictive blend of melodic rock, soul vocals, precision guitar metal,
      and low gut-crunch groove.

      "We can't wait to play this in-store show, especially Tower Records,"
      said drummer Gregg Potter. "Kids come out and stand right next to the
      band. There is no stage. The drums are on the floor, amps turned up
      loud. The lights are on and everyone is right in your face," continued
      Potter. "We can see everyone's reactions -- what songs they dig, and
      who's rocking the hardest! The band loves to hang with our fans and
      we'll stay until every last CD, poster, picture and T-shirt is

      Tower Records is located at 2301 N. Clark Street in Chicago. Showtime
      is at 7:00 pm. This is an all ages event.

      $upermer¢ado Live dates

      03/10/06 Fri. - Tower Records, Chicago, IL (in-store performance)
      03/25/06 Sat. - The Metro, Chicago, IL (w/special guests ADD, Spoke,
      and The Rival)


      *** NEWS/RUMORS ***
      -The Bang Your Head!!! festival organizers announced Stratovarius and
      Hellfueled have now been confirmed to perform. The updated lineup is
      now: Whitesnake, Foreigner, Stratovarius, Helloween, Y&T, Quiet Riot,
      Rik Emmett, Jon Oliva's Pain, Death Angel, Unleashed, Exodus, Armored
      Saint, Flotsam And Jesam, Vengeance, Leatherwolf, Count Raven,
      Victory, L.A. Guns, Powerwolf, and Hellfueled. The fest takes place
      June 23-24 in Balingen, Germany. See http://www.bang-your-head.de/ for

      -Def Leppard and Journey will co-headline a tour of US this summer,
      including a July 13 show at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta.

      -The Gates Of Slumber are currently in the studio working on SUFFER NO
      GUILT, which will be released June 23 via Sweden's I Hate Records. The
      cover art was done by Ken Kelly (Kiss, Rainbow, Manowar). Track list:
      "Angel Of Death," "Suffer No Guilt," "Gemini," "Riders Of Doom," "Slay
      The Weak," "Wyrmwood," "Dweller In The Deep," "God Wills It." The band
      will tour with Earthride in April. See http://www.ihate.se/ for more.

      -Mortiis will tour the UK in April, to coincide with "the deluxe re-
      mastered reissues" of some of the band's early albums. Dates:

      4/19 - Rock City, Nottingham, UK
      4/20 - Bierkeller, Bristol, UK
      4/21 - Cathouse, Glasgow, UK
      4/22 - Rios, Bradford, UK
      4/23 - Agincourt Rock Venue, Camberly, UK
      4/25 - Barfly, Liverpool, UK
      4/27 - Waterfront, Norwich, UK
      4/28 - Corporation, Sheffield, UK
      4/29 - The Underworld, London, UK
      4/30 - Satins Hollow, Manchester, UK

      See http://www.mortiis.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/mortiis1 for
      more, and check out http://www.mortiis.com/downloads/ for "instant
      songs and re-mixes."

      -Sentenced won three awards at the Finnish Metal Awards 2005: Band Of
      The Year, Album Of The Year (for THE FUNERAL ALBUM), and Cover Art Of
      The Year (for THE FUNERAL ALBUM). See http://www.sentenced.org/ for

      -Sepultura has a series of six connected E-cards at
      http://www.spvusa.com/sepultura/ecard , promoting the new album DANTE
      XXI. There's also a contest to win a guitar: "6 Ecards, each with a
      different album track in the background, and all are connected....You
      have to answer the questions right and enter the code to get to the
      next one....And if you make it to the end, you're entered to win a
      signed Jackson guitar! Spread the word!" Consider it spread.

      -John Taglieri's album NOW is up for "Kweevak.com CD of the year."
      He's asking fans to vote for NOW at
      http://kweevak.com/rd_cdawards_vote.htm . Upcoming shows:

      3/9 - Oliver Shakewells, Allentown, PA
      3/10 - Café Arabica, Morristown, NJ (w/ Robert Matarazzo)
      3/14 – Cleveland's Tap Room, West Caldwell, NJ
      3/16 – JP Ryan's, Jersey City, NJ
      3/17 – Ambrosia, Morris Plains, NJ
      3/21 – Maxwells, Hoboken, NJ
      3/22 – Stacatto's, Washington, DC
      3/23 – House Of Blue @ Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
      3/24 – Jammin' Java, Columbia, SC
      3/25 – 315, Salisbury, NC
      3/27 – The Empty Glass, Charleston, WV
      3/28 – Raymond Walter College, Cincinnati, OH
      3/30 – PJ Ryan's, Jersey City, NJ
      3/31 – The Stage House, Scotch Plains, NJ

      See http://JohnTaglieri.com/ , http://myspace.com/johntaglierimusic ,
      or http://sonicbids.com/johntaglieri for more.

      Thanks to Bill "Lovehammer" Kotowski, Simon Fauteux, and Jason McCash
      for help gathering some of this information.

      *** ROCK HARD RIDE FREE ***
      by Tim Wadzinski (tsw512@...)

      -I should have a pile of Judas Priest-related reviews soon, if I can
      ever find time to hear/view everything and write it up. I've been
      sitting on a review of the RISING IN THE EAST DVD that came out late
      last year, and now I just found out I should be getting a copy of the
      LIVE VENGEANCE '82 DVD. I'm hoping to do a combined review of both
      DVDs -- it should make for an interesting task since the DVDs came out
      so close together but feature shows filmed 23 years apart. Also, I
      just got review copies of guitarist Glenn Tipton's BAPTIZM OF FIRE
      reissue and Tipton, Entwistle & Powell's EDGE OF THE WORLD, which was
      recorded at the same time as BAPTIZM OF FIRE but shelved until now.

      -I'm in one of those funks again because all these shows are coming my
      way this month, and I can't make any of 'em: Broken Teeth & American
      Dog this Friday, Dream Theater on the 18th, W.A.S.P. on the 19th,
      Loudness on the 22nd, Queen + Paul Rodgers on the 23rd, and Lillian
      Axe on the 24th. (Not to mention the Chicago Powerfest slated for
      early April, with Nocturnal Rites and Morgana Lefay!) Arghhhh!!!!!!

      -Now in my current playlist: Tipton, Entwistle & Powell - EDGE OF THE
      WORLD (Rhino), Iron Fire - REVENGE (Napalm Records), Saga - THE
      CHAPTERS - LIVE (Inside Out Music America), Zeelion - STEEL ATTACK
      (Lion Music).

      *** REVIEWS ***
      MIND'S EYE - WALKING ON H2O (A-/B+) Lion Music, 2006
      13 tracks, RT: 75:02
      [ http://www.roundrec.com/ ]
      [ http://www.lionmusic.com/mindseye_h2o.htm ]
      [ http://www.lionmusic.com/ ]
      Despite being impressed with the last offering from Mind's Eye (2002's
      A WORK OF ART), I couldn't help thinking the band had only scratched
      the surface of its potential. Listening to WALKING ON H2O, I find I
      was right. Mind's Eye plays the kind of music that would have been
      huge 20 years ago, a seamless blend of progressive rock and AOR that
      extracts the flair and artistry of a wide variety of influences, from
      Genesis and Styx to Queensryche and Asia. "A Rabbit In The Hat" is a
      good example of this approach, with the lush production driving very
      commercially accessible melodies, strong vocals and tight
      musicianship. One of the highlights arrives early in the form of
      "Equally Immortal," which has sensitive guitar, piano and vocals
      alternating with an energetic arrangement. "Out Of My System" is
      another one of those songs that would have gone straight to the top of
      the charts back in the early '80s -- its infectious chorus reminds me
      of great rock radio staples from the past. Heavier prog elements can
      be heard on the excellent "Sacred Rules" and the instrumental "Flight
      Of The An.unna.ki," with the awesome "Poseidon Says" completing the
      proceedings powerfully. WALKING ON H2O is unmistakably a concept
      album; the lyrics address such weighty issues as evolution, religion,
      unexplained phenomena and immortality, and there's effective use of
      interludes in the tradition of albums like OPERATION: MINDCRIME and
      THE WALL. Much of the credit for the quality of the material must go
      to principle songwriter Daniel Flores -- his experience, knowledge and
      attention to detail are evident throughout -- although his realized
      vision is ultimately due to the caliber of the all the musicians. I
      found WALKING ON H2O to be a perfect example of a work that requires
      repeated listens to really get into, but I guarantee the effort will
      be rewarded. Certainly near the top of its game, Mind's Eye has
      produced one of the best albums of its kind to come along in quite
      awhile; I urge you to experience it while we wait for a resurgence of
      this classy style of music, currently enjoyed by far too few. - Neal
      Woodall (MysticX9@...)

      *** OUT ***
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