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Detritus #327 - Week of July 25, 2005

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  • Tim Wadzinski
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      Issue #327
      Week of July 25, 2005

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      *** CAST OF CHARACTERS ***
      Patrick Brower, Editor

      Sean P. Gahgan, Editor

      Tim Wadzinski, Owner

      Steve Shumake, Co-owner

      *** LET IT BE KNOWN ***
      -I actually did have an idea for a column, but alas there was no time.
      I trust you'll all manage to live without it. :) - Tim

      *** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
      -Warren Appleby To Release New Solo Album

      Blacktask's Warren Appleby will release his fourh solo CD on August
      26. The CD is titled MONSTERS AMONG US and will be released on Madkar
      Records. Fans can purchase the CD on-line through
      http://www.warrenappleby.com/ and http://www.blacktask.net/ . The new
      CD features more of Warren's classic metal instrumentals that have
      made his other three CDs very sucessful. There will of course be free
      MP3s available at http://www.warrenappleby.com/ next month.

      *** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
      -Adema On National Tour

      Unleashing 3rd Album PLANETS Worldwide

      HOLLYWOOD -- Adema embarks on a swift summer tour in support of their
      new album PLANETS. The Southern California modern rock giants return
      to the stage with a new singer and a brand new album of pure rock in
      the vein of A Perfect Circle, Incubus, and Hoobastank.

      Standout tracks include: the first single, "Tornado"; title track,
      "Planets"; a ballad, "Rise Above"; rocker "Bad Triangle," featuring a
      guest vocal appearance by Jujitsu master Ralek Gracie, aka Rio Life, a
      member of the world-renowned Gracie Family (and friend of Adema
      drummer Kris Kohls, himself an avid Jujitsu trainer); and fierce
      closer, "Vikraphone." Yet, the truth is, all the tracks on PLANETS
      (count them, 16!... plus one extra surprise!) are expertly-crafted,
      hook-laden songs; there is not a miss among them.

      2005 is the year PLANETS will send Adema into a whole different orbit.
      Earache is proud to be a part of this crucial step in Adema's career.


      7/31 - ITHACA, NY - THE HAUNT
      8/12 - SEMINOLE, FL - BOOMERZ
      8/13 - AUGUSTA, ME - LAST CALL
      8/14 - NASHVILLE, TN - EXIT/IN
      8/18 - BIRMINGHAM, AL - THE NICK
      8/26 - HOUSTON, TX - SCOUT BAR

      *** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
      -Radiant Records Announcements: GOD WON'T GIVE UP

      Hi there,

      How are you doing? Fabulous we trust. OK, enough small talk.

      Here's a fresh new release for ya:

      Neal Morse – GOD WON'T GIVE UP

      What? Another CD from Neal Morse? GOD WON'T GIVE UP and apparently
      Neal won't either! This is the CD that Neal wrote around the Spock's
      Beard SNOW period that somehow wound up floating around on the
      internet. That was the demo version. This is the full blown, "gotta
      get it right" version. Most of the songs have been re-cut with great
      attention to detail and quality. Featured are some songs that Neal has
      performed on his last Europe tour such as "The Crossroads" and "His
      Mercy Endureth" as well as a full blown version of "God Won't Give Up"
      with strings and a Gospel choir. You gotta hear it! It's powerful.
      Neal says "It was an interesting time in my life. At the time I was
      writing these songs I was dealing with whether or not to quit Spock's,
      and you can hear it in the songs. Like the line 'my music is now His'
      in 'I Sing My Love' and the song 'The Crossroads' is all about how I
      felt during that terrible valley of decision. In listening to it I can
      hear the struggle and the resolve that was going on with me at that

      The whole album shines with first rate production (mixed by Terry
      Christian) and incredibly emotional performances from Neal and guests.
      This is a Christian album from songs written early on in Neal's walk
      but we have found that non-Christians love these songs as well. Filled
      with fresh inspiration, GOD WON'T GIVE UP will make you feel good
      inside and give you some fresh inspiration wherever you are!

      Order now at: http://www.radiantrecords.com/


      Cherie Morse
      Radiant Records

      *** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
      -Acoustic Outcasts Hit The Road

      NASHVILLE, TN -- An all-star acoustic show, featuring the talents of
      some of hard rock/metal's most intriguing frontmen, will be hitting
      the road this summer with a package aptly titled the "Acoustic

      The tour will showcase the songs and voices of rock 'n' roll veterans
      Ron Keel (Keel, IronHorse, Steeler etc.), Terry Ilous (XYZ), Kelly
      Keeling (Michael Schenker Group, Blue Murder, Baton Rouge, George
      Lynch) Charlie Wayne (BulletBoys, Hawk, Keel & Wayne), and renowned
      guitarist JK Northrup (King Kobra, XYZ, Paul Shortino, etc.). Danny
      Vaughn (Tyketto, Waysted) will also be a special guest when the tour
      kicks off in Nashville on July 28th.

      All of these artists have all done acoustic shows and tours in the
      past and are well seasoned at delivering their hits in this manner.
      Keel & Wayne have been on a cross-country acoustic tour since
      February; Keeling has done a series of solo acoustic performances;
      Terry Ilous & JK Northrup did an entire sold-out acoustic tour opening
      for guitar legend Michael Schenker.

      "I love this format, because it gives the voices and songs a chance to
      shine in their own right," says Ron Keel. "The response to our Keel &
      Wayne acoustic tour has been extremely positive." [For a recent
      concert review of Keel & Wayne visit:
      http://www.hardrockhaven.net/reviews/concertrvws/keelandwayne05.php ]
      "It felt like the time was right to raise the bar and bring some good
      friends on board; I worked with Terry last year at the Rock 4 Xmas
      event in New York, and knew he'd be perfect for this package. Kelly is
      an amazing singer and musician with a diverse track record, and we go
      back a long way... Charlie and I have had a great time with out Keel &
      Wayne acoustic shows, so it was time to join forces with some other
      Outcasts and attempt to bring all this talent together into one

      The script for these shows is not your typical concert, and there is
      no "headliner" or "opening acts" -- the performance will be a constant
      revolution as the guys take turns playing and singing together,
      individually, and in various combinations, backing each other up
      throughout the night on the songs. After the 75-minute opening
      segment, there will be a 45-minute intermission, when fans can hang
      out with the guys, and get autographs, photos, and merchandise and
      watch a video compilation of the artists' clips. Then the show will
      resume, and climaxes with all of the guys on stage together backing
      each other up on hits like "The Right To Rock," "Inside Out," "Smooth
      Up In Ya," and many more.

      Individually, the Acoustic Outcasts' achievements read like a rock 'n'
      roll history lesson:

      Ron Keel: Over 2 million albums sold with Keel, Steeler, IronHorse,
      and as a solo artist -- also a brief tenure with Black Sabbath --
      sold-out world tours as headliner and opener for legends such as
      Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, and more -- radio & MTV hits include
      "The Right To Rock," "Because The Night," "Tears Of Fire," "Somebody's

      Terry Ilous: 2 Gold albums with XYZ -- world tours with Ted Nugent,
      Ozzy, Foreigner, Alice In Chains, and more -- radio & MTV hits include
      "Inside Out," "What Keeps Me Loving You."

      Kelly Keeling: His diverse career began with Atlantic act Baton Rouge
      -- has sung with some of the greatest guitar legends in the business:
      Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Sykes, John Norum -- written
      songs for Alice Cooper, Dokken.

      Charlie Wayne: Original lead vocalist for Warner Brothers platinum act
      BulletBoys, rejoined the band for reunion tours in recent years --
      also fronted Hawk, with Metal Method guitarist Doug Marks -- 2 Top 40
      singles ("Raised On Country," "The Crawdad Song") as Country solo
      artist -- now 1/2 of vocal duo Keel & Wayne with Ron Keel, their new
      single "I Gave It All To You" is being heard on CMT.

      JK Northrup: Renowned guitar slinger for XYZ, King Kobra, Billy
      Thorpe, Paul Shortino, and an accomplished solo artist -- will be
      accompanying Terry Ilous on the Acoustic Outcasts Tour.

      On Tour This Summer In Tennessee, Ohio, & Pennsylvania:

      Thursday July 28: Nashville, Tennessee: The Sutler - 2608 Franklin
      Pike, Nashville, 37204 - (615) 292-5254

      Friday & Saturday July 29 & 30: Columbus, Ohio: Cadillac Jack's - 1849
      Stringtown Rd, Grove City, 43123 - (614) 875-7244

      Tuesday August 2 - Put-in-Bay, Ohio: The Boathouse

      Wednesday August 3 - Erie, Pennsylvania: Sherlock's - 508 State St,
      Erie, PA 16501 - (814) 453-7760

      Friday August 5 - Lancaster, Ohio: Coach's Corner - 434 N Columbus St,
      Lancaster OH 43130 - (740) 654-8933

      Saturday August 6 - Dayton, Ohio: Soft Rock Café - 877 East Franklin
      Street, Dayton OH 45459 (937) 438-3093

      *** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
      -Molly Hatchet In "Dukes Of Hazzard" Film

      It seems only fitting that Florida's Molly Hatchet should have a place
      in a film dedicated to the law-defying adventures of Southern US
      country folk. Their 1979 hit "Flirtin' With Disaster" is featured in
      the upcoming "Dukes Of Hazzard" film and soundtrack.

      Formed in 1975, Molly Hatchet have been churning out hard rockin'
      Southern tinged guitar jams for two decades. Their most recent
      release, WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW BRIDGE on SPV Records, shows the band
      still have that same power and passion they've had since day one. The
      song "Son Of The South" kicks things into high gear with what Gritz
      magazine praises, "could, and should be, a new anthem for Southern
      Rockers everywhere. It's a totally infectious slice of 21st century
      Southern Rock apple pie, washed down with Jack Daniels." Samples of
      the new album can be heard at
      http://www.spvusa.com/mollyhatchet/ecard.html .

      Molly Hatchet are currently on the North American leg of the WARRIORS
      OF THE RAINBOW BRIDGE tour. For a complete list of dates visit the
      bands official website, http://www.mollyhatchet.com/ .


      *** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
      -Helloween To Release DVD Anthology HELLISH VIDEOS: THE COMPLETE VIDEO
      COLLECTION Through Sanctuary Visual Entertainment On August 16, 2005

      Comprehensive Compilation Includes Bonus Extras

      The highly influential heavy metal band Helloween will release HELLISH
      through Sanctuary Visual Entertainment. This DVD, compiled and
      produced by vocalist Andi Deris, features all the promotional videos
      ever made by the band.

      The 13 tracks include: "Halloween," "I Want Out," "Kids Of The
      Century," "When The Sinner," "Mr. Ego," "Where The Rain Grows,"
      "Perfect Gentleman," "Power," "The Time Of The Oath," "Forever And One
      (Neverland)" "I Can," "If I Could Fly" and "Just A Little Sign." These
      videos appropriately reflect Helloween's musical diversity. The stark,
      enigmatic "Halloween" shows the band performing in the middle of a
      forest while "Just A Little Sign" features state-of-the-art,
      space-themed animation.

      Bonus extras include a live version of "Hey Lord!" as well as a photo
      gallery and behind-the-scenes tour outtakes.

      Helloween was formed in Hamburg, Germany. The band quickly earned
      acclaim and became a major influence in 1980s heavy metal by creating
      a style known as power metal. Massive success followed, especially in
      Europe and Japan. Helloween has weathered and overcame tragedy and
      lineup changes to solidify its position as the world's leading
      practitioner of power metal for more than 20 years.

      are for songs from genre-defining albums like KEEPER OF THE SEVEN

      For all the latest Helloween news, visit:


      *** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
      -S.O.D. To Release New DVD 20 YEARS OF DYSFUNCTION

      "What's the lesson here? Don't **** off with a belt around your neck,"
      yells S.O.D. frontman Billy Milano while performing the song, "Ballad
      Of INXS."

      "Whoa...wait, their not dead yet....but we will wait," quips S.O.D.
      while attempting to perform the hit song, "Ballad Of Stone Temple

      NEW YORK, NY -- Megaforce Records and metal/hardcore pioneers S.O.D.
      will release a new DVD entitled, 20 YEARS OF DYSFUNCTION, on July 26,
      2005. It will also include the classic "Pussywhipped" as a bonus CD
      and extensive liner notes celebrating 20 years of the band.

      S.O.D. began in the mid-1980's during a break in the recording of
      Anthrax's SPREADING THE DISEASE. What started out as a quick,
      satirical release for Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker, and the
      infamous Billy Milano, S.O.D. has turned into a seminal band
      influencing countless hardcore, metalcore, and post-hardcore bands.
      Their first album, SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE, has sold over 400,000 and
      remains an underground classic.

      "The great thing about this DVD is that it's mostly shot from the
      angle and perspective of S.O.D. fans. No bullshit, just in-your-face
      performances the way they should be shot, with camcorders and
      handhelds." says Billy Milano of S.O.D. Never to be outdone, S.O.D.
      and its lyrical genius continues with some new soon-to-be-classics
      such as the "Ballad Of Tupac," "Ballad Of Biggie Small," "Ballad Of
      INXS," and much more.

      *** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
      -IcebergRadio.com's Metal Radio Adds

      The following albums were added to TheIceberg.com's Metal Stations
      recently: BWBK.com, '80s Hair Bands, Budweiser Radio, BlackDeath,
      ProgPower, Hair Transplant, '80s Aggression, Roots Of Metal.

      THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX - 3 (Meterocity): BWBK.com, Budweiser Radio
      BIOHAZARD - Means To An End (SPV): BWBK.com, Budweiser Radio
      BLINDSIDE - A Thought Crushed My Mind (DRT): BWBK.com, Budweiser Radio
      BRAZEN ABOTT - My Resurrection (Frontiers): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      CIRCLE II CIRCLE - The Middle Of Nowhere (AFM): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      CIRCUS MAXIMUS - The First Chapter (Sensory): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      BYZANTINE - And They Shall Take Up Serpents (Prosthetic): BWBK.com,
      Budweiser Radio
      DARKANE - Layers Of Lies (Century Media): BWBK.com, BlackDeath
      DECEASED - As The Weird Travel On (The End): BWBK.com
      DISIPLIN - Disiplin (Moonfog): BWBK.com, BlackDeath
      FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - Dreams Of Death (Crash): BWBK.com
      GOAT HORN - Threatening Force (Basement Metal): BWBK.com
      IOMMI - Fused (Sanctuary): BWBK.com, Hair Transplant
      JACKNIFE - Moment Of Reckoning (Zero Sum): BWBK.com, Budweiser Radio
      KULT OF AZAZEL - The World, The Flesh And The Devil (Crash): BWBK.com,
      MACHINE MEN - Elegies (Century Media): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Unleash The Fury (Spitfire): BWBK.com
      PENETRATOR - Penetrator (Sonic Age): BWBK.com,
      POWER QUEST - Magic Never Dies (Majestic Rock): ProgPower
      PURE SWEET HELL - The Voyeurs Of Utter Destruction As Beauty (Crash):
      ROYAL HUNT - Paper Blood (Magna Carta): BWBK.com, ProgPower
      SHAAMAN - Reason (AFM): BWBK.com
      STRYPER - Reborn (Big 3): BWBK.com, Hair Transplant
      THROWDOWN - Vendetta (Trustkill): BWBK.com, Budweiser Radio
      WIDOW - On Fire (Cruz Del Sur): BWBK.com

      Brave Pick Of The Week:
      TONY IOMMI/GLENN HUGHES - Fused (Sanctuary)

      BWBK.com is BW&BK Magazine's noisy audio brother and can be found at
      http://www.BWBK.com/ and via the Metal News section at
      http://www.HardRadio.com/ !

      For more info about BWBK.com contact metaltim@icebergmedia or

      BWBK.com is the noisy audio brother to BW&BK Magazine!

      www.BWBK.com - 24/7 Audio Assault!

      *** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
      -Unicorn Escapes The '60s

      Band Name: Unicorn
      Website Address: http://www.cosmicstoryteller.com/
      Music Style: many-styled classic rock '60s concept album
      Soundfile: https://www.cdbaby.com/allmp3/unicorn.m3u
      Description: A cornucopia of American styles, from hard rock to folk,
      pop, jazz, blues, country, R&B, a poetic tapestry featuring guitars,
      horns, strings, sitars, muscular lead vocals and


      A folk musician gone electric, Stoney Young came west from Detroit at
      the age of 19 to the golden music mecca of Los Angeles in late 1965
      (shortly after the Watts riot) to follow in the footsteps of Dylan,
      the Beach Boys and the Beatles, to put it all together and realize his
      vision of a group whose sum was more than that of its individual
      parts. He connected with his 16 year old drummer cousin, Lucky Parker
      of Bell Gardens, Calif., someone influenced by wildly different styles
      of music, surf and jazz. They met countrified guitarist Richard T.
      Wyatt, 21 (of Laredo, Tex.), in a drunken stupor at the Whiskey
      a-Go-Go during a Byrds show. They met up again by chance at a Holiday
      party and proceeded to jam with Efrem.

      Now there is new music for audiences that love music.


      HOLLYWOOD, CA -- A Los Angeles area record company has announced the
      release of THE COSMIC STORYTELLER (Platform CD 4780), said to be "the
      lost 1967 masterpiece concept album by the legendary L.A. rock band,

      "Great 'new' music for the people who buy over $4 billion yearly in
      catalog rock and pop&and it sounds like hit radio the way it used to
      be!" -- Harold Childs, "the Dean of Record Promotion" (A&M, Warner
      Bros., Polygram, Qwest).

      "It fits squarely in the reawakening by radio to music that crosses
      over to wider audiences." -- Mark "In The Dark" Shands, Music
      Director, DMX Music (on over 800 cable systems)

      "Chock full of fine, timeless songs" -- Bill Hartew, KLOS-FM, Los

      "One of my favorite '60s" groups -- Michelle Phillips (the Mamas and
      the Papas)

      "An enjoyable listen, a well-crafted and ambitious project...a classy
      sense of spirit and style...powerful....with muscular vocals..." --
      All Music Guide.

      "New yet somehow familiar...with its theme of the transcendence of
      creativity, THE COSMIC STORYTELLER voices the hopes, joys and sorrows
      of love, and concerns belonging to every generation..." -- Rock City

      THE COSMIC STORYTELLER was recorded by Unicorn with guest appearances
      by members of The Association, Steppenwolf, Spirit, Rick Nelson's
      Stone Canyon Band, Hal Blaine's Wrecking Crew, The Marvin Gaye Band,
      The Ray Charles Orchestra, and the late sitar master, Rahul
      Sakyaputra. It features 13 tracks that take the listener on a
      philosophical journey through many musical styles.

      Unicorn is also the subject of a forthcoming documentary that tells
      the band's tumultuous story and features many '60s pop icons such as
      Michelle Phillips, The Lovin' Spoonful, Barry McGuire, Scott McKenzie,
      Hal Blaine, Moby Grape, and the Electric Prunes.

      The Cosmic Storyteller by Unicorn is available online from
      http://www.CDBaby.com/ ; and downloads at the iTunes Music Store. More
      information is available at http://www.cosmicstoryteller.com/ or by
      emailing cosmicstoryteller@.... Radio promotion is
      under the direction of Harold Childs, harold@....

      *** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
      -Beautiful Creatures To Release DEUCE On August 23, 2005 Through
      Spitfire Records

      NEW YORK -- Beautiful Creatures puts a fresh spin on hard rock and
      heavy metal. This kind of honest rock 'n' roll never goes away and
      never will, it just takes on new shapes and forms.

      The universe loves pure rock 'n' roll bands and will open its arms to
      welcome the long-awaited Beautiful Creatures album DEUCE on August 23,
      2005. This is the band's first release for Spitfire Records, an
      imprint of Eagle Rock Entertainment.

      DEUCE is a full-blooded hard rock/heavy metal album full of
      in-your-face attitude and punchy, blast-furnace songs. The first
      single from DEUCE will be "Anyone." The album also includes "Thanks,"
      "Freedom," "Unforgiven," "Save Me," "Empty," "Never," "Super Fly,"
      "Straight To Hell," "The Unknown," "Ton Of Lead," "Brand New Day" and
      "I Won't Be The One."

      DEUCE, which was produced and mixed by Focx, is Beautiful Creatures'
      second album. It's been four years since its self-titled debut was
      released. The record company shakeups and band member changes that
      happened shortly after that would destroy lesser bands. Not Beautiful

      Beautiful Creatures' vocalist Joe LeSte, rhythm guitarist Anthony
      Focx, lead guitarist Mark Simpson, bass guitarist Kenny Kweens and
      drummer Timmy Russell are excited about the return of the band.

      "It took a long time to complete DEUCE because we didn't want to have
      any throwaway songs on it," LeSte says. "It's a very well-rounded
      album and we're very happy with it. We're all focused and have a very
      positive attitude.

      "We're all about perseverance," he continues. "You have to remember
      that when our first album came out, there was no Darkness or Velvet
      Revolver, and we endured being a 'rock band.' Yet we played with Kiss,
      then we played on Ozzfest and got a great reception and then toured
      for another year."

      The rabid, overwhelmingly positive reaction Beautiful Creatures
      received from its early fans even exceeded what the veteran members
      had experienced in their previous bands. LeSte was the lead vocalist
      with Bang Tango and Simpson (a new addition to the band along with
      Russell) was the lead guitarist with Flotsam & Jetsam, but Beautiful
      Creatures sounds nothing like them.

      Big plans are afoot for a major tour to promote DEUCE. Beautiful
      Creatures will be performing some radio shows including August 27th
      Motorycycle Mayhem in Fresno with LIT.

      "Beautiful Creatures is a gang," LeSte says. "We're a team. We put our
      heart and soul into everything."

      For all the latest news, including updated tour date information,
      visit http://www.beautifulcreatures.net/ .

      Eagle Rock Entertainment is one of the leading independent sources for
      music audio and audio/visual programming, which it releases worldwide
      on DVD, CD and other formats, as well as through channels such as
      television and VOD. Eagle Rock's mission is to bring music fans high
      quality music audio and audio/ visual content from the broadest range
      of artists, with superior production, sound and high definition
      visuals, as well as other historically significant releases. Eagle
      Vision's extensive catalog covers every genre of music, and includes
      the Classic Albums documentary series, which tells the stories behind
      some of the greatest albums in rock history, and Live At Montreux,
      which features performances from top artists at the legendary Montreux
      Jazz Festival.

      The company's record imprints include frontline artist label Eagle
      Records, and the hard rock/heavy metal label Spitfire Records. Eagle
      Media releases a variety of comedy, television and fact-based
      programming. Eagle Vision, Eagle Records, Eagle Media, Eagle Eye Media
      and Spitfire are imprints of Eagle Rock Entertainment, Inc. in the
      U.S., which is a part of Eagle Rock Entertainment, Ltd. The company's
      North American headquarters are in New York City. Its corporate
      headquarters are in London, with offices in Toronto, Paris and

      *** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
      -Skinny Puppy Live DVD Available September 27

      The progenitors of electronic/industrial rock, Skinny Puppy, are
      releasing their first DVD! Captured live along 2004's sold-out North
      American tour, this is your first chance to witness the alarming and
      engaging visual apocalypse that is Skinny Puppy. The production value
      of the live show is outstanding in all respects and the set list is
      the best of the best of Puppy's prolific catalogue. Along with this
      extended concert and lengthy encore segments is a whole separate disk
      of special features. THE GREATER WRONG OF THE RIGHT LIVE is a
      quintessential reference for any hardcore Puppy follower.

      To celebrate the arrival of Skinny Puppy's first DVD, SPV USA is proud
      to sponsor viewing parties throughout North America prior to the
      September 27th release date. The following are confirmed viewing
      parties. Additional parties in Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Los
      Angeles will be announced soon.


      Baltimore, MD - Kommencement/Sun Sonar - 25-Sep
      Boston, MA - Ceremony/Mon An Tua Nua - 19-Sep
      Cleveland, OH - The Chamber/Fri/Sat Phantasy - TBA
      Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX - The Church/Sun/Thurs Lizard Lounge - TBA
      Denver, CO - Transmission/Thurs Wave - 22-Sep
      Detroit, MI - Video Appreciation/Tues Luna - 20-Sep
      Houston, TX - HaVoK/Sun Club Encounters - 11-Sep
      Ithaca, NY - Dark Odyssey/Wed Haunt - 21-Sep
      New York, NY - Albion/Sat Downtime - 24-Sep
      Orlando, FL - Necropolis/Wed Independent Bar - 21-Sep
      Philadelphia, PA - Nocturne/Wed Shampoo - 21-Sep
      Phoenix, AZ - Sadisco/Sat Anti-Space - 23-Sep
      San Diego, CA - Klub Therapy/Fri Shooterz - 23-Sep
      Seattle-Tacoma, WA - On The Edge/Fri Vogue - 23-Sep
      San Francisco, CA - Death Guild/Mon Trocadero - 19-Sep
      Tampa, FL - Communion After Dark/Sat Castle - 24-Sep
      Washington, DC - Alchemy/Thurs Nation - 22-Sep

      * dates are subject to change


      01. Downsizer
      02. I'mmortal
      03. Pro-test
      04. Empte
      05. Curcible
      06. God's Gift Maggot
      07. VX Gas Attack
      08. Warlock
      09. Deep Down Trauma Hounds
      10. Hexonexxon
      11. Tinomen
      12. Inquisition
      13. HardSetHead
      14. Human Disease
      15. Harsh Stone White
      16. Reclamation
      17. Convulsion
      18. Testure
      19. Smothered Hope


      To round out the conceptual base of the project, William Morrisson hit
      the road in America and Europe to shoot a documentary called
      INFORMATION WARFARE. William visited former Attorney General Ramsey
      Clark in N.Y.C., he travelled to Capitol Hill in Washington to speak
      with the Gulf War Veterans resource centre and enlisted the help of
      Iraqi filmmaker Duraid Mujanim who travelled to Iraq with camera's
      after the recent occupation began. The result is a shocking expose
      revealing the truth about civilian casualties in Iraq and the
      coalition's use of Depleted Uranium as a weapon in the battlefield.


      The segment titled EUROTRAUMA revisits Puppy on tour in Europe in
      1988. Culled from tapes shot primarily by the late Dwayne Rudolph
      Goettel and compiled and edited by Ogre himself, this thirty minute
      segment is a day by day log of the tour from the bands point of view.
      Everything from life back stage and in the hotel to the band
      confronting the Berlin Wall before it was torn down. Along with a lot
      of highly entertaining footage of the band is rare footage of the live
      shows themselves.

      Archive Material

      There are even more film segments which showcase footage of two more
      legendary Puppy tours. TOO DARK PARK and LAST RIGHTS. These shows were
      filmed in 16mm by Jim Vanbebber (Charlie's Family and "Spasmolytic"
      video clip). Jim and friends appeared at these shows armed with a few
      bolex cameras and ripped on Hallucinogens. The result is a window on
      two legendary performances and footage that has never been seen by
      anyone before.

      Skinny Puppy Official Website

      *** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
      -The End Records Launch Street Team - Team Omega!

      We are launching Team Omega to help spread the word on the eclectic
      mix of bands that make up the roster of The End Records. Music is a
      form of art and we support artists that are talented, original and
      keep on pushing the boundaries of music. We know there are tons of
      people out there that share the same feelings and want to help out.
      This will become an integral part of our operations. We don't just see
      Team Omega as a separate entity to the label -- the members will be
      part of The End Records family. We want you to be active, speak up,
      offer advice, while at the same time take the initiative to make the
      best choices in helping us get the label's bands info out there.

      For more info on the street team, getting materials to start up and
      wanting to interact with others, go here to sign up:
      http://theendrecords.com/teamomega/registration_form.php .

      The End Records

      Label | Mail-Order | Distribution

      *** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
      -John Taglieri: GiG Alert - Big Shows This Week Plus News!

      Hey all! How are you? Hope all is going well and you are enjoying some
      serious summer fun! After a weekend up in Cape Cod with SCUBA, batting
      cages, some golf and being dragged on a tube behind a boat, my body is
      hurting! But I had a blast!

      Ok...onto this weeks gigs and news...

      GiG Alert!!

      Tuesday, July 26th - Circa, NJ Songwriters Showcase - 375 West Passaic
      Street, Rochelle Park, NJ 07066, 201-368-9442, 8:00pm
      This is a songwriters showcase with 8 of the top songwriters in the
      area!! Defintiely come on out and catch this!

      Saturday, July 30th - Quick Check NJ Festival Of Ballooning, Solberg
      Airport, Readington, NJ, 800-468-2479, 5:00pm Set - FULL BAND SHOW!
      Opening for Dennis DeYoung from Styx.

      Check out the gigs page for info on the upcoming tour with Robert
      Matarazzo in August!!

      NOW is NOW FOR SALE!!

      The release date for NOW is 8/2/05, but you can get it NOW! Just go to
      http://www.awarestore.com/ and you can pre-order the CD so that it'll
      be shipped to you the day it is released. Aware will be the only place
      to get the CD for the first month of it's release, so get on over
      there and pick it up!! We will also be announcing the winner of the
      DVD player from the Presale on 8/2 as well!

      NOW to be Featured CD!

      The first single from NOW will be "How Will I Know" and it will be
      featured on http://www.blowupradio.com/ and also on
      http://www.radiocrystalblue.com/ over the next two weeks! So
      defintiely tune in to both online stations and check it out! NOW will
      also be the "Featured CD Of The Week" on BlowUpRadio.com either next
      week or the week after, so be sure to check it out!

      Featured Artist Of The Month!!

      I have been chosen as the Featured Artist Of The Month on Skidmark
      Media's Website ( http://www.skidmark-multimedia.co.uk/ ) SkidMark is
      one of the premiere UK sites for Indie Musicians...so check it out!

      Street Team

      Make sure you head over to streetteam.JohnTaglieri.com and check out
      what the street team has going on! Katie and Kyra are working hard to
      put some good things together to promote the release of the CD, so
      check it out!


      Are you over at MySpace yet?? WHY NOT!?? WE are nearing 5,000 friends
      at MySpace, so check it out! http://www.myspace.com/JohnTaglieriMusic

      Ok...thats it for this week. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you
      at the shows! Dont forget to go to http://www.awarestore.com/ and
      order your copy of NOW!

      Talk soon...

      Stay Well...

      Keep The Faith!!


      *** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
      -Fireball Ministry Joins Liquor And Poker's Rock Crusade

      Acclaimed L.A. quartet to tour with CKY, release new album this fall

      LOS ANGELES -- Rock saviors Fireball Ministry, recently dubbed the "#1
      metal band you need to know now" by Guitar World, have officially
      joined the roster of Liquor And Poker Music. The L.A.-based rock label
      will release the group's new album, THEIR ROCK IS NOT OUR ROCK, on
      Oct. 18. A rough mix of the new track "Sundown" has been posted at
      Liquor And Poker's website, http://www.liquorandpokermusic.com/ .

      Produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver,
      StonQueens of the Stone Age) and engineered by Mike Terry (Black Rebel
      Motorcycle Club, Ash, Halford), THEIR ROCK... is the quartet's third
      full-length album, and their first featuring new bassist Johny Chow
      (Systematic, My Ruin). Its release will be preceded by a nationwide
      Adio Footwear-sponsored tour in support of CKY, which kicks off Aug. 8
      in San Diego. (The complete itinerary for the five-week "Rock Adio"
      tour can be accessed at http://www.rockadio.com/ .)

      Fireball Ministry -- also featuring vocalist/guitarist Rev. James A.
      Rota II, guitarist Emily J. Burton and drummer John Oreshnick -- broke
      ground on their "first church of rock n' roll" in the late 1990s. They
      soon developed a devoted cult following with their first two releases,
      OU EST LA ROCK? (French for "Where is the rock?") and 2001's F.M.E.P.,
      as well as their memorable live performances.

      But it wasn't until 2003's THE SECOND GREAT AWAKENING, also produced
      by Raskulinecz, that the group's powerhouse rock was granted a
      worldwide pulpit. In support of the critically acclaimed album, the
      band toured America with the likes of Dio, Anthrax, Motorhead and
      Andrew W.K., while their European touring alongside Blue Oyster Cult,
      Uriah Heep and CKY converted many overseas believers.

      The group has also toured and/or shared the stage with such rock and
      metal heavyweights as Slayer, Mastodon, Killswitch Engage, Danzig,
      Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, High On Fire, Fear Factory, The Datsuns,
      Dimmu Borgir, Hatebreed, Ill Nino, Slipknot, Soilwork, Lamb of God,
      Life of Agony, Shadows Fall, Soulfly and Turbonegro. Expect that list
      to grow extensively in the coming months.

      "We are very happy to announce our joining forces with Liquor And
      Poker," Rota said. "We hope that you all will find the new CD as
      enjoyable as you did the last one. If you don't, there's plenty of
      other shit out there masking itself as party rock, so gel up your hair
      and bust out the eyeliner. Nick and Mike have been forging a slab of
      stone so heavy that you better buy it its own 12-pack for when you get
      it home. THEIR ROCK IS NOT OUR ROCK...enough said."

      Fireball Ministry is currently featured on Bam Margera Presents: VIVA
      LA BANDS, a compilation CD assembled by the skateboarding MTV
      personality of "Jackass" and "Viva La Bam fame." (Margera name-checked
      the group in a recent Entertainment Weekly feature.) They will perform
      live during an in-store appearance alongside Margera at the Virgin
      Megastore on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles today at 4 p.m.

      Home to such celebrated groups as Nebula and The Hellacopters, and
      with a catalog that includes notable releases by Backyard Babies and
      Hanoi Rocks, Liquor And Poker Music recently celebrated its two-year
      anniversary. Its mission statement remains clear: to develop the next
      generation of rock stars.


      *** PRESS RELEASE #15 ***
      -Andrew W. Bordoni Releases His New Album ECLECTICA

      Band Name: Andrew W. Bordoni
      Website Address: http://www.andrewbordoni.com/
      Music Style: Progressive Rock/Metal/Movie Score/Techno Hybrid


      Andrew W. Bordoni, Born on June 18th 1973 in Ashton (Great Britain),
      has been a guitarist/composer for over 15 years. His experiences
      include working for one of the biggest media networks in Europe
      (Mediaset) as a composer and producer and has been a live and studio
      session musician with various artists. His inspirations range from
      Steve Lukather (Toto), Yngwie Malmsteen, John Williams (Composer) and
      Yanni. He recently founded his own innovative music school & studio.

      CHICAGO -- Critically acclaimed guitarist & composer Andrew W. Bordoni
      isn't your typical "shred-fest" guitarist.

      With influences that go from Steve Lukather (Toto) to John Williams
      (composer) to Moby and everything in between, his style is fresh and
      original. Tired of the current "copy cat" music scene and boring
      instrumental albums, Andrew focuses on creating something new and
      original yet somewhat familiar.

      His past project EARTHCUBED featured Kristin Lamb on Vocals and Violin
      and combined progressive metal with celtic and AOR influences. His new
      project ECLECTICA features professional opera singer Robin Wiper and
      fuses elements of metal, techno and movie score styles. Several songs
      from the new album ECLECTICA are also going to be featured in the
      upcoming independent movie "The Runner Trilogy" from award winning
      director Henry Lopez (Best Director/Best Short Movie at the New York
      Independent Film Festival 200)

      ECLECTICA is the new brainchild of british guitarist & composer Andrew
      W. Bordoni.

      After two highly regarded and successful albums with EARTHCUBED, Mr.
      Bordoni teams up with singer Robin Wiper for an album that is bound to
      break barriers and be noted as one of the most original in the Hard
      Rock/Metal scene in years to come!

      ECLECTICA is in a genre of its own combining many influences and
      styles making it very difficult to categorize yet remaning catchy,
      melodic and somehow familiar. The best way to put it is to take the
      vocal approach of Nightwish, the commercial appeal of Evanescence, the
      grooves of Juno Reactor and the epicity of composer Don Davis from
      "The Matrix" soundtrack and you can sort of get an idea...

      The amazing vocal performance of Robin Wiper, the groovy and powerful
      drumming of Todd Sorensen matched with the guitar wizardry of Andrew
      W. Bordoni and the stellar production makes ECLECTICA a must have for
      any fan of independent music!

      6 Vocal tracks, 4 instrumentals and a fantastic guest appearance of
      Maestro Shredder Matt Konfirst for over 50 minutes of amazing music!
      Plenty of reviews can be found on the internet just by "googling"
      "earthcubed" or "andrew w. bordoni" but here are just some comments
      about Andrew W. Bordoni's music:

      "...Should be signed with a label!"- CD Baby customer
      "...excellent slice of melodic metal...tasteful guitar shredding...8.5
      out of 10!" - Big Badd Wolf Media
      "...It is a journey to a powerful and enchanted land" - CD Baby
      "...The proof, the dimension, the prowess, is in the songs, which go
      many places, surprise and scope at each turn..." - www.bravewords.com

      For more info, samples, and to purchase CDs visit:

      *** PRESS RELEASE #16 ***
      -Tesla's Record Fifth Appearance On "3 Guys Pickin" -- Aug 1st!

      Last April, the 3 Guys traveled to Detroit to film the acoustic Tesla
      show & interview guitarist Frank Hannon. 3GP loudmouth, Tyler, was
      even brought up on stage by Tesla to play acoustic guitar on "Little

      Brodie & Frank talked about the Tesla covers CD, the Tesla acoustic
      CD, the Frank Hannon Band CD, converting hard rocking Tesla tunes to
      acoustic, Frank's last appearance on 3GP, and how 3GP got Frank to
      start playing the intro to "Little Suzi" again.

      Upcoming interviews include Lamb Of God, Fall Out Boy, Vans Warped
      Tour, Martika, and Chicago Sun Times & Tribune rock critics Jim
      DeRogatis & Greg Kot.

      "3 Guys Pickin," the most electrifying cable access show IN Chicago (&
      also the world), features Tyler, Brodie & Dave the Extra waxing
      philosophical about today's pop culture, with celeb interviews, skits,
      live music & lots of bravado.

      "3 Guys Pickin"
      Mondays, 10:30pm
      cable channel 19
      Chicago city limits only

      For celebrity guest list, please see:

      Thanks for your support!

      Sherri Vale
      Publicity "3 Guys Pickin"

      schedule subject to change.

      *** PRESS RELEASE #17 ***
      -Dog Faced Gods To Kick Off Summer Tour In Support Of Debut Album

      After experiencing critical success with the release of their debut
      album STONED COUNCIL (Voodoo/AGU Music), the Dog Faced Gods have
      announced that they will be embarking on a summer-long tour that will
      take them from Pittsburg, PA to Portland, OR in just two months.

      The Dog Faced Gods, who hail from the ancient San Manuel Indian
      Reservation in California, are known for their distinctive sound that
      incorporates the traditional rhythms of their native heritage with the
      eclectic backbeats of today's commercial music. And fans and critics
      alike just can't get enough.

      "The Dog Faced Gods take alt-rock's angst-ridden minor-key
      modulations, metal's chugging riffs, and dashes of hip-hop, and mix
      the influences into a debut album that has more twists than the
      Pacific Coast Highway," said Rob O'Connor from Revolver Magazine.

      Kicking off August 9th in Pittsburg, PA, the tour runs through
      September ending in Denver, CO. The official tour dates include:

      Tuesday, August 9th - Pittsburg, PA - Rex Theatre
      Wednesday, August 10th - Hartford, CT - Webster Theater
      Thursday, August 11th - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
      Saturday, August 13th - Cleveland, OH - The Odeon
      Monday, August 15th - Baltimore, MD - Ottos
      Tuesday, August 16th - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theater
      Wednesday, August 17th - West Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern
      Thursday, August 18th - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
      Saturday, August 20th - Seminole, FL - Boomers Boiler Room
      Tuesday, August 23rd - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks
      Wednesday, August 24th - Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds
      Saturday, August 27th - Fort Worth, TX - Ridgela Tavern
      Saturday, Sept. 3rd - Salt Lake City, UT - Ultimate Combat Academy
      Sunday, Sept. 4th - Boise, ID - Boogies
      Monday, Sept. 5th - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
      Wednesday, Sept. 7th - Portland, OR - Rock n' Roll Pizza
      Friday, Sept. 9th - Highland, CA - San Manuel Casino
      Sunday, Sept.11th - W. Hollywood, CA - Key Club
      Tuesday, Sept. 13th - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge

      Tour dates are continually being added. For more information about the
      Dog Faced Gods' tour, visit http://www.dogfacedgods.com/ .

      *** PRESS RELEASE #18 ***
      -C.C. Banana Reunites With Banana 7, Records Song For Tribute Album!

      In response to the reunion of C.C. DeVille with his former bandmates
      in Samantha 7, DeVille protégée and hard rock comic C.C. Banana will
      reunite with his own band, Banana 7! For their first collaboration
      since 2003, the unorthodox outfit recorded a rousing rendition of The
      Banana Splits theme, otherwise known as "The Tra La La Song." This
      television favorite from the late 1960s is scheduled for inclusion on
      the upcoming Saturday morning cartoon tribute album COMPLETE BALANCED
      BREAKFAST, alongside the themes of such other beloved classics as "Fat
      Albert," "Animaniacs" and "Land of the Lost."

      "If C.C. DeVille can reunite Samantha 7, then C.C. Banana can reunite
      Banana 7!" insisted the six-foot fruit. "Not that we ever broke up,
      mind you. We just haven't been offered a gig in over two years."
      Banana 7's last public appearance was on the MSX Tour alongside Faster
      Pussycat, Enuff Z'Nuff and Pretty Boy Floyd, performing fractured
      versions of Skid Row's "I Remember You" and the Archie Bunker classic
      "Those Were the Days."

      "Banana 7 is honored to ride the coattails of Samantha 7," the yellow
      fellow continued. "We look forward to fans sampling the fruits of our

      C.C. Banana began life as a twisted homage to Poison/Samantha 7
      guitarist C.C. DeVille, yet soon took on a life of his own. He again
      made news for his infamous nightclub showdown with former Skid Row
      vocalist Sebastian Bach and for starring in the BACKSTAGE BANANA home
      video alongside members of Poison, Winger and Cinderella. C.C. Banana
      has gained notoriety for his irreverent interviews with the likes of
      Jani Lane of Warrant, Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns and even Star Wars
      creator George Lucas. He has appeared with Uranium host Juliya on Fuse
      TV and has even been profiled in the UK's "Classic Rock" magazine.
      C.C. Banana has served as comedy opener for the likes of Danger
      Danger, Bret Michaels of Poison and comedian Craig Gass of The Howard
      Stern Show. He's also been featured on Fox News and is a recurring
      guest on Sirius Satellite Radio. Most recently, C.C. was honored at
      the Banana Birthday Blowout featuring live performances by Enuff
      Z'Nuff and Mike Tramp's White Lion. C.C. Banana is perhaps best known
      for entertaining visitors of the Metal Sludge website with tales of
      his outlandish misadventures.

      COMPLETE BALANCED BREAKFAST is scheduled for release by Lunar Moth
      Entertainment in early fall 2005. Further information is available at
      their website:


      Further information about C.C. Banana is available at his website:


      *** PRESS RELEASE #19 ***
      -W:O:A Newsletter July 2005

      Dear Metalheadz!

      Here yon'll find the new Easter Newsletter from W:O:A with the latest
      info about the W:O:A!

      16. WACKEN : OPEN : AIR 2005


      04.08. - 06.08.2005

      Now the latest and last Newsletter about the W:O:A 2005: 10 days

      The billing is now complete, the following bands are confirmed:


      Additionally we have two fat Surprise Acts for you!

      The running order, which band plays when is online now:

      In addition we have a large draw about one of the Suprise Acts:

      This year again there will be an info SMS service + WAP-Portal, more
      infos below...

      *** Tickets ***

      Info: http://www.wacken.com/

      There are enough Tickets, 3-Day, 2-Day and Day tickets left, go the
      Metaltix Online shop or call the hotline!

      Careful: Box office = higher price!

      The 3-Day Ticket includes:

      > free camping starting from 03.08.05
      > free entrance for the Wacken Swimming Pool starting from 01.08.05
      > camp directly at your car
      > no limitations of drinks and food on the camping ground
      > reservations of camping ground for groups with more than 50 peopple
      > only grass surfaces, short ways to the festival ground and village
      > mind. 60 Bands on 4 Open Air Stages and a Tent stage (Headbangers
      > Video screen, LED-Info-Systems
      > beer garden
      > park-fee 20,- EUR per car (doesn't matter how many people inside)
      and much more

      The tickets price is 79,00 EUR incl. presale charge + p&p

      Ticket link: http://www.metaltix.com/link/?cat,2013,nlwoa20050709 or
      hotline +49 (0) 4627 - 18 38 38


      To get the latest news of the W:O:A while you are there, we offer the
      Info Service via Mobile Phone.

      But this year we won't only send you SMS, but you get access to the
      W:O:A Mobile Portal, too! The W:O:A Mobile Portal will be in English

      You will receive SMS if there are important changes in the running
      order, etc.

      With the W:O:A Mobile Portal you have access to many great features!



      Now we have created our own Wacken jewelry with high-quality packaging
      and is available from now on!


      MEET & GREET

      The times for the Meet & Greet incl. our surprise acts are here:


      This year we have two internet cafes at the W:O:A.

      The first will be on the festival site, near the beer garden and Jim
      Beam Stage, the other one at the W:O:A Office.

      Opening times: Wednesday, 3.8. till Sunday, 7.8. - 24 h opened.

      Additionaly there will be USB Adpapters and Memory Readers for your
      digital cameras. So you have the chance to burn the photos to cd-r!


      From now on you find the maps of the Festival- and Camping site:


      The location: The large tent behind the party stage!

      1: Artists and their works: Jowita Kaminska: Original cover paintings
      in oil for Exodus, Manilla Road, Attacker, Steelpreacher, Witchburner
      and many more. ...

      Gerd Kornmann: Abstract structures, brutally and fine exploding energy
      with acrylics on heavy wooden plates.

      Till Burgwächer: The German metal satyric writer presents his latest
      book "Zwischen Aasbüttel Und Vaalermoor - Die Wahrheit über Wacken."
      He'll read excerpts from it on stage at the metal market on Friday and
      Saturday during the festival.

      Jan Oidium: Comics and illustrations for Wacken Open Air, the first
      Horny Henry cartoon, HammerFall, Chris Caffery, Mad Machine, Slayer
      and many more.

      2: Installation: Metal Sani Version 3.0: Oidium's loudest "Metal Sani
      Toilet" rocks Wacken again. The truest Metal toilet appears with
      installed 800 Watt hi-fi system, lightshow, guitar + Fender AMP, more
      than 1.000 metal songs to bang to and over 100 backing tracks for
      karaoke guitar playing. This year we'll try to add a complete drum
      kit, a seat and some safety belts. If we manage to include all these
      new features in the Metal Sani, you'll see them at the Jan Oidium
      presentation tent.

      3: Audio show: The first Heavy Metal radio play "Fire & Steel" runs
      for those who are in the exposition tent.

      4: Photo event: Metal Dreamgirls II: The voting on
      http://metaldreamgirls.com/ brings 13 winners of the second metal
      dream girls contest to Wacken. The winner girls will receive a free
      backstage ticket and the invitation for a photo shooting at the
      festival area.

      5: Cooking art: Exclusive insight into Sheree Hesse's Metal Cookbook:
      "Tasty, tasty Metal Kitchen."

      6: Bonus: Hans The Bird!

      Have fun and enjoy the festival! Jan Oidium and Wacken team


      - A program with loads of variation, with material from all stages,
      from headliner to underground act.
      - Special Feature Wacken Newcomer Stage WET Stage - including the best
      bands from the Wacken Metal Battle Contest 2004
      - All different styles from Hard rock through True- and Power-Metal to
      Death- and Black-Metal are represented
      - Close team work with the artists and record labels for the choice of
      - All clips are equally edited to the same quality, whether newcomer
      or top act.
      - Clips from the camping ground and in the crowd to create and show
      the atmosphere
      - Back-stage Interviews with musicians
      - DVD with digital 5.1 surround and 2.0 Stereo Sound
      - Over 360 minutes playing time on 2 DVD`s
      - 35 bands and 50 live Titles
      - Special Price Digipack

      Info: http://www.wacken.com/en/main-tickets-shop/woa-video/

      Zu bestellen bei Metaltix:


      "ARMAGEDDON OVER WACKEN live 2004" - Triple CD in Digi-pak

      The release date for this worldwide first metal festival live triple
      CD is 21.03.2005!

      Over 38 bands with more than 220 min. playing time are featured on the
      fantastic triple CD!

      Authentic live recordings let each living room tremble and shake!

      Rounded up with interesting liner notes, photos and information around
      the festival makes this Triple-CD Digi-pak to a must-have. Not only
      for Wacken fans!

      More Info: http://www.wacken.com/en/main-tickets-shop/woa-audio/

      Order the triple CD with special price at http://www.metaltix.com/ :

      The Triple CD is now available as a limited LP Edition:

      WOA - Armageddon over Wacken LP Black/Death/Trash

      WOA - Armageddon over wacken LP Power/Traditional

      WOA - Armageddon over Wacken LP Underground

      Consider: strongly limited, available as long stock lasts!!

      To get the latest News about the W:O:A just go to

      MERCHANDISE W:O:A 2004

      We have some W:O:A 2004 merachndise left in our stock that you can buy
      at our online shop http://www.metaltix.com/ : festival shirt with band
      logos, tricots, blackstage shirt, batik shirt, clothes for kids,
      towels, ballpen, flags, keyholder, tents, sleeping bags and much

      And there is the new Saxon merch available now, exclusively at
      http://www.metaltix.com/ .

      And everything else the metal heart desires....

      Check it out!!!

      And now we wish you a cool Easter!!

      See you in Wacken - rain or snow!

      Your W:O:A - Team

      Metal & W:O:A rulez


      ICS GmbH
      W:O:A Headquarter
      Hauptstrasse 47
      24869 Dörpstedt

      phone: +49 - ( 0 ) 4627 - 18 38 38
      fax: +49 -( 0 ) 4627 - 18 38 80


      *** PRESS RELEASE #20 ***
      -Seasons Of The Wolf: Video

      For those interested to see what live shows have been like for SOTW in
      the Tampa Bay Area, head on over to
      http://www.realitysnap.com/seasons_of_the_wolf.htm .

      This music video for the song "Transmission" was carefully edited
      using 188 quick clips from several shows at Manatee Civic Center, The
      Animal House, Tracks Music Center, Ed Smith Stadium, 306 Bomb Group,
      Draculas, Boomerz, Brass Mug, Bradenton Pub, State Theatre, and
      Level-D-Green. Many of these venues are gone now but,.. some are still

      It is a quick 4 minute fun trip through the live show life of SOTW
      from 1990 to 2002. For 2 weeks the video is featured at
      http://TampaMusicScene.com/ . Two more SOTW videos to be added in
      weeks to come.

      Seasons Of The Wolf

      Also - Sign up at http://www.myspace.com/ and join our friends list in
      myspace music.

      *** PRESS RELEASE #21 ***
      -Backstreet Records Goes Bullistic

      MECHANICSVILLE, VA -- Backstreet Records announces it has signed
      Bullistic of Richmond, VA, to the label. Bullistic will release its
      new Backstreet album in August 2005 and promote it with a national

      While the actual signing took place in February of this year,
      Backstreet executives chose to hold the announcement until the band
      was able to complete the recording process.

      "Bullistic already has a great fan base and plays a very busy
      schedule. We felt it best to not apply any more pressure the
      announcement of their signing during the creative process," says
      Backstreet Records President Linwood Toombs. "Already a number of
      radio stations are champing at the bit to get their hands on this

      Bullistic's Backstreet debut was recorded with Jeff Covert's team of
      engineers at the Grammy-nominated Wally Cleaver's Recording Studio in
      Fredericksburg, VA. The recording was mastered by Roger Lian, a
      mastering engineer for Masterdisk Corp. in New York, NY.

      Since 1998, Lian has mastered numerous records for artists including
      Faith Hill, Powerman 5000, Mariah Carey, Slayer, Pantera, Staind, U2
      and LL Cool J. He was also responsible for mastering all eight of
      Backstreet Records' global releases from 1994 to 2002. These
      Backstreet albums were from Trixter, Meliah Rage, Skate the Razor,
      John Flywheel, Grady Cain, Axis Y, Graffix 420 and Uncle Jack.

      About Backstreet Records

      Backstreet Records was established in 1993. The label emerged from
      Backstreet Entertainment, an artist development and management company
      owned and operated by Jack Krenicki since the early 1980s. Backstreet
      Records was formed as a joint venture between Backstreet Entertainment
      and producer Tony Bongiovi, owner of the world renowned Power Station
      recording studio in New York City. Backstreet Records is credited with
      eight global releases from 1994 to 2002.

      While not actively seeking new submissions, Backstreet Records
      continued to promote and distribute its back catalog. In 2004, the
      idea to re-launch Backstreet Records with a bold new look and feel was
      born. Linwood Toombs of Mechanicsville, VA, stepped in as president of
      Backstreet Records. Krenicki remains with the label as vice president.
      Toombs and Krenicki have set out to bring back the artist development
      that has been sorely lacking in the music industry. Together they have
      assembled a powerhouse team of marketers, publicists and other
      industry professionals and look forward to their highly anticipated
      new releases.

      For more information, check out the company's web site at
      http://www.backstrecords.com/ .

      *** NEWS/RUMORS ***
      -Balance Of Power is confirmed to play at the Rock The Nations
      festival in Istanbul, Turkey. At this show only, guest singer Rouge M
      (ex-Shadowkeep) will be on lead vocals. Check out
      http://www.balance-of-power.com/ for more info.

      -Nuno Bettencourt played guitar in Perry Farrell's latest band,
      Satellite Party, at Lollapalooza in Chicago over the weekend. A
      Chicago Tribune review said the band "pounded out big-beat space-funk,
      but struggled to find songs to match its stylishness." [Did anyone
      else know Nuno was in this band??? - Tim]

      -Clutch's video for "Burning Beard" off of their latest release ROBOT
      HIVE/EXODUS is availble on-line at
      http://www.drt-entertainment.com/videos/clutch/clutch.mov . The band
      is on the Sounds Of The Underground tour this summer.

      -Evergrey plans on heading into Division One studios this fall to
      start the recording of their sixth studio CD, due out next spring.

      -An e-card for Fear Factory's TRANSGRESSION is now on-line at
      http://ut.netmusicpromotions.com/iwd9zwrw.html . TRANSGRESSION is due
      out August 23, and the e-card features clips from two new songs:
      "540,000 Degrees Fahrenheit" and "Supernova."

      -Kamelot plans to film a live DVD later this year, but no venue has
      been announced. The band is also trying to book some US dates to fit
      around its headlining appearance at Quebec's International Metal Fest
      at the Capitole Theater on Sunday, November 20. See
      http://www.kamelot.com/ for more.

      -King's X's OGRE TONES is due out September 27 on InsideOut. There
      will be two singles: "If" and "Alone." See
      http://www.kingsxonline.com/ and http://www.insideoutmusic.com/ for

      -There's an interview with vocalist Max Maddux (Shock, Downtown Clown)
      on-line now at http://www.sleazeroxx.com/ .

      -Nevermore's new video for "Final Product" can be viewed at
      http://music.yahoo.com/musicvideos/ .

      -Primal Fear's SEVEN SEALS is due out October 24 on Nuclear Blast.
      Check out their official Web site, http://primalfear.rocks.de/ , for a
      preview of the album cover.

      -Sonata Artica has announced tentative 2006 tour dates for the US and

      1/14 - TBA, Rochester, NY
      1/15 - The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
      1/17 - Jaxx, West Springfield, VA
      1/18 - B.B. King Blues Club, New York City, NY
      1/20 - TBA, Worcester, MA
      1/21 - TBA, Montreal, QC
      1/22 - Theatre Capitole, Quebec City, QC
      1/24 - Royun, Noranda, QC
      1/25 - TBA, Toronto, ON
      1/26 - TBA, Chicago, IL
      1/28 - TBA, Detroit, MI
      1/29 - TBA, Cleveland, OH
      1/31 - TBA, Minneapolis, MN
      2/1 - TBA, Winnipeg, MB
      2/3 - TBA, Calgary, AB
      2/4 - TBA, Edmonton, AB
      2/6 - TBA, Vancouver, BC
      2/7 - TBA, Seattle, WA
      2/9 - TBA, San Francisco, CA
      2/10 - TBA, Los Angeles, CA
      2/11 - TBA, Santa Ana, CA
      2/13 - TBA, Phoenix, AZ

      See http://www.sonataarctica.info/ for more.

      -Stratovarious has posted the new video for "Maniac Dance" at
      http://www.stratovarius.com/ .

      -The teaser trailer for Tenacious D's film "Tenacious D In The Pick Of
      Destiny" has been posted at http://tenaciousdmovie.com/ . The movie is
      due out next year and features a cameo from Ronnie James Dio.

      Thanks to Jeff "Bark/Dark" Adee, Andrew Demarest, Eric Corbin,
      skid55@..., and Steven Gellert for help gathering some of this

      *** REVIEWS ***
      BEYOND TWILIGHT - SECTION X (A-) Nightmare Records, 2005
      8 tracks, RT: 44:48
      [ http://www.beyondtwilight.com/ ]
      [ http://www.nightmare-records.com/ ]
      So, how many of you have had the following experience: you hear a song
      and you absolutely love it. Then, you see the music video for that
      song and can't stand it (for whatever reason) and you say to yourself,
      "man, I'm glad I heard the song first, because if I had seen the video
      first it would have ruined the song for me." I almost had a similar
      experience with this album, except that in this particular case it is
      not a music video that posed such a threat, but the story/concept that
      is printed in the liner notes. Luckily, I listened to the CD twice
      through before reading the booklet (the story is not immediately
      obvious from the lyrics alone). I'm not going to go into details of
      the concept here, except to say that I like a good sci-fi story as
      much as anyone, but this is so over-the-top that it is almost comical.
      Fortunately, the story is not required to enjoy this album. In fact,
      this is a strong power metal album that will appeal to those who
      appreciate a level of "theatricality" in their music -- think Queen,
      Savatage, Blind Guardian, etc. One of the first things that caught my
      attention was the vocals of Kelly Sundown Carpenter, who had the
      unenviable position of filling the shoes of Jorn Lande, who handled
      the vocal duties on the band's previous release THE DEVIL'S HALL OF
      FAME (2001). His powerful delivery and ability to employ differing
      vocal styles not only between but even within songs supports the
      theatrical elements in the music. (It should be noted that Kelly is
      the vocalist for the band Outworld, who will be performing at the
      pre-party for the ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta this September.)
      Guest vocals are provided by Truls Haugen and Michael Eriksen on the
      tracks "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Dark Side," respectively. Guitar
      duties are performed by Jacob Hansen (rhythm) and Anders Exo Kragh
      (rhythm, lead, and acoustic). The rhythm section is comprised of
      Anders Devillian Lindgren on bass and Tomas Freden on drums. And last
      but certainly not least is keyboardist Finn Zierler, who wrote and
      arranged all of the music and lyrics (except for the lyrics on
      "Ecstasy Arise" and "Section X," which were co-written by Kelly
      Sundown Carpenter). The complete track listing is as follows: "Be
      Careful It's My Head Too," "The Path Of Darkness," "Shadow Self,"
      "Sleeping Beauty," "The Dark Side," "Portrait F In Dark Waters,"
      "Ecstasy Arise," and "Section X." Overall, the music on the album is
      powerful, atmospheric, and complex in such a way that each listen will
      reveal something not noticed previously. The production (also by Finn
      Zierler -- does this guy ever sleep?) is flawless, and Tommy Hansen
      does his usual impeccable job at the mixing boards (with help from,
      who else, Finn!). One of the most refreshing things about this album
      is the lack of continuous double bass drumming from beginning to end,
      which seems to plague many a power metal album. It so is nice to
      listen to power metal that doesn't have that "galloping horse" feel to
      it. I highly recommend this album, but you may want to steer clear of
      the liner notes (well, the story at least) until after you have
      listened to it and gotten an appreciation for the excellent songs and
      musicianship, unless you like your album concepts at the extreme end
      of the melodramatic scale. - Stephanie Kushner

      EVICK - SUNSET TO SUNSET (B+) Potomac Records, 2004
      5 tracks, RT: 16:38
      [ http://www.evick.com/ ]
      You never know what's going to cross your desk for review around here!
      Providing a break from the usual progressive rock and metal is Evick's
      five-song EP SUNSET TO SUNSET and this thing is a real surprise, an
      infectious dose of '80s and '90s flavored pop rock capable of
      injecting some much needed fun into the current scene. Lead-off track
      "Savannah" is a throwback to the days of John Cougar Mellencamp and
      Bryan Adams, with the well arranged melodic structure of acoustic
      guitars and keyboards leading into a great chorus. "This Ain't The
      Life" picks up the pace and strays into commercial hard rock
      territory, as band leader Pete Evick's sneering vocals bring to mind a
      mix of early Billy Idol crossed with the Foo Fighters. "Holding On"
      also has a distinctive Dave Grohl feel, along with some elements of
      the Goo Goo Dolls. "Elvis" returns to the easy acoustic/clean
      electric-based style of "Savannah," its lyric pining for the early
      days of rock 'n' roll. Finishing off with the hard rockin' "Anyone But
      Me," you could almost imagine Motley Crue or L.A. Guns belting this
      out in their heyday. Evick is not going to win any awards for
      virtuosity or originality but as songwriters they are first-rate, and
      isn't that really what it's all about? I'm thinking these guys would
      be especially good to see live. Clocking in at just over 16 minutes,
      you're left with the definite feeling of wanting more from SUNSET TO
      SUNSET, and I hope Evick deliver a full CD of new material soon. "And
      all the great songs have all been sung" wails Pete on "Elvis" -- with
      bands like Evick around, maybe not... - Neal Woodall

      10 tracks, RT: 36:34
      [ http://www.rapture.net/impellitteri/ ]
      [ http://www.spv.de/ ]
      [ http://www.spvusa.com/ ]
      Californian guitar wizard Chris Impellitteri has been releasing albums
      (mostly overseas) since the '80s, but PEDAL TO THE METAL is his first
      disc to ever cross my path. I've heard him described as "the American
      version of Yngwie" in the past, so naturally I expected to hear
      epic-length songs with lyrics about wizards, dragons and rainbows
      studded with endl<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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